Resonation Diet: Week 33

Hello, fellow resonators, hope you are all well…

So, what have I been doing and contemplating in Week 33?

Well, it’s been a weird week for me in the sense that I’ve stuck to this diet, and had no issues with cravings, I’ve even done another 20 hours fast and eat in a 4-hour window, and a 21 hour fast and eat in just a 3-hour window… but I’ve stayed the same weight! 

Usually, this would have me sulking, and my brain would typically shout, “Well, what was the point in all that effort and money and calorie counting if I stay the same, I may as well eat chips and chocolate all week and be happy and stay the same.” but it didn’t. It tried to, but I instantly was able to correct it with the fact that I’m still at a 4lb weight loss, even if it is now over two weeks instead of the brilliant achievement I thought I’d made last week, of 4lb in one week.

This is still a fabulous result for me, like I’ve told you before I only ever lose 1lb per month, if I really struggle, suffer and calorie count, or do any famous traditional diets, but it did get me running back to YouTube to see why I had “stopped” losing weight so fast, and so early on.

There were a few answers. A lot of the more famous Keto advocates on the platform were saying you still need to count calories, in the beginning, to get you on the right track, and you need to know if your body is really in a state of ketosis.

After the amount I’ve already spent, like another £140 this week, I’m not about to buy urine strips to test. My theory is, if I cut down on carbs as much as I have, and I’m only eating in an 8-hour window each day, with 3 small Keto meals that I “guess” are around 400-500 calories each meal, then it shouldn’t matter if I was in the “state” or not. But am I kidding myself because I probably wasn’t in the state on a few days, due to having blueberry muffins and more cheese than last week?

Have I let my body soak up more carbs and live off those blueberry muffins, and not burnt into my fat because of it, and did I eat more calories than I “guessed” because I was stuffing my face in my eating windows?

Some people said it doesn’t matter about counting the fat at first as long as you’re eating all Keto foods, they even said to eat as much fat as possible because that’s what gets your body into it, but when I visited YouTube this week, a lot of people were saying not to add too much “extra” fat to your food and instead to get it naturally from the foods you’re already choosing, otherwise you’ll stall and gain weight, some also say don’t get all your fat from dairy, try to avoid it, which is hard for a vegetarian as my “bacon” is Halloumi.

Eating a pile of cheese and olives didn’t resonate with me anyway, and now I know it doesn’t with the Keto gurus either it makes a bit more sense, but there’s so much conflicting information, even from the same people, that this is usually enough to have me running for the hills with a chocolate bar in my hand. The only thing stopping me is that I love the before and after stories. I want the “after” body so badly that I’m willing to persevere.

It makes sense only to add a little oil to a salad if that’s all you’re having. For example, if I add avocado or cheese to my salad, I don’t need the MCT oil or avocado oil, which I also bought this week. 

What is controversial, are the diet sodas. Some say that the likes of aspartame and such poisons are okay and won’t kick you out of ketosis, but others say to avoid them all anyway as the sweet taste can spike your insulin and leptin response even though it’s not real, so it can slow down and stop the ketosis state, even just thinking about it can do the same.

I talk about the placebo effect in my Resonation Realm books, so I’m quite aware that this may happen, and it’s probably happening to my body too, so it resonates that I do need to stop the sweet stuff!

Also, it’s the only thing I’ve been doing that doesn’t “resonate” with me anyway, as I know aspartame is terrible for me, yet I still have it. Why do I do this when I want to be healthy, and I know that’s not healthy?

So that it makes me feel full and gives me the sweet taste? I really shouldn’t be having it, and my mind has to feel like I’m doing everything possible to get my body to lose weight and be healthy. 

I’ve looked for the soda called Zevia, which is made from stevia, but I didn’t think they do it in this country. I thought about asking my local health shop to get it, but I’d pay well over the odds. I can chase this desperate thought of, “I must find something healthy to replace my addiction to the sweet sodas,” or I could suck it up and get over it! 

My mind then fights and suggests me getting a soda maker, so I can make my own, but I’ve ordered some flavoured tablets to put in water that has electrolytes in them, and I’m hoping this will help the transition. They’ve not arrived yet, so I’ll let you know if they were a suitable replacement next week.

