Resonation Diet: Week 8

Hello, fellow resonators, hope you’re all well…

So, what have I been doing and contemplating in week 8?

Well, what can I tell you? Remembering to do my affirmations have worked in all areas of my life, not just the diet.  I’ve trusted the universe to bring me some things this week that others would have found hard to believe could have happened… and they happened almost instantaneously! And, as far as the diet goes, I’ve not been craving as much crap, I’ve not been eating as much at night, and I’ve got back on my bum squatting machine. I also went to a clothes shop and tried clothes on in a changing room… you know, those evil places where the mirrors can make you look ten times bigger, and make you produce lumps where you never thought you had them.

Yep, these should hold it all in!

I’ve also begun to tweak a meditation exercise this week that is similar to the one I use when I’m experiencing pain. I’ve been doing the exercise for years, and telling people with cancer how to do this to shrink their tumours, and those who commit have had success.

The exercise itself is easy if you can visualise. Just place on some meditation music… (preferably music with binaural beets for wellness). Then just sit and imagine your pain or disease as black and then visualise millions of tiny white fish swimming into the pain or disease and dispersing it. You can either visualise your pain or disease fading to grey, and then white, or you can watch it break into parts, and your body dispose of them until those parts vanish and you’re left with pure white light or fresh new innards. 

If you’re interested in this meditation but can’t visualise, my guided meditation for health has this exercise built in subliminally, as well as the binaural beets.

So, I began to do the same, but this time the fish ran all over my body eating my extra layer of fat. Then I did one where the fish were hot and they ran all over my body melting my fat. You can imagine them cold as well so your fat has to shiver and burn itself that way, or visualise yourself under a fat-burning machine in a professional salon! I’ve not managed to do this every day this week because I’ve only just thought of it at the end of this week, so I’ll report back on that one next time. Maybe try it yourself and comment how it made you feel. If nothing else, the meditative state alone will relax your DNA enough to allow all that you wish to enter your life.

I’ve also decided not to be so uptight and morbid about having to eat some white bread one day this week, because there was no low GI bread in the house and it was the only thing I could eat. This is quite an achievement as it was soon after my friend had visited and told me she’d given up white bread as she realised this was what was making her bloat. My friend, by the way, is also the skinniest person I know… you know, one of those people you scowl at when they say they’re on a diet… the ones you know for a fact are crazy and are just comparing themselves to models as they’re the only people on earth who look skinnier than them?


The point is I feel better. That’s a significant part of what matters with this diet. If I can’t even get that right, then nothing I eat or do will matter. This morning, as I write this, I can tell my stomach is flatter than last week, so I know what I’ve been doing is having an effect.

I’m going to do my fat eating fish meditations all week, along with my Resonating Affirmation and see how that pans out for me.

They say you have to repeat something often enough for it to become a habit and I think that’s my problem. If I get side lined, I forget to keep up my goal of loosing weight / being healthy, and revert back to old eating habits. It took me six years to give up smoking, and I smoked for 20 years. I’ve been eating crap all my life so I guess, it should take around 12 to 15 years to get bored and break the habit, and that’s about the time I’ve been thinking there must be some mindful way to attract your ideal weight and size for your body and maintain it, one that rings true to me.

So, here it is, my journey of becoming more healthy and mindful about what oil I put in my engine, building myself a better model.

I’m sure I’m due this break-through, especially now I’ve started this blog, and after writing Resonating Affirmations and sticking to them myself, of course. I’ve been dieting for 30 years, but only following what the industry said: low fat is best. I won’t lie, it’s hard trying to abolish all the brainwashing I’ve put myself through for so many years, and even harder to listen to what my body is trying to tell me when it craves for food, but I’m getting there. Once I find success with this mindful diet, the way I know resonates with me, and can train myself to stick to it, I know I’ll have cracked the dieting code, I know I’ll be resonating with every aspect of my life on this windy path of mine.

Resonating foods I’ve had this week…

I’ve been eating all one ingredient foods this week, and expensive health food shop treats.

End of week result…

Forget the white bread, wanting to give me a yellow face, I’m feeling so good and energetic that I worked off that mishap with vigour!

I’m heading into next week of my diet with renewed faith that my new white fish trick and guided meditation will support my mind-shift, and help with my weight loss goal.

In the meantime, feel free to let me know how you’re getting on or ask me any questions.

Until then, keep resonating.

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