Resonation Diet: Week 16

Hello, fellow resonators, hope you are all well…

So, what have I been doing and contemplating in week 16?

Celebrating! My book, Resonating Affirmations, came out on Tuesday and I’ve already had a few sales and positive feedback. The only negative that comes with celebrating, is the food and drink that goes with it.

I’ve been out 4 times this week, all 4 of them at my fellas restaurant, and I’ve had lots of heavily oiled garlic breads, veggie lasagnes, puddings and I was even given a small prosecco.

Given the fact that I usually only ever have one baileys a year at Christmas, it went down rather well. I also had my niece for 2 days and had to have Mcdonald’s again… and a few chocolates!

But, just before you think I’ve gone madly off the rails, each time I went out or had chocolate, I made sure I had fruit for breakfast, nothing for dinner, and didn’t eat late at night on that same day, which is an idea I got from the 5.2 diet (who remembers that one?).

The concept behind the diet is simple… and we all love simple, right?

You eat what you want for 5 days, and on 2 days you only have 500 calories… or you eat for just 8 hours in any given 24 hour period and fast for 16. I like this concept, apart from the fact that, like Paul Mckennas “I Can Make You Thin”, it works at first… until you become a lunatic and start eating a plate of cakes for your tea, that is… you know, because you can!

Crazy cow.

So, this time, I took on the concept but was more mindful whilst using it. On all the other days, (all 3 of them) I’ve done well.


I’ve said my Resonating Affirmation and been listening to my guided meditation and even gone for a couple of walks, so I’m quite proud of myself.

The stress of book launch is over, and now I just have to make sure my Resonating Meditations book is done for the end of May, and my Resonating Mantras book is done for the middle of July.

The few courses I’ve been on to learn all the horrid marketing stuff that goes with releasing a book (yeah, writing a book is just half the work) is starting to sink in so there’s less stress for me there too.

Just incase any stress could crawl back in, I’ve also sent myself Reiki for future me, so I know I’ll be fine!

Hon Sha Zei Sho Nen, future me!

I usually only do this whenever I feel unworthy or overwhelmed, or when I feel the fear of success, or the fear of failure, or both, come over me, so I can protect my mind from all situations that could cause me anxiety, but I’ve been trying this with my diet to see if I can project it onto my future “skinny” self 🙂

So, next week, with my fandabi mind in full resonating mode, I will have a yellow face guaranteed for my end of week result. The hot weather always helps you to eat more salads and fruit too, so I shouldn’t have any problems!

Resonating foods I’ve had this week…

Lots of bananas, apples, oranges, and grapes.


Hummus with carrot and red pepper sticks.

Soya milk… I’d ran out of oat milk and tried it. I finished the litre, but it wasn’t as nice as oat milk.

End of week result…

Again, not a full on red face because I pulled it back, remained mindful, and kept doing the right things despite going out and eating chocolate, so I’m quite proud.

The old me would have written the entire week off and eat like a pig for the rest of it, but this new resonating me didn’t, and I’m proud of this version of myself!

I may not be slim yet, but I’m changing my behaviours, and that’s a real achievement towards gaining long lasting results!

Until next week, keep resonating!

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