Resonation Diet: Week 12

Hello, fellow resonators, hope you’re all well…

So, what have I been doing and contemplating in week 12?

Well, for one I’m loving the fact that it’s spring!

The sun has come out, the cobwebs are in full view, and summer is just a stones throw away!

Yikes…summer clothes!

If that’s not enough to get you fully resonating then I done know what is! 

This week I’ve been listening to my own slimming meditation again. It’s kind of strange listening to my own voice but, because I know exactly what I’ve said in the subliminal parts, and fully trust myself and my own resonating music, I’m sort of more relaxed with the guided, subliminal thing, and I think that’s helping as well.

I have eaten at night twice, but it was only because I had only eaten once on those days beforehand due to me being stuck in bogeyed mode all day on my computer, trying to get my book, Resonating Affirmations, uploaded to Amazon and Smashwords and Audible and FindAway.

That was after working out how to put the music to the beginning of my audio files, as well as all the repetitive form signing and learning to navigate my way around sites. Anyway, I had an excuse is all I can say.

Me, on the business of excuses

I do feel my stomach has gone down, but I’m not going to weigh myself until the end of this week, the end of March, so I can get the full benefit of being able to tell you what I’ve lost in 3 months. So naturally, I’ll be more inclined to stick to my own diet this week.

I’ve just been listening to Will Smith. He’s such a good influence on me and how I should treat myself, and what I should say to myself if I want crap. He was saying that when he wants a slice of pizza he says to himself, “I know it would be good to eat that pizza, but I love you and care about you too much to let you do that”.

What a way to speak to yourself.

He says if he can’t be good and do what he knows is the right thing to himself then how does he expect the world to be.


I would love to be disciplined enough to commit myself to just doing the things I that I knew was right me. When I have eaten something I knew was bad, it made me feel good for like five minuets, and made me feel bad for the rest of the day… and hence stay the same weight for all the years I have been complaining about the reasons why I’m overweight.

So why do I do it?

On both those occasions, I was thinking, if I could go back in time one or two hours after eating crap.

What would I say?

“Hi there, I’m yourself in two hours time after eating that crap, and I’m here to say don’t do it as, not only do I feel bloated and sick, I feel let down, and let down by myself is the worst feeling ever. I want you not to eat it so I can go to bed feeling proud, feeling that I’m shrinking and burring off the fat, and feeling that I’m one step further to achieving the goal that I have in my mind. I want to feel that I’m heading in the right direction, that I’m in control of what I put into my body, and in control of my cravings”.

This would work! All I need now is a time machine.

I have little quotes in my office (as well as my Resonating Affirmation for sliming of course) that says, “what have I done today towards achieving my goal of becoming a successful author?” I should really have one in my bedroom on the bookmark I use to read myself to sleep that says, “what have I done today towards achieving my slimming goal?’ So I shall be doing that right after this blog.

One thing I’ve done this year and stuck to it is changing my milk. After watching “What the Health”, I’ve never gone back.

If someone has made me a brew when I’ve been out, it has turned my stomach. I’m so used to oat milk now that even my fella loves it. He started off using it in his cereals, saying he preferred it on those, but I made him an accidental brew with it in and yesterday he poured it in one himself. It’s more expensive than normal milk, but at least it’s not got blood and puss in it… so it’s worth it!

I started drinking a pint of filtered water with lemon, but that lasted 3 days, then I forgot. It’s so true that you have to do something for so long before it becomes a habit. I’m going to have to write on my cupboard (a cupboard devoted to only my food items that I go into every day that no one else is allowed to take from without permission), “Have you had your lemon water today?’

Oh, and I found yoghurt raisins in my local health food shop that were veggie, so I was very pleased… not with the price… but pleased all the same. It’s beyond me why they have to put ground animal bones into anything that doesn’t need it anyway. The thickness it creates inside a product if you were just to eat the ingredient on its own would make people throw up… but mixed together in foods just so we can get rid of animal carcases is beyond me. Surely taking away an ingredient should make things cheeper shouldn’t it? Do governments charge healthier foods a premium to delete crap?

It’s also beyond me what they put into kids’ foods too. It’s like they want the world to be dumb and die of diseases. If nothing else, please read the back of a Wotsits packet before you give your kids this “food” again. 

I gave my kids all sorts of crap when they were younger, because I just blindly trusted that whatever was for sale was approved and therefore must be healthy.

I wish my mental time machine could go back twenty years and tell myself what I know now. 

Resonating foods I’ve had this week…

My lovely fella has made some nice bean salad mixes this week, which we have with hummus and raw carrots. Yum

I’m quite into hummus at the moment with peppers, and celery… gotta get it in there somehow, haven’t ya?

Also, my yoghurt raisins.

End of week result…

I’m proud to give myself the green face.

I hope you’re working things out in your own resonating way. If you have any ideas or tips, or information on products yourself, let me know.

Until next time, keep resonating.

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