Resonation Diet: Week 22

Hello, fellow resonators, hope you are all well…

So, what have I been doing and contemplating in Week 22?

I’ve been able to keep up my good vibration and keep my conscious mind alert to my diet, so my subconscious mind doesn’t take over again, and place my eating habits on autopilot. I’ve also been meditating more often, and doing a new visualisation technique where I’m stood on a beautiful island in a bikini in the sun, my body has no extra fat, I’m entirely shrunken into a perfectly toned, lean trimness, and I’m skipping along the beach feeling light, energetic and free, yet muscular and strong.

The reason I feel muscular and robust in this visualisation, instead of skinny, is that I’ve never been seen as thin in my life, never referred to as skinny. Even when I was seven and a half stone in weight, I was nicknamed chunky! This is because my original figure is like the singer, Pink.

If you look at her body, she is small but muscular, and she looks strong and fit, but she’s only actually seven and a half stone. (I can see the contradiction I have in my vibration right there as I typed “BUT she’s only” as if being that small means you can’t be strong and fit.)

Also, I want to feel good about this fact because I think there may be an aversion to being muscular in my vibration due to me not wanting to be the size I am now and muscular, that’s why I don’t do as much resistance training now; my mind thinks I will end up looking like a bodybuilder… which I don’t wish to look like.

My mental image of me, after a few months of lifting weights.

My son has started doing weights at the moment as he felt he was getting a little fat, and he actually looks slimmer now. I know that when you turn your fat into muscle that it actually helps you burn more fat, even when you’re not training, and I know getting muscle on me will help with my arthritis, and with my yoga practice. So, I’ve started with my resistance training again this week and have also imagined me getting a Resonation Retreat together on an island where all Resonation Realm fans can come together and enjoy meditation, mantra, yoga, reiki and spiritual speakers, and I would love to get into my hippy beach clothes that I have and feel confident.

Yeah, man.

And, by this time next year, when the event could well take place all going to plan, I’d like to be able to show everyone my before and after pictures and prove the Resonation Realm works for anything… even something that may have been in your vibration for thirty years!

I will pull you out of that stone, you little proverbial fat sword, you!

Today, my lovely fella has just made a beautiful salad and bean mix, throwing every one ingredient food into it as possible, totally resonating, and has also made some wonderful cookies! They’re the yummiest thing ever, better than all the natural superfood bars and treats I’ve ever had in health food shops, and also made without sugar (just 100% honey, baobab powder and stevia) here’s the picture… I’ll give you ingredients at the end.

Aww, look at the little beauties!

I feel so great today too as I was able to spend the day at my Buddhist centre in Manchester yesterday, which I can’t often get too as much as I like, at a Mantra event. I was also allowed to record the day for my website, and for my upcoming book, Resonating Mantras.  Mantras are better than anything to lift your spirits. Singing automatically makes you happy, but chanting mantras, using the Sanskrit language to invoke qualities inside us that enhance the resonation inside our hearts, and what we give out into the Resonation Realm, has sent the positive energy it induced back to myself threefold.

I feel on such a high, totally resonating with the world and what I’ve achieved so far.

Me, as I’m trying to write this blog!

I also checked, and I have lost 3lb, so I wasn’t wrong after all in my guess. I want to get to 26 weeks… exactly 6 months with at least 6lb weight loss from where I started for me to have achieved something better than any other diet I’ve done, so I’ve got 3 weeks in which to do so, which I hope will start a massive snowball effect where the lot can roll away with it.

I really think I’ve been putting the correct thoughtlings out into the Resonation Realm this week. The affirmations, meditations and mantras together are the key to this, just like I say in my books… using the three ancient tools together is the key… so it was bound to only work for me when I was using all three!

The realm will give you evidence of what you tap in with your heart and mind… but I didn’t realise this “fact” was in there. It is now apparent to me that, because I obviously believe so much that my three tools are the key to aligning with the Resonation Realm, until I was using all three, it wouldn’t work. For something I deem to be this big to work, to keep me 100% conscious and resonating full time, to override the thirty habitual years, it would need all three! Don’t get me wrong, I’ve manifested with just a resonating affirmation, and with just a meditation… and even just after a mantra had cleared my negativity… but something that I call my Achilles heel, was bound to need all three.

So, it’s my mission for three weeks to do all three every day, without fail, and report back what difference it makes. 

Resonating foods I’ve had this week…


I’ve had more bean salads.

Finished off my homemade curry from last week.

Lots of fruit.

And here’s the homemade cookie recipe…

Spelt, millet and almond flour

Ground oats and cashew nuts

linseed and chia seeds

Dried figs, apricots and sultanas

Honey, stevia and baobab power

Baked in the oven until ready.

End of week result…

A green face for sure this week. I didn’t even go for crap when I was out this week. I ordered a salad instead. 

I’m in the process of making a generic meditation and mantra that will eliminate blocks and help us attract anything so I will be using these… as well as my slimming meditation and affirmation, to help with my 3-week goal. 

Until next week, keep resonating. 

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