Other people on YouTube are saying not to have any carbs at all to super-speed yourself into ketosis because otherwise, you’re not really in ketosis, and to only eat two meals per day. I have tried this in my 8-hour window on some days, consuming foods between 12 pm and 1 pm, and 7 pm and 8 pm only, but I tended to stuff myself from 6 pm until 8 pm because I was so hungry and probably had more extra calories there than if I’d had another meal in-between at 3 pm.

1 of my meals per day is my pea protein shake with chia seeds and spinach and wheatgrass coming to approximately 250 calories, so it’s not too bad, just a snack to keep me going and a lot more of a drastic change than my body is already used to. So, to me, it should be working. I should be a fat-burning machine.

1 x shake and a coconut cream coffee and a spoon of almond butter at 12 pm and  1 x meal with protein and vegetables at 7 pm would be more comfortable and cheaper for me, but could I keep that up without feeling deprived?

I’m going to try just cutting out the extra carbs this week.

Some people are also saying eat 7 cups of vegetables or salad, and when you add up that there’s 3g of carbs in 3 cups of spinach, then that would probably be your carb intake for the day without adding blueberries and raspberries, which I was having after my 7 pm meal most nights this week. 

I’ve eaten quite a few nuts. They have lots of carbs too, so I probably have gone over the recommended macros this week. My body has obviously used those again to survive, instead of burning into my fat.

The rest of the YouTubers say I need to calculate macros to do the diet properly! This is something I haven’t done and don’t wish to do. I really rebel at this part as I don’t want to have to live with counting calories, and not eating for 16 hours, let alone having to “count” and “work out” macros! It would be good if I could find out a perfect day’s macros and eat that all week, but it doesn’t work like that. 

My mind rebels: “Surely if I only eat 1500 calories in 2 meals or 3 it won’t matter if it was all carbs, like three chocolate bars per day would make your body have a calorie deficit so you can lose weight like that. If I could count calories and “try” to do Keto to a certain degree, then surely it should work!” 

I’m also not bothered about staying in a “ketosis state” as long as I’m not overeating, and choosing all healthy proteins, veggies and fats then it’s like I’m doing slimming world yet having all my A, B and syns in healthy fats, nuts and milk. Although, I probably went over in the dairy part, yet this would have been okay because of the syns unless the almond cake took me over. I know nuts, and oils on Slimming World is syns, and lots of fruit and veg is good, so I know you can lose weight eating carbs (or other people did).

The whole working out and thinking and worrying about what I’m eating thing makes me crazy. This is not what I wanted for the Resonation Diet. If I’m not eating processed, refined, packaged, convince foods, and keeping to 1500, I should be losing weight!

This now seems like the extreme diet I didn’t want to do, but it’s still making sense so I will experiment and go military-style on this to check it out properly. I know if I was one of the people on YouTube showing the before and after it would make me feel good. 

I know, if I want to have that “after’ body, and test the diet correctly, I will have to work out some macros. Then, if I get the macros of my favourite meals, I can, and then I can combine and plan properly, this will be better than going the extreme root of 2 meals per day, I think.

KenDBerryMD says the Keto diet (or maybe any diet) is harder for women, especially over 40, so don’t worry about a stall until it’s been a month. He says it’s natural for our weight to go up and down because of hormones. He says our bodies will put on the breaks in case you can’t reproduce, because it doesn’t care how old you are, and we are going to lose it in spurts, stops and starts, maybe put some on one week and then lose some the next, so we have to judge it over a month. This helped my mentality and closed the “I may as well give up” door immediately.  It makes sense to measure over a month; if I’ve still lost over a month, then that’s fine.

I’ve lost 4lb in 2 weeks and haven’t even measured my macros, so I’m doing okay!

He also says to measure yourself in inches too, so you know you’re getting smaller that way, even if it’s not on the scales, you’ll feel good. 

I’m willing to buy a tape measure!

Resonating foods I’ve had this week…

Lots of Keto meals without using butter.

Green vegetables and spices.

I also bought slim noodles and had them one day with vegetables, they were a bizarre texture, but I was at least able to fool myself that I’d had noodles!


End of week result…

So far so good, I feel a little light-headed sometimes, but I’m handling the diet which is something I didn’t think I’d be able to do. Let’s see if I can keep it up!

Until next time, keep resonating. 

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