Resonation Diet Week 4

Hello, fellow resonators, hope you’re all well…

So, what have I been doing and contemplating in week 4?

Well, what a week I’ve had. 

First things first; the confession. I’ve had one Diet Coke, but that was because I mindlessly ordered it while we were out and I forgot to order lime and soda.

I’ve only had one egg, but that was because my mum had nothing else in for me to eat. It was, at least, free ranged.

The rest of the week, I’ve been struggling with my tea and coffee, trying to find a replacement milk that’s not vile, and becoming addicted instead to Coffee Mate!

Almond… yuck

Rice… nope

Coconut… ew

I went to the local farm instead!

I bought some halloumi… which wasn’t made from cows milk… hmm it may still be dairy though… but I’m sure goats and sheeps don’t have metal contraptions stuck to them. I also bought the milk I have used from there so I know theres no blood or puss in it.


Because my mind-frame had been all for cutting down slowly on everything apart from my milk… until I came across oat milk!


Don’t get me wrong, it’s peculiar, but if I concentrate I can relate it to drinking sterilised milk from years back, when I used to drink that from the bottle. It does have a creamy/ furry aftertaste as if I’m drinking watered down porridge, but hey, I can live with it, and feel I’ve done something towards making the full time transition.

For now I’m still going for this milk transition part-time and I’ll see if I feel better.

On a better note, I feel slimmer, my bum is getting tighter, and I’ve still not weighed myself to check if this is true… or should I say to contradict what I feel.

This week has to be short but sweet as I’m dealing with personal issues. I’ve been concentrating more on them, and trying to evaluate why certain things have been happening to me, and finding that I already know why.

It’s because I’m so fully tuned into the universe at the moment that it knows what I want so much (because I’ve been so grateful and thankful when I’ve seen snippets of it,) that it’s got rid of what I don’t want immediately before I’m ready… or should I say before I knew I was ready?

One of my sayings is, “good always comes out of bad”, and I can see that this perceived “bad” will also provide me with an abundance of the good I wanted, so this way of thinking has helped me deal with it.

I still have a fight on my hands with this personal issue, but if I can see the good, it will all be worth it, and I trust the universe has my back.

Resonating foods I’ve had this week…

I bought vegan yoghurts and made my raisins! I split the batch and put chocolate powder in one and left the other in the freezer. The chocolate batch was so disgusting that I haven’t tried the others. So, I won’t be eating those again. Saves me the whole calories of them then.

More soups.

Crackers and rice cakes have been great with banana this week.

HLT’s are very yummy. Why had I never tried this before?

End of week result…

One thing I’m proud of at the moment is, even though I’m dealing with a particular something going wrong for me in my life, I haven’t reached for comfort foods.

I can proudly say, as I’ve come to the end of this bizarre month, I’ve stayed on my resonating journey, and it’s working out for me.

I hope you’re creating a diet thats working for you, and feel good about it too.  

I’ve also been proud of myself for making this conscious effort to stay mindful about my diet, my body, my health and surrounding circumstances. I’m enjoying my foods and drinks now, and feel like I’m going to be fine with this new diet. How can I not be? I can’t exactly argue with myself. I’m always right!

Until next time, keep resonating. 

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