Resonation Diet: Week 3

Hello, fellow resonators, hope you’re all well…

So, what have I been doing and contemplating in week 3?

I’ve been eating so much one ingredient foods this week. If I was doing Slimming World, I’d have been eating all free and speed foods and using my B choice and extra syns for my healthy nuts, wholegrain bread and dried fruit.

It was all going so well. I was eating my resonating, one ingredient foods, not eating as many replacement foods, all without sulking… and what did I go and do?

I watched ‘What the Health’ on Netflix! A wake-up call to the food industry documentary that will put you off eating foods that are killing us.

Don’t watch unless you’re prepared for a scary wake-up call!

I was also watching it while I eating free range eggs on a bed of spinach, when the doctor on there began talking about how dairy, eggs and milk products were bad for us. He went on to add that milk has a 49% chance of causing breast cancer in women, the disease my milk loving mother is fighting now!

Why, oh why did I have to watch it?

Me left with after program blues

I’ve thought about going vegan before, especially after reading the book ‘Skinny Bitch’ and, even though it resonated with me, because I know if I’m right about vegetarianism I’d be even more right about veganism, I’d blocked it out. I’d shoved it way deep into my subconscious, and left it there (no doubt all this time hindering me under the surface) because it would just be sooooooooooo hard!

I know I could give up yogurt and cheese, but the milk in my cups of tea??? WAAAAAAAAAA! I say, mentally throwing myself on the floor kicking and screaming. 

I’ve been addicted to tea since the age of 4!

Come on universe, haven’t I suffered enough being vegetarian? 

The universe yelled back that it was me who manifested watching that documentary because it was in my vibration. I was concentrating so hard on being mindful, I was bound to attract to me the last piece of the puzzle I needed to make myself lean!

And I knew it was right.

I’ve thought about it before for many reasons, mostly because my son said there was a certain amount of blood in every pint because of how harsh the metal contraption placed on the cows pull at their udders, and also because most of my Buddhist centre are vegan. But I also think, because dairy is the only thing I’ve never tried to give up, and after a few books I’ve read on the subject, and a naturopath making a good argument for giving it up in the past, it may help.

No wonder I could never lose wight before. The whole vegan, plant-based diet thing has been lying dormant in my vibration for so long that it would benefit me, that nothing short of this was bound to work. I know if I eat cheese, it affects my arthritis, and my knees hurt, so it’s pretty obvious that milk may be the cause of the pain in my bones, and the cause of what’s making me sluggish.

People think we need the calcium of cows’ milk for our bones, but we actually don’t need another species milk, especially one that’s filled with hormones for their growing young. We don’t actually need milk after the age of four. After this, having too much calcium can cause debilitating diseases like arthritis and such. My mum, who drinks pints of it per day, has had osteoporosis and arthritis most of her life and I’ve got arthritis, cartilage disease and rheumatism. I thought it just ran in the family because my nana had it, but the dairy thing makes sense to me. 

Also, as What the Health pointed out, it is linked to certain cancers! One of them being breast cancer… and what else is my mum fighting at the moment? You got it! The worst part is that breast cancer is sponsored by the dairy industry… how clever of them, getting them and the government to recommend women eating things they know cause a 49% increase of a woman getting it. Bonkers!

Hey, how d’ya fancy feeding your own species with the milk from my species? Maybe drink my addictive juices all your life if you like.

I love almond milk on my cereals, and have tried this in my tea as well as rice milk and coconut milk, but it’s not nice. I had a coffee with almond milk at Costa, and it was no different, but when I try it at home, it separates and knocks me sick. Maybe if I left tea alone for a while, so I was craving for one no matter what it tasted like, then the rice milk may be better, but the whole thing left me feeling apathetic.

I know the alkaline diet resonates. I know I shouldn’t really drink as much caffeine anyway, but this vegan, natural, plant-based thing has resonated with me so much that I now feel the yoghurt raisins I’ve eaten last week we’re terrible, and I’ve done something wrong. Worst still, I was starting to think I had to give something up, which was something I didn’t want to put in my vibration, because my will power of getting what I want would kick in and ruin my good work. 

Thankfully, I was only feeling like this for a day or so (without cheating myself or my own made up diet rules) when a girl at work asked me if I’d like one of her vegan yogurts!

It was really nice!

It took me years to get used to Quorn, and other veg products, but this transition was achieved in an instant! It brought me back into the room. I just need to find replacements I can live with or enjoy.

So I’m going to make my own vegan yoghurt raisins for next week! Or maybe just leave them, as I was munching too mindlessly anyway.

I know a plant-based diet can cure and prevent a lot of illness and diseases. We’re not built to eat meat; our intestines are too long to prove that! So, why eat other animal products? Thinking about Skinny Bitch also reminded me I shouldn’t be drinking Diet Coke which had sneaked back into my diet once my health kick was over. 

Why Diet Coke? 

Hey, it’s not just little old famous me; it’s all diet drinks!

It’s full of aspartame, and that poison should be banned. If the government won’t allow arsenic in foods, then why that? Oh, yeah, the billions they paid the government to pass it as food. Just like the health organisation is sponsored by the meet industry, so they keep telling people to eat meet (just less of it… oh, thanks, kill myself slower then, shall I?)

Even if you don’t want to be vegetarian or vegan, you should watch ‘What the Health’ just out of interest. Also, look up the side effects of aspartame and other sweeteners! (Except stevia… which is natural and which the government wouldn’t pass for years incase the aspartame business suffered).

It doesn’t matter about my short-lived sulk. I will eat whats left in my fridge for now, so I can wean myself down, but I want clean blood!

I want a transformation.

There’s an alternate universe out there where I’m totally fit, healed and well, where my bones don’t hurt, where I’m not tired, and I’m vital. I’m opening that realm.

If the government thinks they can make me die quicker, they’ve got another thing coming.

Resonating foods I’ve had this week…

I’ve been on a mission to see if my fella (who is a brilliant chef), can make me like tofu.

He cooked me some the other day, and it was nice, it’s just hard to get used to the texture. I had some from the Chinese chippy up the road from me, salt and pepper… and it was nice.

I’m eating more soups.

I’m also on a mission to find a replacement for my soda.

So far I’ve been having filtered lemon water and green teas.

End of week result…

Well, even with my traumatic Netflix experience, I’ve been dead chuffed with myself this week! (Did you hear my Mancunian twang there?)

I’ve not had a packet of crisp, a free cake or biscuit (and there have been lots of them flaunting themselves in front of me) or had any sweets, or chocolate since last year!!!! This is a first for me. I’ve also been watching how much I eat at night and, even though I’m not going to bed with my belly rumbling, I am going just before I’m starting to get hungry. 

Until next week, keep resonating with your own foods. 

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