Resonation Diet: Week 1

Hello, fellow resonators, and welcome to my Resonating Diet blog.

What is the Resonating Diet?

Well, I’ve decided to put myself on a mission to become more mindful about what I eat, try to swap my crap food choices for healthy choices, and hopefully become slimmer and fitter in turn.

So, what have I been up to in week 1? Well, it’s the 1st of January 2019, and I’ve just finished the rough draft of my first book in the Resonation Realm series entitled “Resonating Affirmations” where, as I was explaining what a Resonating Affirmation was, I came up with one that I need right now for myself…

‘I can easily lose weight

My body is light and free

I feel so energetic because I am fit and so healthy’

I then extended it this week to…

My body is vibration

it remembers being slim

I don’t have to eat so differently

or even go to the gym

I only have to resonate

with the foods I eat

just make better choices

that I know benefit me

I can definitely eat less

I can eat healthily

And I can be mindful

and create my ideal body

It has inspired me to take the challenge of reading this Resonating Affirmation each day, and seeing if it finally helps me to lose weight once and for all, and beginning this diary to make myself accountable.

First my weighty story….

I have been overweight for at least 12 years. It started when I gave up martial arts due to arthritis, gave up walking as much due to getting a car, and gave up smoking which I replaced with sugary treats.

All three of these life changes added a stone to my body, which I haven’t been able to release ever since, no matter what I try.

All together now… Aww

But, after analysing myself, I’ve now found there are 2 reasons why…

The 1st reason is that my old “Resonating Affirmation,” the mantra I’ve been chanting all this time, has been along the lines of…

“No matter what I do, I can’t lose weight!”

“I’ve tried every diet, and nothing works!”

“I have to eat less than everyone else because my metabolism is messed up due to years of training.”

“I only eat a 1/4 of what I used to eat, and yet I’m so much bigger!”

And… well, you get the picture! 

But don’t worry, I’ve thrown away my scales. Those little buggers aren’t going to contradict me and justify my statements no more! They were another thing that hindered my diets. If I didn’t see the results I wanted after such “struggle and sacrifice” it would make me think there was no point.

The second reason is that each diet I’ve tried, I’ve found something that doesn’t sit right with my own logic… or, in other words, none of them fully “Resonated” with me. See what I did there… clever little me I am!

So what am I doing about these determined-to-sprout-from-my-mouth-affirmations, regardless of what I know about them? 

I’m chopping off my tongue!

Okay, too drastic, so aside from that, I first had to analyse why I’d been saying these self-affirming things for so long, when I know and have always understood that you can only make a difference and manifest new result, if you first say and feel what you want to be real.

So why did I still carry on?

Well, apart from the fact that I’m a strong-willed, stubborn little minx that always has to be right, I think I also have some kind of pathological need to state the obvious to people as a way of defending myself for being fat. I’ve come to realise that, I must somehow think that if I tell people I’ve tried everything, and I mean eeeeeeeeeeverything, then they won’t think I’m fat because I overeat or eat the wrong foods, or tell me as much. Instead, they’ll believe it’s not my fault! And I must have somehow convinced myself of this.

Stupid me, believing I could drag others into my self-delusion.

Or was it because, psychologically, I’ve needed the fat as a buffer to protect me from the world? Do I subconsciously believe if I’m big, then people will feel less likely try to attack me? If so I need to change this too. I mean where’s the logic, subconscious? If I was fit and trim, I could either fight better or at least be able to run away. Or at least beat the… hate out of you with my power of love!!!!

Or, am I really just lazy and use the fact that I’ve got arthritis as a cop out for joining the gym? I also use the excuse that I’m too busy to get out of it too. The simple fact is I don’t like the gym. I don’t like exercise that isn’t fun… I love Zumba though. However, there’s no point in joining a class when I can’t go every week. As a support worker, I have to work stupid, irregular shifts. I have to sleep there overnight which isn’t really sleep as I’m disturbed… and I don’t sleep!

As I want to transition from this job to a career as a full-time author, to do so means I work as much at home in my office, as I do at work. I’m basically doing 2 full-time jobs and mostly sat on my poor bum. So, my time is valuable, and during this time I’m not active. When I can transition, and work solely for myself, I will create my own rota where it includes having every Zumba lesson free. You may have to remind me of this pact I made here with you the day I announce I can leave my day job!

