Resonation Diet: Week 32

Hello, fellow resonators, hope you are all well…

So, what have I been doing and contemplating in Week 32?

Well, I’m so happy to report that I’ve lost the most weight I have ever lost on any diet in my life! I’ve told you before, that if I ever really put my mind to it and restrict my calories I only ever lose around 1lb per month – tops – but this week I lost that 1lb in the first 24 hours. It has been so weird to watch the scales each day shift a little, and I’ve now lost 4lb this week!

I can’t believe it, is my natural word response, yet it doesn’t match the feeling inside, my actual thoughtling is more like “I knew it.” 

I just knew the Keto diet would have to work, because it’s the only thing I’ve ever not tried, and also because I was resistant to the fact that the diet says potatoes, pasta, rice, grains, peas, carrots and fruit isn’t allowed. That’s something I didn’t want to believe, but had heard so many times that the science and logic behind the argument for low carb was stronger than my subconscious rebellion against the idea due to the “suffering” this would cause me if it was true. 

The old part of me, the petulant child, had been telling me to keep hold of fruit for so long, screaming, “any diet that says fruit is off-limits is insane!” and “any diet that’s so restrictive is bonkers!” but I now realise they were right, and the strict discipline also helps. I know if I cheat on this diet that my carb door will open, and instead of the fat I’ve been eating in my system to make me burn fat, it will all rush through this open door and be stored, all my efforts wasted.

Did I suffer?


Not even during the 16-hour fasts each day (one day also reaching 20 hours and two days only having two meals). I did the 20 hour fast because a guy on YouTube who talks a lot about the Keto diet says women over 40 will benefit from a 20 hour fast and it helps collagen and stuff so, because of my slight fear of my skin going baggy if I lose 3 stone quickly, I made sure I did at least one day.

I felt a little headachy for the first few days, but overall, I feel good. The fact is you’re not restricted by carbs anyway so you don’t feel lethargic, and the protein and fat do help to keep you full and satiated.

I haven’t properly worked out my macros yet, so I’m only guessing what the right balance of protein and fat is, and because I’m vegetarian I’ve realised my plant-based protein kebab imitation meat was quite generous in carbs, so I’ve cut down.

The website that works out your macros says a 45-year-old woman with a BMI of 30 should have 1550 calories per day to lose weight made from 10g of fat 20g carbs and 119g of protein which threw me a little because everyone says that the diet is 70% fat 25% protein and 5% carbs.

It was only until I found another woman on YouTube who says that a gram of fat is 9 calories, and a gram of protein is 4 calories – but still this was confusing because 106g of fat is 954 calories and 119g of protein is 496cals, and I’m sure that’s not 70% and 25% nor is this for my weight now, I will have to keep going back to the calculator until it was at the right ratio? The proper ratio is 1117 of my calories coming from fat and 310 of my calories from protein, leaving 120 of my calories in carbs!

I know, it’s too much for me to work out also, that’s why I just guessed.

All the foods you choose on Keto have a balance of fat and protein anyway so if you listen to your body (as well as watching the carbs), you should be okay to choose from the list without worrying.

For example, an egg is 70-80 calories, 5g fat = 45cals and 6g protein = 24 calories, which is a pretty good balance. If you cook them in oil, it will up the fat, and you’re good to go.

The guessing has worked for now. Even if I get it wrong, if I’m only eating three times per day and each meal is an average of 500 calories I can’t go wrong, even if my body was knocked out of ketosis, I’m still on a calorie deficit. My body won’t know what’s happened to it. Everything I usually eat has gone. The high carb diet I was on, the one keeping me the same weight because my body only ever burnt what I put in there and never went further into my fat stores, has now got no other choice but to use some of those fat stores for the energy it was used to. Here are some of the favourite meals I had this week:

cabbage and kale soup with plant protein and quiche
homemade quiche
homemade coleslaw
lettuce, spinach and avocado salad with MCT oil and quoin chicken sprinkled with nutritional yeast

I secretly hate knowing this is true and what is right for me to lose weight, but I’m also relieved to see the universe has led me to find what will work. It has been trying to show me this over and over again for years, and I’ve pushed it away because it frightened me to think I would have to restrict and count, all the things I oppose but, as Tony Robbins says when he talks about the alkaline diet, he used to recommend fruit to be the best thing to eat for breakfast, but only to those who aren’t overweight. So, the alkaline plant-based diet still resonates with me, and I would recommend it for people who want to be healthy, but for those of us who want to lose weight, we must do something different before we get there.

The Resonation Diet blog started with me thinking I would find the way to eat what I want if I knew it was good and that would work, but the reality is I may only be able to do this once I’m at the ideal weight. My goal is nine stone four pounds. When I get there, I will slowly introduce more carbs, but not go mad. By this point, an apple or banana will be like candy to me. 

For now, the science behind the Keto diet, and the evidence on the scales resonates with me. Saying that, I still want the Keto diet “food list” to resonate with the philosophy of mine that asks, if you wouldn’t eat it on its own then don’t eat it together, and after I had a Keto coffee with butter I still believe this is true so, even though I bought the butter, I won’t be using it as part of the fats in my diet, as I wouldn’t eat it on its own. I would eat olive oil and MCT oil on their own, as well as avocados, so that’s where my good fats will come from (and a bit of cheese).


I’ve spent £240 this week. £100 at Holland and Barrett getting MCT and coconut oils, almond flour, pea protein, and supplements, and general shopping for coconut cream, good proteins, things I didn’t have like tabasco sauce and such, all bits that add up. This kind of spending isn’t something I can sustain, unless I get lots of royalties or patrons of course, but I wanted to do it properly to test it. Some things I will be able to spread out and use for a while but still, it should maybe be retitled The Rich Diet. Perhaps, now I’ve got most of the bulk, and I know how to budget and batch cook with it, I will do better so I’ll keep you up to date with that, but for now this has been my most successful dieting achievement in my whole life I think, so I’m going to see it up. I’ve also taken a before picture in my underwear, which I will only be showing to patrons! 

Hmm, maybe this would actually put a few of you off becoming one, but you don’t have to look if you don’t want, lol. Patrons will get recipes and a group chat so we can all help and support each other resonate with foods to lose weight.

If you’d like to support me you can find me at

All patrons get a “money” affirmation worth $77

Resonating foods I’ve had this week…

Pea protein powder with almond milk, wheat grass and chia seeds as one of my three meals a day.

The rest has been healthy green salads and vegetables with protein and fat.


End of week result…

super green

I’m top of the class this week.

The only thing I’ve done wrong (what didn’t resonate with what I know is good) is having Diet Cokes, but I’m letting myself off considering this is about weight loss and it helped keep me sane (even though I know aspartame ultimately kills brain cells) so, that won’t be the case for long if I don’t stop it. But hey, on this diet it’s the only way I can cheat so I’ve got to give myself something. I’ve also been drinking water, too and lots of green teas at night, so it’s not too bad. the fizz helps you feel full. I think stevia make soda, so I may try and find this to replace the fizz I need. Something else I will research for next week.

Until then, keep resonating. 

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