Resonation Diet: Week 6

Hello, fellow resonators, hope you’re all well…

So, what have I been doing and contemplating in week 6?

Well, I think this week is going to be somewhat of a confessional! I’ve been out for 3 fattening meals, I’ve had 2 Diet Cokes, and a cake I didn’t enjoy!

I’ve not weighed myself but, when I tried every pair of my going out pants on, and ripped the last couple, I can say I was not impressed with what I saw. 

What have you done to yourself?

Why, oh why, does it take just a couple of meals to put on half a stone on… and months to get rid of a couple of pounds? 

It’s obvious you may put on weight after months and years of eating crap, and I know I usually put on a pound or two when I eat chips or pasta but, come on!!!!

I’ve had a stressful week, trying to put everything together that I should be putting together right now, while trying to separate my monkey mind, and dealing with personal issues that are getting in the way of my progress, has been taking its toll, and slowing down my plans. 

So, I’ve just not been eating Resonating Foods this week and, because I’m not doing much either, I think I’ve been eating more than I burn off, and maybe too late at night. When you’re awake all night with your stomach screaming at you though…

And, yes, it’s fair enough to say that if I make the plans, I can break the plans, but I don’t like to do that… unless it comes with a better idea… as otherwise, I feel I didn’t do enough.

Even though I believe you should aim high and fail, rather than aim low and hit, and I know each day and each day I’ve at least done something towards my progress to becoming a successful author, (both with with my Resonation Realm books, and with my occult, urban fantasy series I’m still trying to finalise once and for all after 12 years under a pen name), I think the lack of the imagined, and highly anticipated, speedy progress is getting to me.

It’s not because I feel I’m not doing enough; my mind is so busy I can’t even watch TV to procrastinate, I just feel a bit disheartened, which is why I think I’ve let my mindfulness over my eating habits slide, which is what happens if I’m down or tired.

So, Im passing it off as a bad week, and I’m letting myself off and letting it go.

I’m naturally a positive person so, no matter what I’m going through, sleepless nights included, I can still usually look on the bright side of things, or trust that the universe knows best but, at the moment there’s something weird going on inside me. It’s neither good nor bad; it’s more like I feel I’m on a crossroads to finding the path I should have been on for years. Even though I may have to slash my way through a few brambles, and the new path is somewhat scary because of the unknown, I know I’ll be okay once I’m there. I feel I am transitioning into the person I always wished I could be. I have a Reiki absence and distance symbol I can use to heal the past or send into the future. I usually send it to my future self so I’m always okay with what happens in the now, and I’ve been thinking about projecting it into my ideal weight self, whenever this may be, and see what comes of that. 

Anyway, maybe the universe is keeping me this weight at the moment for a reason. That’s right, I blamed the universe! Maybe there’s a reason I need to be this size right now, or now and forever like I have been. Perhaps, I need to fully accept myself for what I am and embrace it with total confidence. I know if I continued with these kind of thoughts, I would feel more confident, and more feelings like that would make me look better, no matter what size I am. So I’m going to try that as well.

On a good note, I have been drinking more filtered water with lemon juice, and I’ve not slipped back into drinking cows’ milk. 

For my monkey mind, I’ve been playing my Rav drum more, and doing more art, which I find relaxing and therapeutic. 

Next week, I’m cutting back on the Twiglets  as I think I’m eating too many, and I’m not going to eat at night. Hopefully, this will make a difference. Until next time, keep resonating!

Resonating foods I’ve had this week…

Well, Ive had an apple!

End of week result…

What can I say? Let’s write this one off as a blip. I’ll try harder next week, I’m sure.

Until then, keep resonating.

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