Resonation Diet: Week 2

Hello, fellow resonators, hope you’re all well…

So, what have I been doing and contemplating in week 2?

I’ve been further analysing why most of the diets I have done contradicted what I felt was right, and why, even when I knew they are right, I could only do or give up things when it resonated with my logic or I didn’t feel too deprived.

Take slimming world for example, after 2 years at £5 per week I’d lost 1lb! Yes, I didn’t make a mistake, that’s not a typo; I lost 1lb!

I did the same at weight watchers. I didn’t loose a thing for a year! Well, apart from money and self respect, of course. The woman used to pat me on the back and sigh when I got off the scales until one day she suggested I eat a lot less points per day than everyone else. Needless to say, that was the day I left!

I always state that good mostly comes out of bad! 

So what good came out of these experiences?

Well, if nothing else, I gained the knowledge that counting points or syns, and having to measure and count food because I can’t use my better judgement, wasn’t for me! 

Unfortunately, I also gained the warped view that including nuts, seeds, nut butters, fruit smoothies and even avocado in my diet was bad for me! In fact they would rather you choose three of their chemically induced chocolate bars than an avocado because it was less points or syns. It was aimed at keeping people slim, but unhealthy. 

What the f…ruit?

The last straw was when the Slimming World leader told us that we had to syn cauliflower rice because it wasn’t in it’s natural state. I don’t know about you, but to me it was better than the white rice that you didn’t need to syn because it was less in calories but hey… what did I know… apparently I was still overweight because I was mashing my banana into my porridge instead of chopping it… which to me, and my resonating brain, enabled me not to add sweetener, but they would rather you had the banana chopped and the extra sweetener, even though it all goes down the same hole… chewed! How can ya make sense of it?

For the majority of people using aspartame based sweeteners, this advice would be unhealthy. But I would always use stevia sweeter or honey. If I chose honey I was adding extra syns! (And, if I was resonating with honey, it always had to be 100% honey. the rest just isn’t all honey!)

If you’re going to chew it up into a mashed state in your mouth anyway, whats the difference?

Even the choice of word syn… I know it stands for synergy, but the psychology of the word still makes you deem nuts and one ingredient foods from your health food shop as “bad” for you! 

Not to mention that these places are always changing their minds and tweaking their own diets. How can you trust something they don’t even trust?

I don’t think so, you healthy food hater, you!

I’ve tried diets before where I opt only for healthy, one ingredient foods and tried the alkaline diet but, even though I felt a plant based diet was right, I never got the balance right. My body knows where to find the most calorific, fatty, sugary choice to replace the crap I’ve given up and I would do nothing but over indulge in fruit, nuts and potatoes, ignoring the vegetables! People would say to me when they saw me with my wheatgrass and pea protein drinks and home made energy bites “wow, you’re always eating healthy foods”, “you’re so good”, but I still stayed the same weight. 

I knew I was just eating to much of them. I was eating at night too. Or, not including enough vegetables at my meals, but I carried on, just going for the yummiest parts of the diets I’d undertaken.

Now I can see this pattern, and I’m onto myself, and I’m doing my own diet that I can’t possibly contradict, I’m going to use my intelligence more and listen to the stuff going on behind my new, replacement seeking instincts… as I know they’re not fully intact right now.

One thing I have done and been able to do and stick to for years even though it was hard was to become a vegetarian. I did it in one day and in one instance because I did it when I became a buddhist and it became part of my beliefs. Even though I was brought up on meat, and steak was the first thing I’d opt for as a favourite meal, once I knew and felt it was wrong to be a party to killing (i.e. the notion resonated with me) and I felt and believed that the animals suffering, fear and pain could well be caught up into a persons vibration and karma, I gave it up no problem, no hesitation. 

Me being a mindful, good little buddhist.

Do I get cravings and urges for meet? Of course. But theres no going back once you are awake to what you feel is right inside deep within you… i.e. what “resonates”.

I find new replacements all the time. And, to help me along this path, I’ve watched documentaries and found research to back up this belief… not only the cruelty that goes on, but the evidence that meets and processed foods have now been linked to most diseases in the body and mind. Yet, the health organisation still put it on their website. People say white meets are better, but the amount of carcinogens in them are as toxic to humans as them all.

So, why have I never been able to do this with refined sugar, saturated fats, processed and convenience foods? I know these are bad and can cause the same harm to my body.

Is it the addiction or is it because the only person it’s harming is me?

So, the question this week is, why do I want to harm me when buddhists advocate that you must first love yourself before you can love others?

So, I must do more research into how I can treat myself better too! I meditate because of the benefits it brings. Am I messing all that up, by not being mindful at all other times?

This is what I now need to focus on. Getting myself healthy! Becoming more mindful about what I eat, and also why I continue eat it!

It was nice to see on TV this week the government saying we need more fibre in our diets and people have gone mad cutting out carbs and not eating enough potatoes fruit, fibre, wholegrain and nuts this week. It was like the universe is lining up with me, to confirm I’m on the right track.

Resonating foods I’ve had this week…

I’ve been sticking to my one ingredient foods.

Gone to the health food shop and bought yoghurt raisins and buckwheat and miso paste and yeast flakes (I have a recipe for cheesy chick peas I’m working on).

Bought mixed nuts to munch (in moderation of course).

I’ve bought low GI wholegrain bread again from my local farm shop and ate it guilt free! I’ve had spinach with my eggs. And allowed myself Twiglets for the crunch. 

End of week result…

I’ve been on my squat machine all week! I can already do 50! 🙂 My stomach is flattening, my hips are shrinking, and I feel better in my clothes. I’m really tempted to weigh myself but I won’t. It’s not about that at the moment, its about finding what resonates with me. And I feel I’m doing really well. I keep saying my affirmations and preparing foods for work. I have taken slimming microwave meals in twice this week but, with the 80% 20% ratio I believe in, I feel I’ve done better than that. I must watch myself at night as I’m starting to eat at night again. I am hungry so that’s okay because I think you should eat when you’re hungry, but I should only allow myself tomatoes or cucumber or melon really, not twiglets and nuts while watching Netflix! So I’ll watch that slip for next week.

Until then, keep resonating! 

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