Resonation Diet: Week 25

Hello, fellow resonators, hope you are all well…

So, what have I been doing and contemplating in Week 25?

Well, I’ve been up to no bad, once again! I’m on fire.

I had an Indian takeaway last night but, because my fella said he was treating me to one before he left for work, I only had a salad and an apple for lunch, and that was it!

I’m soooooooo good!

So, what have I been contemplating this week? I’ve been mainly considering the saying “What gets measured, gets managed”. I mean, I haven’t weighed myself on purpose for a while because it irritates me when I don’t see what I thought I’d see, wobbling my vibration, but I was wondering if it had any meaning for me and whether the saying was presented to me this week because I do need to weigh myself. 

I know lots of people at slimming group across the country have to get weighed each week, and in front of everyone else and then discuss their losses and gains however humiliating that may be, but I just weighed in week after week the exact same weight. Lose a pound gain a pound and on and on it went until I decided I could do the same at home following my own diet.

I know the saying is meaningful to manage my workload, ticking things off my lists, making new lists (I’m sure I need to plant some trees to pay back what I’ve used… I will add that to my “giving back to the world” list) helps, but as far as weight I’m not sure. If it means measured by putting a tape measure around my stomach and thighs and arm (Ohhhh those bingo wings) then maybe I will try that and see if the saying holds well for me. I’ll have to purchase a tape measure first though so I’ll do that… if I even get out of the house. I’m basically stuck to my office chair morning noon and night at the moment so I can get these books done. I’m going to miss my own deadline for the Resonating meditations book, but hopefully, I’m still on track for the Mantras after that. I do need exercise breaks though… so I hoovered today!! I can’t make a habit of it though as I’ll end up all…

I haven’t a clue where my bum trainer is either; I think my fella has moved it somewhere when I wasn’t looking. It was in the middle of the kitchen floor last week when I last used it (The kitchen is his room, I gave it to him when we moved in with him being a chief and all) He would never say so but I think I’m allowed to tidy the kitchen but not mess it up.

Man cave, and don’t you forget it!

Another thing I remembered and therfore writing about as I was developing the books this week is that a lot of illness and disease we have in our bodies is trapped energy in our vibration. Louise Hay’s books, I Can Heal your Life, explains it best, but one thing that is out there regarding fat is that excess body fat is often found in sensitive people who seek protection from the harsh criticism or ongoings of the world. Or they have untold stories.

This has blown me away! I really felt I’d got rid of my needing protection from critiques. I really think I will be able to handle negative reviews/ opinions when they inevitably come but does my body know different? I’ve had lessons in life that have allowed me to prove this to my heart. I do think I can handle criticism as long as I know I’ve done my best….

Sorry, Rinzen but your books are utter shite!
I’m sorry you feel that, and I wish you well.

…but is the evidence in my body telling me otherwise? I also have untold stories, so I wonder, when my 4 books are out and my 7 novels I’ve been working on for 13 years are out, will I finally be my ideal weight? I don’t want this to become a part of my belief system, for me to cling to it so I can use it as an excuse and hence take the blame away from my conscious mind… (look, its all down to my subconscious, man, nothing I can do about it) but it does seem to make sense to me. 

Is the reason that nothing I do or try because it’s doesn’t matter what I do or try if my books are still inside me, not released into the world like my fat should be? If so, I need to get my books out as soon as possible and let you know. How weird would it be if, at the end of July, when my 4 books are out, my fat simply drops away from me no problem? Oh, how I want this to be true!

Role on end of July… where everything I want will happen for me!!!

Resonating foods I’ve had this week…


I’ve had hummus and carrots.

Quorn chicken salads.

Ainsley Harriott vegetable cuppa soups… yum!

lots of vegetables and a plant based kabab “meat” so yummy

End of week result…

A green face, of course because I’m so brilliant!

Until next week, keep resonating. 

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