Another question for myself was “did I just like indulging myself in too much food and sweet treats, because I’m using it as a crutch to elevate my old addiction to cigarettes…” (which was well over 10 years ago now and I no longer crave them).  Or is it again because I’m a person with a strong will who always gets what she wants… and I want the cake as well as being slim!

This is what happened to me when giving up smoking. People think you have to have a strong will to give up things, but that’s not the case. People with strong wills fight longer to keep hold of the things they think they’ll miss or think they’ll be sad without. Strong-willed people want what they want, man, and will always crave the thing they want more than the thing they know they “shouldn’t want” or “shouldn’t have” or “wish they could give up”.

Only after proving to myself that smoking was something I actually “didn’t want” was I was able to give it up. It’s not hard to get rid of something you don’t want… or hard when you have decided. Drawn that proverbial line in the sand.

So I knew this then had to be the same with sugar, saturated fat and processed, unhealthy foods… I like them, and crave them but know these are not good for me.

I believe they’re not good. I think, if I eat these foods, I’ll remain fat… so each time I eat them I expect to stay fat, and I feel guilty like I’ve let myself down. Why do I believe it? Because every diet I’ve been on agrees with these things, and my own sense tells me they’re right; therefore, it “resonates” with me to be true. So, until I can give these up, I believe I will stay fat.

To do this, I need to see these things as discussing. If I can’t see I’m not giving anything up, I won’t easily be able to eliminate them from my life.

Not until I can see these…..

As these…

Then it’s not likely to happen.

The next questions I had to ask myself was…

Why do I feel so empty without crap foods in my life, no matter how full I am?

Is it the come-down from the sugar rush?

Is it because I’m sulking because I’ve had to give it up, while I watch skinny people around me devour all my favourite things?

I always argue that, if our body knows what it needs, then we would crave celery. It’s logical that if foods are so good for us, and our bodies are intelligent, we would want these “right” foods. But why do I argue this, when I also know, if we went cold turkey and were left in a room with only healthy foods, and foods with ingredients – that if separated – we would eat alone, we would?

I love soups with the smoky, salty flavour of added celery! 

But, even knowing what’s right, I would still start to go into withdrawals and sulk like a five-year-old at the start of any diet because I knew I’d given up something that I believe I love… and who wants to start doing that? Strong-willed or not, it’s never a good thing to look forward to.

But this time, at the start of this fantastic new year, I’ve begun with the notion that I’m giving up nothing good. I’m just eliminating the crap out of my life while simultaneously setting off on a mission to find new treats that resonate with me, and which will satisfy my empty “missing out” feeling.

So, I have set off eager to find better foods to love…with the mindset that it’s going to be an exciting challenge!

Resonating Foods I’ve had this week…

Soup… you can throw any vegetables in the pan and know you’ve eaten a bowl of goodies, and feel warm inside too.

Chilli… made without oil and from scratch (no sugar in a pack) The spices make me feel like I’ve had something spicy and lets me kid my body into thinking I’ve had a takeaway.

Ratatouille… always good when you want to throw some pasta down. I fry with light spray onion couchette and peppers then throw a tin of toms and add basil and black pepper, and I’m done (brown rice, of course)

New exciting treats are…

Dried mango 100% no added sugar and natural dates… for when my stepchildren come for DVD night eating sweets beside me (I also eat oranges an apple and grapes)

My own made muesli in 0% yoghurt and natural honey… for when my workmates are scoffing biscuits.

Soup with celery!…For my natural salt taste.

Low GI granary bread with almond butter and honey…for when I needed that bread and jam craving…and just because I can! (I also didn’t feel deprived not having the butter because…well, I had butter, only one I would eat off a spoon if it was on its own)


End of week result…

I get a green face.

This week I haven’t felt deprived or cheated at all. I’m happy to have found a replacement for everything. And I feel better. In fact, I’m sure my trousers are a little loose, and I’m not interested in checking the scales to see if I’m right. If I feel it, then so it is!

I’ve also ordered a squat machine. It’s coming next week!

Until then, keep resonating! 

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