Resonation Diet: Week 34

Hello, fellow resonators, hope you are all well…

So, what have I been doing and contemplating in Week 34?

Well, I’ve kept up the Keto diet for the third week running, but I got on the scales this morning and was a little disappointed. At first glance, it looks to have stayed the same, but when I stared at it for a while, willing myself to wonder if the dial had move at all, I thought it may have moved a little – say maybe 1/4 lb – but without digital scales, I can’t tell.

The good thing was that my mind didn’t scream, “You may as well just give up!” at the same time like it’s automatic response would have done in the past, so at least that side of me is changing. I am determined to get to grips with this diet because I believe in it and have seen results on others and want the same. And also, I thought about what I explained in last weeks’ blog, about what KenDBerryMD told about it being harder for women primarily over 40, so don’t worry about a stall until it’s been a month. He says it’s natural for our weight to go up and down because of hormones.

He also says to measure yourself in inches, too, so you know you’re getting smaller that way, even if it’s not on the scales, so you’ll feel good.

And yes, I did purchase a tape measure, in case this happened again!

To my delight, I’ve lost 1/2 inch from my waist, 1/2 inch from the top of my legs, and 1 inch from the top of my arms!

This is so strange, how can it show on my body and not on the scales. Have I lost water the first week and then put the water back on and lost fat the second week, and this week turned it into muscle, which weighs heavier than fat? Who knows how it works, but at least there’s been some evidence of change, a result for my efforts, which is excellent but I would like to see it on the scales, so I’ve been wondering if I have gone wrong anywhere as everyone else on the diet seems to lose lots in the first few weeks .

I’ve guessed that I was eating 1500 calories, but am I an expert at guessing, or really just an expert at going for foods that are carby no matter what choices I have, like chia seeds added to my almond milk protein shakes, which I’ve only just discovered have lots more carbs than I’d like?

Or am I still overeating fat because of cheese, even though I’ve taken away the fact that I added the oil?

I’ve had raspberries and greek yoghurt and blueberry muffins once, but I was sure I wasn’t over my carbs.

This was wrong of me as, after counting carbs in the vegetables you’re allowed, there’s none left for the berries!

I don’t know how people can say they can have them unless they eat just protein and fat and save the carb intake on that one that for the day.

Thomas DeLauer says people lost more weight when alternated their fasting times, so I’ve been trying the 12:12 this week. I took a few days to get back down, starting at 15:9 then 14:10 then 13:11 as I didn’t want to eat and break the routine I’d trained myself into. So, what I’ve been doing is just adding a 10am coffee with coconut milk and a 9.30pm coffee with coconut milk, so my body is getting calories, but I’m still not used to eating at these times, and therefore my first food intake will always be 12 pm as usual as well as the 3 pm and 7 pm meals so I can finish eating foods at 8 pm as usual… exhausting!

I’ve counted a few of my calories but got confused, so I left the task alone as it shouldn’t matter if you’re concentrating on ketogenic foods.  I was definitely eating a deficit from my norm, even if I wasn’t sticking to 1550 as the calculator said.

After getting on the scales this morning, I went back to the calculator, and it said 1250 calories for me to lose weight which means I’m going to be starving (a thought that usually has me running for the hills) but this now also makes sense.  My body will have to feel like it’s starving, to eat its reserves. I don’t like it, but it all makes sense, and that’s what the Resonation Diet is all about, finding a way to lose weight and be healthy that makes sense.

All these diets that let you cheat and still eat your favourite foods are tricking us into believing we can do it this way, but I think I’m an all or nothing kind of gal. I remember when I gave up smoking (over 20 years ago now in what seems a different life form), and my friend was having just one or two at weekends when she had a drink. I fooled myself into believing that I could have that much control too, but I couldn’t.

Twenty years later, after smoking other peoples’ cigarettes – because she didn’t really smoke and therefore never bought her own – she now has to buy her own and the, “cigarettes with a drink at the weekend” have snuck into her week too.

Basically, with this half-arsed attempt, we are keeping ourselves addicted to the sugar and chemicals and processed, harmful fats that the government allows to be on the shelves of our supermarkets, thinking we can be slim like others we see eating these crap foods. But most of them don’t do it to excess or are unhealthy even though they’re slim. 

The other thing I’ve decided to take note of properly before I have to really work out macros and be one of the freaks who count 5 almonds, one tomato and 3 slices of cucumber on their plate for lunch, is the fact that all experts say: when you eat a calorie deficit you will lose weight, and if you eat a calorie surplus you will gain weight. This fact remains, no matter what we eat, so I will concentrate on getting that right first.

On the 12;12 weeks I will have 1300 calories and on the 16;8 weeks I will have 1200

So my plan for this week is 12;12 again, and to eat pretty much the same Keto foods that I’ve worked the calories and macros out for (as well as cutting out chia seeds and macadamia nuts as these have too many carbs too, I’ve discovered).

10am – I’ll have 75 calories in coconut milk with my coffee

12pm – I’ll have 300 calories in protein and almond milk and spinach smoothie and one spoon of almond butter

3pm – I’ll have 250 calories, if hungry, in salad and oils, …or save them if not for a more substantial tea, so fasting longer during the day also

7pm – I’ll have 600 calories… or 900 if skipped dinner with Quorn and green vegetables, (cheese olives, and walnuts)

9.30pm – I’ll have 75 calories in coconut milk with my coffee 

Resonating foods I’ve had this week…

I’ve had celeriac mash this week, something I’ve never tried before in my life, and it was a great substitute.


End of week result…

I’m green because I’m still okay with the diet and have stuck to it properly (well, by my guessing of it but you know what I mean) and I’m willing to wait till the monthly result comes in at the end of this week. Even if it is still around the 4lb mark, I will be happy to keep going as this is great for me. Obviously, if I stay the same month after month when I’ve done every single thing I’m told, as well as fasting and calorie counting, then I will throw in the towel, head for the doctors again, and demand another thyroid test. 

The tablets to get my electrolytes are great and will be an excellent replacement for Diet Coke. They’re called HIGH 5 ZERO since they have 0 calories and no carbs, but it has Sucralose in them as their form of sweetener, and this is controversial. Some Keto gurus say it does affect the Keto diet and others say it doesn’t, so I will still limit these until I find out with more research. 

Until next time, keep resonating. 

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