Resonation Diet: Week 19

Hello, fellow resonators, hope you are all well…

So, what have I been doing and contemplating in week 19?

I’ve done well… considering! 


Dear Rinzen,

I just thought I’d send to this card to mark this wonderful achievement of you sticking with this diet for one full week, even though you are still mightily stressed. You are so brilliant, and wonderful, and mindfully skilled!

Lot’s of love, Rinzen xx


I deserve that card!

I’ve even started to say my Resonating Affirmation again and listened to my slimming and stress ease meditations too! I’ve been such a good girl. 

The result?

I feel tired through the sugar drop, but I’ve mostly been eating good/ Resonating foods. I ate the last of my crap and bought fresh fruit and some healthy bean salads from Mark and Spencers!

They always make you feel like you’re eating posh nosh, so psychologically you feel naughty just because of your empty pocket… 

Oh, how we love to spend.

Also, I’ve been looking at the reason why I eat like I do when I’m overworked, tired and stressed because, if those are going to stay contributing factors in my diet battle then they need to be dealt with now as these “reasons” are going to be around forever, especially if I wish for this author business to take off. 

I came across a guy on YouTube called Jim Kiwik, who was saying, on the matter of breaking habits, that we can only make so many decisions in one day. I think this is true. When my brain is occupied with a thousand thoughts and priorities of what needs doing next, and I have lists galore in front of me, waiting to be ticked, and my time schedule for them all is looming, then my diet doesn’t even make it onto the “and don’t also forget this”, list. 

So, I need to make sure each time I rip up a fully ticked off list, and make a new top priority list, that my eating and drinking habits are on there!

  1. Eat well.
  2. Drink well.
  3. Stay sane!

Also, when my son came to visit from Scotland, which was great, he reminded me of the book he sent me at Christmas, “How Not to Die”, (I should have been offended, but I thought the title was brilliant) and that I should be eating my daily dozen, (the list the author gives for us all to be eating and drinking in a day). He said I should rip it out and stick it on my fridge. 

I didn’t do that, but it did remind me to eat raw broccoli and cauliflower with my hummus again, and to drink lemon water… another thing that always escapes me, in spite of the list in my cupboard reminding me.

So, this week I bought a fresh new batch of lemons and I’ve been on it. 

I’m not sure where my tiredness is coming from, maybe lack of exercise and slight depression due to a member of my family not having long to live and, although he’s in high spirits now, there’s a morbid awareness when everyone’s around that he won’t be with us forever. Even though I’ve been all “life is too short, and I’m going to make a go of my books while my own mortality is intact,” maybe a bit of doom has gripped me.

How could it not; it’s never nice to watch people you care for suffer. I’m also a natural healer and problem solver so, for me not to be able to do anything, (apart from convincing him after he was given 12 months to live that it will more likely be 2 years because he’s always defied all odds knowing him, and it’s now 16 months since then), it’s equally hard for me to just have to accept that he’s accepting this and maybe only this. 

I always tear up when I think of Patrick Swayze in the 4th stage of cancer and still filming. I would like to think if it ever happened to me that I would be the same… Well, no, I’d like to think I’d be able to shrink mine with my mind, like the story Gregg Braden tells when he watched people chant something that, in our language, means “already gone”, and they could literally see on the X-ray machine that the tumour was shrinking. Then again I believe it won’t happen to me anyway as I can always use the light of the universe.

My point being this week is that there will always be times when we are down, ill, stressed, tired, depressed, overworked or overwhelmed, but we mustn’t neglect ourselves or our bodies. I don’t smoke, I don’t drink, and I don’t eat meat, so I know I’m doing better than most as far as carcinogens and toxins are concerned; I just want to be completely there. I want to eat and drink all the right things: no addiction to sugar: no eating for the sake of it or at night when my body will store it: no sitting on my arse for too long in a day, you know, things like that. 

Resonating foods I’ve had this week…


Lots of fruit, veg and water.

Beans with everything.

End of week result…

Green face… I deserve it!

This week has been insightful. I’m going to carry on eating and drinking well this week and upping my excursive too. I will also make sure I do my affirmation every day.

Until next time, keep resonating!

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