Resonation Diet: Week 24

Hello, fellow resonators, hope you are all well…

So, what have I been doing and contemplating in week 24?

I’ve had a brilliant week woooooo hooooooo!

I’ve not even had any healthy, resonating treats this week, no sugar at all, not even a biscuit at my Reiki group. This time I remembered that last time, and all the times before, I didn’t enjoy the biscuits.

No, smiley faces, you don’t make me happy!!!!

I’ve even been out for a meal twice this week and only had a banana for lunch on these days too to balance out the calories. We all know that restaurants put too much oil into everything, don’t we? So, it made me feel better that I’d hardly eaten anything else on these days, which eliminated any subconscious guilt that may have occurred. 

I have been doing my Resonating Meditations, Resonating Affirmations, and Resonating Mantras too, which has really helped me stay focussed. I’m still trying to imagine the fat as energy and then my mind popping the atoms and them drifting off into the aether never to return, telling the fat that I no longer need for it to serve me. If I’ve accumulated it for reasons only my subconscious knows then my conscious mind and prefrontal cortex is now overriding that old neurologically wired thought process and I want it gone. 

Tony Robbins says that anything we feel will cause us pain we will move away from and try to avoid, and anything we think will cause us pleasure we move towards and try to obtain. I’m doing this now. I’m moving towards eating less, eating within an eight hour window, excessing more, stretching and doing yoga and telling my body that I’m thankful for it, and I’m choosing better foods, ones that I know will bring me the pleasure and moving away from the foods that I know will cause me pain.

I don’t know (and don’t really have to know) why I moved towards the sugar and fat if I also know it will cause me pain, but I do feel that I must have the belief, somewhere in my subconscious, that losing fat would cause me pain.

Does my subconscious give me a feeling of “oh no, if I’m slim and fit and successful, that would make my friends even more jealous of me”? Maybe so as this would have been painful to me a few years back because I’m empathic and my mirror neurones will feel that pain, along with its own pain that my friend secretly didn’t wish me the best??? But now I know that’s bonkers. And I no longer live in a mindset of fear! This fat no longer serves me!!! The universe can take it back!

I’ve manifested myself away from the day job, even though I used to fear the thought of not having a “steady” income. You know, the one your parents used to tell you that you needed to pay the bills while you chased your dream on the side. I’ve undone so many other thought processes for me to cancel the lack of self-worth… does the fat keep me real, average, relatable still to those who already see me as mad, those who I know would have to take a look at themselves and not like what they saw if I proved it could be some other way… sometimes you can be the inspiration and the light as well as the one that shows you that you’re not the same… and I’m ready now to deal with that.

My playing small doesn’t serve anyone…. unless I want to be in cute pictures.

The best I can do is allow them to feel the negativity towards me at first, so it inspires them to change whatever negativity arises in them later.  

Most of my friends aren’t like me anyway so I may as well embrace that fully and be the “mad one” they laugh about fondly. I don’t have to stay fat so people perceive me as friendly, relatable and fun… I don’t have to keep this big for any stupid reason. There’s no reason for making myself ill and unhealthy and feel unintelligent and unsuccessful and addicted. I can break free from this meat suit and create a new one. An improved version. Be healthier in my fifties than my forties. I always said when I was seventy, I still wanted to be able to stand on my head and be fit and healthy, and I have that image in mind.

I’m not going to tolerate my habits anymore! You wouldn’t tolerate someone abusing your family, making them ill, fat and unhealthy so why do we tolerate ourselves doing it if not for gaining something… and I don’t mean gaining the cake, chocolate crisps and other processed crap.

We need to ask ourselves “what’s underneath this habit that my conscious mind shakes its head at but still allows the subconscious to do.

Our bodies aren’t something we can change overnight like other manifestations when I make my mind up altogether, dig out the crap and evict it from my system. I’m not going to wake up in the morning 3 stone lighter, but I can feel that I’ve manifested my new body now because my mind is staying on track. I’ve made a decision, drawn a line. I can feel that finally, I’m in the place of knowing my new body has been ordered and it’s on its way!!!

Resonating foods I’ve had this week…


I’ve had a bean and veggie salad this week mixed with wheatgrass.

I put some with pasta too, and it was very nice.

lots of vegatables and a veggie pate that was yummy

End of week result…

A green face again!

I’m on a roll… and it’s not a fat roll… yeah I know, lame!

I am so getting trim… I am so getting trim… I am so mother fricking slim… (I’m singing the melody to Tim Minchin’s “So Rock”)

Until next week, keep resonating. 

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