Resonation Diet: Week 13

Hello, fellow resonators, hope you’re well…

So, what have I been doing and contemplating in week 13?

Well, first for the news you’ve been all waiting for with bated breath… I have lost another 1/2lb!

That’s three whole half pounds per month since the new year.

Now then, many of you may be laughing at my total one and a half pounds’ loss, but I’m telling you that this is good for me. I never usually lose anything and when I’m being really good (or really suffering and depressed and miserable about not being able to eat what I want), this is all I will lose.

When I’m not being good, I stay the same or put on. 

So, I’m happy

The one thing I’m wondering though is, do I only lose half a pound when I’m being good because that’s what I’ve been stating for so long that this number is now ingrained in my beliefs so much that I only ever manifest this?

Am I still repeating it now to you to prove my diet is as good as all the others and, if so, why am I not stating that I can lose more than this if I wanted to?

Is it because I would fear I could have done this all along if so, and then people will see me as stupid if I go and lose weight easily after 30 years of fighting with myself?

Would it actually bum me out to know it could have been that easy all along?

Is this why I keep sneaking in the foods that I know I don’t fully resonate with and doing things three quarter-arsed as usual, to sabotage my own goals?

Err… what?

The psychology of why we do things and why we don’t do things when we know we should or shouldn’t is something we need to look into and understand during our resonating with foods and why we do and don’t eat them journey.

So this week I’m asking myself…

  1. What do I get from stating that I can only ever lose weight at a rate of half a pound per month?
  2. Why can’t I try harder to get more?

Is it so I can still kid myself that it takes me this long?

Or, is it so I can keep being naughty when people aren’t looking and kidding myself I’ve still done well when I see the half-arsed effort’s result on the scales?

Anyway, I’ve made myself the tick off list for my bedroom like I said I would with questions to ask myself each night…

1. Have I listened to my slimming meditation today?

2. Have I said my Resonating Affirmation?

3. Have I not eaten at night?

4. Have I done some form of exercise?

5. Have I resonated with all the foods I’ve eaten today?

6. Have I had my lemon water?

7. Do I feel proud of my healthy efforts today?

Of course it had to be 7 questions as I’m all about those sevens.

I’m also going to weigh myself a bit more often this month just to keep me on track per week instead of per month.

I know I keep changing my mind on this one, but that’s what the Resonation Diet is all about; making sure what you’re doing is working, and if it isn’t changing whatever it is that may help. If I know my mind will wander because I’m not accountable for my action for a whole month, I would probably eat more crap for the first few weeks, then be better before weigh in. 

Anyway, I’m going to keep wrestling with my mind next week and maybe listen to some more motivational speakers on the matter of taking charge of myself and making a decision and sticking to it. 

Resonating foods I’ve had this week…

I’ve been eating chips made in my ActiFry, with no oil

I’ve had rice cakes with almond butter and pure honey.


End of week result…

For the sneaking in too many none resonating foods and trying to kid myself, I give myself the yellow face.

Until next time, keep resonating… and changing things if what you’re doing isn’t benefiting you!

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