Resonation Diet: Week 20

Hello, fellow resonators, hope you are all well…

So, what have I been doing and contemplating in week 20?

Well, it’s been a weird week this week. Why? Because I’ve been playing around with the intermittent fasting diet again, and because, even though I see sense in it – that fasting for 16 hours and eating for only 8 hours in a day is logical – I still couldn’t fit in my shorts today, a pair that were perfectly fine last year!

Why am I, with time, and not much difference in my diet, getting fatter and fatter as the years go on? I really believe, because I’m putting so much effort into thinking about what I’m eating, that it’s somehow having an adverse effect. The reason is because I’m focussing on what foods I deem as fattening, and realising I’m not doing enough exercise and putting all that into my vibration, each time I do things I now consider wrong that I didn’t before.

For example, I was allowed Diet Coke on Slimming World… but on my own Resonating Diet I see this as wrong, and hence have a bad feeling about it when aligned with the thoughts of my food, which computes and communicates out into the Resonation Realm (the esoteric field that will reflect back to me what I’m feeling) that this is bad for my diet… which usually means I will put on weight.

Which way, guys?

I’ve just finished my free eBook Resonating System, which is being edited as I write this, and as I was writing it, I resonated with the old adage that you “teach what you most need to learn”. I’m certainly not the kind of author who professes that I know everything or that my life is perfect; I clearly state that I am “on a mission” to find ancient knowledge that can help us attract our desires in better ways, but this losing weight thing, my one Achilles heel left in my life after eliminating all other blocks, has left me with another feeling known to authors as “the imposter syndrome”. It needs to be dealt with so I can prove to my audience that it can be done, that you can tap into the slim and healthy realm, and have it resonate back to you that which you put out.

I also realised when I was writing the book, as well as eliminating the fears we have have before we can manifest our desires, that we should also realise what’s going on subconsciously. I’ve brushed upon it before in this blog, but I’ve realised that I must have a fear regarding my diet… and it’s the fear that I will prove myself wrong! It’s coming from my ego. I believe my ego won’t allow me to succeed, in case I have to think that I’ve been wrong for 30 years.

I’m literally up against myself! There’s some equal part of me fighting against what I’m trying to do!

So, I’m going to try and override this schizoid thinking this week, by imagining that, until now, until I made the Resonation Diet, nothing worked… then it was sooooooo easy! That can be my story. No need for embarrassment, I tried and tried and failed and learned for 30 years until I found the way! Just like Thomas Addison, who said he hadn’t failed 1000 times… he found 1000 ways in which how not to do something and that once he found all the ways that didn’t work (like me on every diet known to man), he would find the way that did! 

I also really want and need to show the before and after pictures to the world, prove I can use the Resonation Realm to change my body because… I know this diet should work, therefore it’s only me and my ego… and my excuses… and procrastination, that’s stopping me. I just need to focus, and give myself a thumbs up for how well I’m doing with the change so far. It may be Week 20, and I can’t get in my pants, but I’m working on the why… and that will lead to everlasting results once I crack my own code. I’m actually doing great.

Yeah, I’m one ingredient, man!

I’m also going to start doing a food diary this week, to prove to myself I’m hitting the rules of every diet out there so my heart can resonate that back out. I bought coconut water today because I like it, and its alkalising, and for some reason it’s better than me trying to remember to do lemon water. I’ve also bought cucumber and tomatoes on the vine because if I now feel hungry at night, that is all I’m allowing myself. I’ve been eating at 2pm and finishing at 10pm, but I’m going to try and wean myself to a more reasonable time.

The “what time do you call this” guy!

It’s just that I can go for longer in the mornings knowing I can eat soon, rather than going to bed starving and, even though I’m not working off the energy, it saves me from pigging out – at say, 11 or midnight – when I’m relaxing from my day. My partner and I go to bed at 1 am most nights… he doesn’t finish work till 10pm or 11pm, and we wind down together, sometimes watch Netflix, and sometimes we carry on with work… me with writing or he goes in his studio creating music… so we’re night owls. 

We will stay awake!

I also watched Mel Robbins’ TEDx talk, “how to stop screwing yourself over”, which was quite inspiring. I do laze about in bed, put things off, believe I’m fine and don’t make as much of an effort as I should, so I’m going to make sure I go for a walk every day this week and continuously make an effort.

Resonating foods I’ve had this week…


Lots of salads with rice, sweetcorn and beans… yum! 

Beans with everything.

End of week result…

half and half

It has to be yellow because I’ve been out twice this week and had chips. I’ve also had salad and vegetables, but still. It’s also yellow because I realised I’ve put on weight, probably through the sweets I’ve eaten, even though it was in my eight-hour window. But, in spite of this, it’s not a red face because of how much thought and energy I’ve put into what’s going on inside my mind this week. I’ve also been meditating, leading to me becoming more mindful overall.

Next week, I aim to do my Resonating Affirmation and slimming meditation every day, and go for a walk each day!

Until next time, keep resonating!

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