Resonation Diet: Week 9

Hello, resonators, hope you’re well…

So, what have I been doing and contemplating in week 9?

Happy to report I’ve had a better week… which wasn’t hard considering, but still… better is better! But it has also been a strange week. I’ve remembered to do my affirmation and my meditation, and I’ve also put out my first Resonating Meditation on YouTube, the theme being how to attract something while you do nothing, and decided that the first one I wanted to concentrate on was the slimming meditation. So not only am I going to continue with my fish meditation, I’m going to listen to my own slimming meditation designed with correct frequencies and subliminal messaging to help shed the fat and make you trim.

Here it is, if you’d like to give it a go.

On a personal level, whilst preparing for the launch of my Resonating Affirmations book (i.e. having to record the audio version first in the studio and then on my GarageBand, because it was easier for me to stop and start again and edit), ideas have been flooding in to help me with a major life transition I’m trying to manifest.

I’m really feeling the universe and trusting like never before that it has my back. I’ve always trusted the universe, and I know everything always works out for me as I am a naturally positive thinking person, but there’s this extra kind of buzz surrounding me at the moment, like I can feel the fact that I’m vibrating out what I want and the universe is feeling it.

Feel me, universe!

I’ve also just eaten what I’ve wanted this week and not thought about the food side as much as the mental side of things. I haven’t gone mad, but I haven’t been strict either. That’s the thing with other diets, especially for women and how their food cravings can change during a month depending on how her body is changing too.

We have to adapt and listen to our bodies and allow ourself the treat or the not so healthy option now and again. Or an all-out blow out, and forgive yourself for it.

This helps me because of my stubbornness. If I want something and someone is telling me no (even if that someone is me), then I’ll want it more so. If chocolate was totally of the menu (or cacao), then I’d begin to sulk and feel that what I was doing was having a negative effect on me. This is why whatever you do, it has to agree with what you feel is right… and sometimes with how you feel inside. So, allowing yourself a treat every now and again like a normal person is, well, normal! 

Anyway, I feel better. I’ve still not been on the scales since the end of January, and don’t wish to. My friend phoned me this week and asked me to go back to Slimming World, telling me all the people who go and that they’re having a taster session next week. I told her there was no point as I stay the same weight every week and when she told me she’d put on 4lb this week – because she went out – it kind of sealed the deal.

I don’t need the shame back in my life of never achieving the unbelievable losses that others produce week after week on those dreaded scales. I went once for 2 years and lost 1lb. I went once for 9 months and lost 1lb… you know, because you live and learn!


Come join our fat club.

I can do exactly that at home, thank you very much.

I don’t believe in the diet, and hence stick to it, because, whenever I’ve been completely stuck and wrote down every single little thing I put in my mouth, I achieved the same results as when I’d stuffed my face!

My body does not respond well to Slimming World and Weight Watchers; because somewhere deep inside my brain, it knows better.

I just need to make sure my brain catches up to this intelligence so I can keep putting my concept to the test. 

The only thing I feel I’ve been doing wrong this week is eating at night, so I do need to cut back on that. Especially, the take away food my fella brings home at 11pm after he finishes work! 

Resonating foods I’ve had this week…

I’ve made soup again,

I’ve had lot’s more fruit, to counterbalance the cravings I let slip back in from last week.

I’ve made my own almond flour, blueberry cake in a cup…

One and a half tablespoons of almond flour,

One egg free range (I’m back on eggs as I don’t think they are as bad as cheese or milk, as they are still a one ingredient food in pure form, i.e. one that’s not been produced).

Three pinches of stevia sugar.

Two drops of vanilla essence.

A pinch backing powder.

Mix with fork in a cup, throw it in the microwave for one and a half mins. YUM

End of week result…

It’s yellow for the takeaway and the fact that, even though I’ve been better than last week, I’ve still not been as good as I should be.

So, that’s my plan for next week. There will be no eating at night, and I will be listening more to my Resonating Meditation for slimming all week.

Until then, keep resonating.

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