Resonation Diet: Week 30

Hello, fellow resonators, hope you are all well…

So, what have I been doing and contemplating in Week 30?

Well, as well as celebrating the book launch of Resonating Mantras…

I’ve been sticking to some new diet rules! 

Why has the Resonation Diet suddenly got rules, after 6 months of being able to do what you want, agreeing with your own logic? 

It’s due to a guy named Eric Edmeanes, who claims that we have two people on our shoulders, one is a petulant teenager, and one is the sage.

His words had a profound effect on me, they made me sit up and take notice. I’ve always joked about myself being a “slapped arse” – a term used by some to mean I’ve stamped my feet and got my own way so many times as a child, that it has left this petulant teenager inside me.

I love my affirmation, “I always get what I want” as it works for me as it resonates because it’s true, but I never realised the negative side of it too… the residual stubborn child that will always get what she wants, and no one will tell her any differently. Including me!

Maybe this is what I must learn at work too, to let things be without fighting it. At my old job, the arguments I had was because I was right, and felt like I had to voice this and get justice for myself all the time… so this week, starting at my new supported living house, I’ve had the chance just to accept things that are unfair or wrong in my opinion and let them go, even at my own financial expense.

The short story is that, other people who are working at the house are getting more sleep shifts than me (overtime you’re paid while you sleep at the property) because “that’s just the way it is,” and I will just have to have, “the scraps left after the staff who have been there years have had theirs.”

The old me would love to kick up the fuss due to the fact that management has to give all staff, regardless of new or old, an equal share of overtime and that favouritism doesn’t sit well with me or the law… but the fact is, I have to let it be known just once, and in a peaceful way, that I too would like the amount the others have, and let it go… especially if I want to leave on good terms.

I also need to learn that I can go with the flow of an income that isn’t much, and isn’t set or fought for, and a profit I have no control over, if I want to give up work and live like a proper artist. I need to know I can keep flowing like water, accepting whatever comes to me in whatever way the universe decides, instead of worrying about needing to find more, so I can organise and plan in my mind ahead a fixed amount.

I need to be permanently free to trust the universe like I know I can, and do so.

Knowing I want to be the sage, rather than this petulant child, I carried on listening to Eric and found that his philosophy on dieting is pretty similar to the Resonation Diet I want to achieve. There are no rules as such, and no counting calories, it’s about being wise and listening to your body.

He’s also asking why we choose to do the things we do. He was talking about water and how important it is, talking about letting your body starve, and talking about hunger actually being more to do with dehydration, too.

It’s like someone has already put the Resonation Diet together in a great format and he also has a specific 90-day program I would love to afford, so I can report back to you… which I thought I may do with Patreon support… but, after I found out you couldn’t have caffeine, it got me thinking about a few things.

  1. If I’m willing to put myself on someone else’s “programme”, then why don’t I stick to my own programme, instead of continuing with this trial and error?
  2. Why don’t I take some of what he says, like all the other diets I like, and leave the rest?

So, that’s what I’m going to do for the next 6 months of this Resonation Diet!

As well as meditating and do my affirmations and mantras, of course!

I know I said there wouldn’t be rules as such, but I understand the psychology of sticking to something in a new regime will help rewire the brain, and it will more likely help my belief that I can lose weight.

To do this right, I needed to find out what things about dieting I truly believe first.

  • I shouldn’t have Diet Coke! There’s no getting around it or sneaking it back into my diet at any point, I have to stop it.
  • I shouldn’t drink too much caffeine so, in between the 8-hour window I’ve been trying to stick to, I will only have herbal tea or lemon water.
  • I shouldn’t have refined sugar, or processed food
  • I shouldn’t eat at night, if I can help it.
  • I feel that protein can help you build muscle and lose weight, so I need to up this and lower my carb intake, especially for the last meal of the day.
  • I have never gotten into the routine of drinking water, and every diet says this, so I need to make myself drink it.
  • And I need to do some form of exercise. 

So the new, and easy, Resonation Diet rules are…

  1. You can’t eat at night (must leave at least 4 hours gap before bedtime) 
  2. Only eat in a window of 8-10 hours in a day around the same beginning and end times. Mine is 11 am till 7pm as I don’t go to bed until at least midnight.
  3. The last meal should not include carbs
  4. Drink water in-between your meals
  5. No caffeine after your last meal, just herbal teas or water
  6. Some form of exercise and resistance training each day, even if it’s running up the stairs or going for a walk, and try to do something more each week than the week before, if you are not feeling it have an impact. 
  7. Eat healthy, one ingredient, organic if possible foods.
  8. Don’t eat anything you wouldn’t eat on its own if ingredients were separated. I.e. look out for poison like aspartame which is in lots of sugar-free foods, and question would you really eat a pile of sugar, handfuls of flour or spoonfuls of butter on its own, or drink sunflower oil? Then don’t eat a cheap cake. Eat my cake instead made from almond flour, blueberries, egg and stevia sugar! All ingredients you’d eat on their own.

I know I said the Resonation Realm diet wasn’t about rules, it was about your own sense, but if I’m going to make a real diet that works for everyone because of my understanding and knowledge, then there must be some rules.

There has to be some form of a new routine and system for our minds, to get with the “programme”. If I’m making these changes, I will only see myself as “suffering” in the evenings… until I get used to being proud of myself each evening, for rounding off my day with a stomach that’s going into the fat-burning mode as I go to sleep each night.

Paul McKenna and the 5.2 diets both say you can eat what you want and lose weight, but still have rules, so you can allow yourself leeway, and not be so strict about the foods you eat in-between the 8-10 hour window, but just know it will work better the more of my list you stick to, so you’d only be slowing down your results.  

The rules I will not allow myself to break, and therefore are now an integral part of the Resonation Diet are…

1. Don’t eat at night

2. Drink water in-between meals and herbal teas

3. Exercise more this week than last week (or keep to the same if it’s enough)

4. Increase your protein and lower your carbs

The rules you can be flexible about, but only when you didn’t really have much of a choice, but are still part of the plan are…

5. Your last meal cannot include carbs

6. Must eat one ingredient, healthy and organic foods 

7. No processed foods, packaged foods, saturated fats, palm oil, aspartame, refined sugar and foods we know are “crap”.

Resonating foods I’ve had this week…


Vegetable soup

Plant based protien

Pea protein powder with almond milk and wheat grass

Free range eggs

Lemon water


End of week result…

Green, of course!

It actually feels good to have a regime. I’m already feeling this will get me the results on the scales. I hope I can report this for you next week.

Until then, keep resonating. 

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