Resonation Diet: Week 21

Hello, fellow resonators, hope you are all well…

So, what have I been doing and contemplating in week 21?

I’m happy to report I’ve had a good week this week. I’ve lowered my night time eating to finish around 7pm, and I’ve done about five hours of deliberate walking. I’ve done my Resonating Affirmation most days, and I’ve been doing a lot more meditation than usual, making me radiate more of a clear signal.

The result? I feel better, and I feel slimmer. My stomach has gone down slightly, and I really think I’ve lost about 3lb of the weight I put on, but I’m not getting on the scales because I don’t want to contradict myself, and this belief.  

Well, I tell a lie, I do go on the scales and only put one foot on and lean across until it wiggles at 9 stone 4… the ideal weight that I have been after having two children… even if it was 20 years ago, I last saw myself at this weight. I know my body remembers how to be this weight. I know by seeing this result and contouring the feelings that this result would give me – if it were actually true – that I’m teaching the Resonation Realm, that this is the alternate state I wish to extract from it. Its little stringy mirrors can get to work, finding me all things that will help me see this in my preferred reality… so this week I stumbled upon (or the realm made me notice) some food supplement tablets in Holland & Barrett called Garcinia Cambodia and Guarana, and was drawn to them. 

Out of the whole slimming shelf, these were on offer… and they were vegetarian capsules. As I looked at them, I was so in tune with my vibration that I could feel a slight warping sensation in my arms. I picked it up, and the assistant came over and said it acted like a suppressant as well as helps burn fat so I thought, considering they were at half price, I would give them a go. 

There are 60 tablets. I have to take 2 per day, one before breakfast, and one before lunch. I’ve only been doing it for 2 days so far, but I think I have actually eaten less. I was also able to stop myself eating even just the cucumber I was going to eat at midnight last night. I also think that some of it may be due to the psychology of it again. If my mind is focussed before 2 of my daily meals on the fact that I’ve taken a tablet, that should make me eat less. 

Not only does this help me believe (i.e. intrinsically have feelings towards that thought and therefore radiate out that vibration, one that the Resonation Realm won’t contradict), but it also keeps me mindful about what I’m doing throughout the day, and how I’m feeling and responding. It keeps me aware that I’m actively trying to change my health, and my body shape, and how I think. Maybe there are ingredients in this tablet that do help my fat cells to behave in a better way, but I also believe that doing things like this (and drinking one slimming tea before bed) helps my heart and mind align with the Resonance of a body that’s in the process of getting better. If I can simply feel that this body is learning how to slim, and be in control, then I’m willing to give it a try. 

I have also cooked this week! I made a quinoa and bean salad, and a chickpea and lentil curry. I had brown red and wild rice with the curry and didn’t go back for seconds. I also made a carrot and blueberry cake, and was able to have just a small slice after my tea, and I left half of it because I was conscious that I may have been making myself too full. I also didn’t want to be doing the 8-hour window diet, if I was going to use it as an excuse to eat sugary foods. 

Maybe if I’d have made it with almond flour instead of self-raising flour, and stevia instead of molasses, I would have allowed myself to eat it as they are one ingredient foods that I know are good for you (in moderation). So, I’m glad I’ve been able to keep control of myself after last week’s “imposter syndrome” feeling that I was beginning to communicate to the Resonation Realm. 

I think, because I’ve been working on my next books, Resonating Meditations and Resonating Mantras, my mind has been entirely focussed on the things that I wish to bring into my life and how we need to do so, that it’s had a profound effect on my own life. Even though I know these things, and I’m writing them so I can tell others about them, sometimes I can neglect my own vibration, or let the knowledge of what I should be doing and focussing, and hence, radiating out slip from my conscious, which makes my body and mind revert back to autopilot.

It’s reminded me to keep a clear signal at all times, send out the frequency of what I most wish to attract. I can feel I’ve tapped into the Resonation Realm properly once more. 

I like communicating a clear signal, I like knowing that what I’m putting out will come back. I like trusting that what I’m doing is working, it makes me feel more energetic, more intelligent, proud of myself. It gives me a sense of achievement each night as my head hits the pillow and revitalises me ready to do the same the next day. 

Resonating foods I’ve had this week…


I’ve had bean salads.

Homemade curry.

Lots of vegetables.

End of week result…

It’s a big green face this week!

I feel like I’ve turned a corner this week, so I need to make sure it continues. It shouldn’t take a real set back each time I have a great week. I should be able to keep up this clear signal permanently, keep my ego in check, stop it from stopping me getting this weight off once and for all. I need to keep teaching my ego that it will be validated if the Resonation Diet works; as it’s different from other diets. (I think I only half believe this at the moment, as I’m still doing aspects and snippets of other diets too like the intermittent fasting and taking supplements.)

I will work on clearing this up in my mind that it’s only aspects, not the full thing.  

Until next time, keep resonating!

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