Resonation Diet: Week 31

Hello, fellow resonators, hope you are all well…

So, what have I been doing and contemplating in Week 31?

The question this week is “Did I stick to my new rules?’ and… the answer is no.

Did I do better than other weeks? Yes, but I didn’t stick to all my rules. Why? Because we have my fellas kids this week, and we’ve been going out for meals and watching late-night TV, and they’ve been eating crisps and sweets in front of me. I’ve not eaten at night and kept to my 8 hours and upped my exercise but I’ve had crisps and crap and drank Diet Cokes!

I’m really feeling disappointed with myself that I can’t stick to my own rules, so much so that I’ve been looking at lots of other drastic diets that will help me shift a significant amount to boost me up, and so I feel like I’m cheating when I go back on my diet. 

So, what have I been looking at?

The Keto diet. It’s a high fat, moderate protein, low carb diet.


It’s interesting to me because of the science that goes into it regarding the body and the states it can go into when we eat certain foods and eliminate others, but also because, even though when you first look at it, it seems to be similar to the Atkins and the Dukan diets, all meat and fat, you can do a vegetarian plant-based version too.

I usually don’t like diets that say fruit is bad for you, as I once did a diet called FX4 where they said the same, but what I have to realise is that these people are not saying fruit is bad for healthy-sized people who are at their optimum weight, there saying to get your body into burning fats instead of carbs it must be in a state of ketosis.

You can always do it for a few weeks and go back to other diets, for a break.

Now I’m not a scientist or nutritionist, but the lady at my local health food shop when I went in for tablets that suppress your appetite told me, not only are tablets crap, lots of overweight people have found this diet super helpful.

I think if I’m totally strict and “suffer” in this way but get results and start to see the body that I’ve been affirming I can achieve for the past 6 months, then I will believe more that diets (including my own) do work, and not give up and give in to temptation as much when I go back to it.

I think the reason I give up and can’t stick to my plan is that even though I’m eating healthy, I always stay the same weight.

I now realise that it may be because my body is only ever burning the carbs I’ve eaten, not fat! That’s why even if I eat all healthy one-ingredient foods, it stays the same weight, even when I’m fasting for 16 hours!

This week I only ate between a 3-hour window on one night, so it’s starting to feel so desperate in my vibration that I need something I know will work. I need one that everyone says works because of the mad state you’re putting your body in to do something new, one that may mean sticking to a weird plan that puts my body in a fat-burning state, and one, for the moment, that goes against everything I usually do, therefore it’s bound to work. One because doing the same thing and expecting a different result is the definition of madness but also because I don’t want it to be that way because I’m lazy and want just to be able to eat what I want without counting measuring and suffering, but until I’m at my ideal weight, where my body is in a position to eat what I do now and stay the same, I can’t.

Six months have proven this to me.

The sulky version of myself is kicking off inside my brain as I write this, screaming, “Are you really going to take starchy foods, potatoes, sweet potatoes, fruit, cereals, corn, oats, wheat, lentils and beans and sugar away from me, basically all the things I eat, how will I cope?” Not to mention the thought of adding butter and ghee to a coffee is repulsing me; I’ve gotten so used to not eating fat that I may heave when I consume as much as they say. 

The measuring isn’t that bad, though. It’s not like counting calories, but making sure your proportions are right.

The basic rules of the diet are that you need to consume a diet that consists of

70% fat (from grass-fed butter, olive oil MCT oil, coconut milk, almond milk, cheese, nuts etc.) 

25% protein (from plant-based protein, tofu, tempeh, eggs and fish if you’re pescatarian) 

5% carbs (from mostly green veggies, best is cabbage, and a couple of berries if need be) 

When the grams are worked out though it seems to be protein and fat ends up similar so I need to look into a bit more.

They suggest putting pink salt in your water as a rule too (something about losing electrolytes due to losing a lot of water weight on the diet)

So, I’m going to give it a go! Or at least give up carbs and hope for the best between getting the protein and fat ratios right. Of course, I will still be eating in an 8-hour window as they recommend this too.

Some say have four meals, but I will try to stick to 3 meals per day and no snacks.

11 am – I will have an almond milk and coconut milk 70% pea protein 25% shake with wheatgrass 5%, or an omelette, or an almond flour pancake.

3 pm – I will have my 25% protein with 70% fat and 5% carbs, i.e. salad.

7 pm – I will have the same with vegetables.

The only warnings I have found is by Dr. Nick, who says to ask yourself “Are you cleansing or clogging your body?”

Live foods have energy; dead foods don’t so get good gut and brain health from healthful foods. 

That’s why greens are good.

Asparagus, cabbage, kale, pak choi are all cleansing. Wild-caught salmon, olive oil, coconut oil, avocado, grass-fed butter and ghee will make you feel good and energised, and cheese, bacon, rubbish kinds of butter and vegetable oils aren’t. You don’t feel good after them, you crash, and will feel weighed down. The rule is not to have Omega 6, it’s highly inflammatory (as in vegetable oil), but do have Omega 3.

All diets say don’t have sugar, some are just more extreme, but this diet is supposed to reduce inflammation in the body and disease and, unlike Atkins, the Keto diet is supposed to make you feel energised not lethargic.

It’s also recommended to eat a bit more fat in the first week, and you don’t have to eat that much protein like on Atkins, and you can have vegetables and stevia sugar (some sweeteners will still spike insulin just like sugar, so be careful with them) and you can have Diet Coke without ruining the diet but it’s not recommended, as it’s basically pure poison. 

Another warning is that people try to do it with less fat. The reason they say eat high fat is for the body to get into ketosis. Too much protein will be converted to sugar, and kicks you out of it. Without this warning, I would have tried to limit the fat and up the protein, just because of old conditioning! 

Also, don’t have too much dairy.

And, of course, no carbs, stick to greens.

And, if you are willing to give it a go, make sure you have plenty of water!

Resonating foods I’ve had this week…

Pea protein powder with almond milk and wheat grass

I’ve had lots of fruit and vegetables this week as well as my other not so good foods, but obviously, they’re keeping me at the same weight so I will have to change this to what is still one ingredient and is suited to the Keto for next week. 


End of week result…

Yellow because I’ve done better than other weeks, but didn’t stick to my new rules.

Hopefully, sticking to someone else’s rules will be better. I’m going to try and give this a go as I’m sick of not seeing results. I’ll report back next week!

Until next time, keep resonating. 

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