Resonation diet: Week 7

Hello, fellow resonators, hope you’re all well…

So, what have I been doing and contemplating in week 7?

Well, I’ve had a strange week. I tried on all my clothes and found I couldn’t get into any of them. Fair enough it was near “star” week, but I wasn’t happy. I’ve been eating less mindfully than at the start of the year, when I began this with full enthusiasm, but it’s not because I’m craving foods or feeling deprived; it’s because I’ve been a bit lazy if I’m honest.

I just want… to… hug… this… (yawn)… tree.

I also know it’s because I’ve not been doing my own Resonating Affirmation for dieting. (What? the author and advocator of Resonating Affirmations isn’t doing them herself, I hear you scream.)

Yes, I’m afraid I must announce that I’m human, on a path like yourself to self-discovery, improvement, and in search of what works well for us in this universe and, even though I know, I sometimes haven’t the energy to put it into practice. I suppose I’ve been like a doctor on a week long bender of alcohol or something.

Or, a Slimming World leader who’s fatter than the people joining (I had one of those and actually found her the best as she was in there with me doing it… just like this blog… I haven’t made it yet, but I know how and I’m going for it.)

Anyway, as soon as I realised my affirmation had slipped from my conscious efforts on this dieting path of mine, I started to say it again.

I then looked in the cupboards, found resonating ingredients and foods, and cooked myself a healthy meal and really enjoyed it.

So, why have I been lazy? I think I’m a bit down this week. It’s been one of those time-consuming weeks where everything and anything that could have gone wrong went wrong. So, I’ve been buying convenience foods that are crap, and acquired a taste for chocolate again.

I can quickly rectify this by making my energy bites instead, and eating fruit when I want the sugar and can forgive myself, but I’ve also been eating at night because I’m going so long in the day tied up with many things that take up lots of my time, that my meals have shifted to later times, so I need to cut back here.

I think I’ve had so many bad habits in the past that they have now become part of my default setting. This makes sense as, as soon as I stop being mindful and stop concentrating on what I eat, and now stop doing my affirmation, then it just slips back without me really noticing what’s happened.

But I’m back to wondering why I can put on half a stone with little slips and yet not lose any when I’m eating healthy. My old, nagging, “it’s not fair” voice comes flooding into my mind when this happens, and it’s usually hard to get rid of her once she appears!

Why, oh why, oh why?

The solution?

I need a new Resonating Affirmation. Maybe something like…

If I can easily put on weight then I can loose it just as fast,

By making healthy choices and then making this habit last.

I may just add that to the beginning of my usual Resonating Affirmation…

I can easily lose weight

My body is light and free

I feel so energetic 

Because I am fit and so healthy

My body is vibration

It remembers being slim

I don’t have to eat so differently

Or even go to the gym

I only have to resonate

With the foods I eat

Just make better choices

That I know benefit me

I can definitely eat less

I can eat healthily

And I can be mindful

And create my ideal body.

Resonation foods I’ve had this week are…

Not a lot!

I’ve been a crap food junkie this week.

End of week result…

A big fat red face for the food, although I’m happy I did something about my mood. I am going to be more mindful next week and say the affirmation day and night to get back in these clothes.

Hope you’re having a better week than me.

Until then, don’t let slips take you off track, and keep resonating.

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