Resonation Diet: Week 11

Hello, fellow resonators, hope you’re all well…

So, what have I been doing and contemplating in week 11?

Well, I’ve had such a good week that I’ve had the urge to weigh myself… and guess what… I’ve lost 1 and 1/2 pound since January!


Now some of you may think that’s rubbish, especially those who can easily lose more than that when they’re doing conventional diets, i.e. restricting themselves and blindly following the routines of others, but for me, this is a better result than any of the popular diets.

Usually, I only ever lose on average 1/2lb per month, and that’s if I really struggle and fight and suffer and count… and I haven’t had to do any of that (well, not even an eighth as much), and yet I’m getting results! I’m really chuffed with myself, and I feel well good.

I’m so brill.

Fair enough, the 1 and 1/2lb hasn’t made a difference to my bones and how heavy I am overall, but I generally feel lighter in myself because I know it’s working. This putting my mind to my eating habits and thinking about food choices, and listening to my body is working, and this validates what I knew deep inside. 

I have a long way to go until I get to the point where I’m able to do all I know to be right inside with ease, but I’m allowing myself to ween my way into it for a year… maybe two years to lose the amount I want and get fit.

Then again, why even give myself that time; if I’m doing this to get healthy then I’m doing it for however long it takes for me to get into the habit of doing it the rest of my life.

I’m not on a diet… I’m changing the way I eat and think about foods and making intelligent choices for my body.

I’m so clever.

On a bit of a down side, maybe more for my partner, at the moment I think I’m starting the menopause, so I need to help my body through this if I want to keep my energy levels up, and maintain a healthy environment. I want my body to have less to deal with while going through this change and hormone imbalance, so I paid a visit to my local health food shop and bought lots of healthy treats! Made with natural ingredients, of course. 

I’ve been listening to my slimming meditation, and it’s definitely helping me stay positive and focused. This is because my RAS has now been activated, so I’m looking for things that match what I’m putting into my mind. I’m not eating at night, and started to do light yoga again, so I’m generally feeling better.

I’m eating mostly natural foods, and I’m finding I’m not as hungry or wondering constantly about food like I usually do when I’m on a diet. 

Here it is again if you missed it…

Before writing this blog, I listed to Tony Robins, and he said we always get our “musts”, but we ignore our “shoulds”.

I.e. I should eat less… I should exercise… I should lose this weight… I should be fitter etc.

If we make losing weight a must, then the results we see will be greater. 

I now feel I must lose this weight and I must stop eating at night, and I must make my body clean inside so it can thrive and last me longer. Again like an engine that has good oil… I’ve only got one body and I need to help it to repair itself, give it less to do so it can hone in on what I need most.

And I must give up Diet Coke again!

Yes, it has snuck back into my palate.

Resonating foods I’ve had this week…

I haven’t cooked anything interesting this week as I’ve been too busy, but I’ve been living off frozen soups I made and eating healthy, one ingredient foods.

End of week result…

I’m happy. It’s working and, apart from my Diet Coke fiasco, I’ve been sticking to the no eating at night rule, and been doing bum squats and even a bit of yoga.

I just need to change back to drinking water with lemon again.

I know this alkalises my body and its toxins, and helps to promote a healthy balance, and I know it’s one thing I can never stick to as a rule. I just don’t like water. I can drink it with lemon, but I never think to grab one because I never crave one… I do nothing but drink tea and coffee all day long and nothing else… well apart from Diet Coke which is soooooooo bad for me and full of chemicals.

So I’m going to make that swap permanent, and not let it creep back in. I’m so used to oat and rice milk in my tea now that ordinary milk now tastes like puss and makes me gag… how strange is that?

As always, I’ll report back and let you know how I’m doing. You can leave comments and let me know what changes you’ve made and have stuck to if you like, I’d love to hear from you. 

Until then, keep resonating

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