Resonation Diet: Week 35

Hello, fellow resonators, hope you are all well…

So, what have I been doing and contemplating in Week 35?

Well, I’m ecstatic to report that this week that I’ve mostly been losing weight!!!!

I have lost another 4 lb, and I honestly can’t (yet can) believe it!

I think I automatically say, “I can’t believe it!” when I can because it’s just a replacement phrase for, “I’m so chuffed.” The fact is, after all my effort, I really can believe it. It’s definitely what I expected, especially after buying urine strips this week and finding my body is in a state of ketosis!

How exciting.

I’m so glad I persevered with this strict diet. I think I did so after the last two weeks of not losing weight, yet losing it in inches was because I’ve never believed in any diet as much as this. 

So why does the Keto diet resonate more than any other? 

  1. The science behind it going into why your body does what it does when you put different foods into it makes sense.
  1. I knew it was the only diet I haven’t yet tried and because I didn’t want it to be true (the fasting and the fact that I can’t have fruit and vegetables I like) so, therefore, I knew what I resisted would persist.
  2. Because so many ordinary people who have tried every other diet like me are showing their before and after Keto pictures online, it made me feel I could do it too.
Future me!

The fact is, something has undoubtedly shifted in my mindset. Whether it’s due to the fact that I was doing Resonating Affirmations, Meditations and Mantras leading up to finding this diet that put me in such perfect alignment with the Resonation Realm to bring me exactly what I needed, or whether they put me in a calm enough state to hear the facts differently and therefore accept them, (or a combination of the two), I’m not sure, but I’ve stuck to it because I believed in it. I also feel like I can handle it until all my weight is off. 

My goal now, once I’m nearing my ideal weight, is to slowly introduce the healthy carbs I used to eat and be set for life.  

I’ve bought so many “incentive” clothes over the years, that most have gone out of fashion waiting for something that works. I now feel like I will be able to get into these clothes and I can’t wait. When I visited family yesterday, they all said it looks like I’ve lost weight and I haven’t heard that in a very long time. 

As it stands in 4 weeks, I have lost 8lb. I have never lost that much weight on a diet in my life. I’ve told you before, I once went to Slimming World for two years and lost 1lb! Same thing at Weight Watchers – each week I was getting on the scales, with no significant change to report – having them tell me I’d have to eat a lot less than everybody else. So, this result is like a miracle. 

I also think this blog has helped as, once I got to the 6 month mark on here, and realised I’d been reporting to people each week, what I’ve been doing and noticing, yet not having results, I was more determined to prove to the nation that I could do it. I was more determined that this wouldn’t be a year of me trying to lose weight and failing in front of all the people reading the blog, who are hoping I do find a way, like I said I would. More so, I was, and still am, determined to show that the Resonation Realm, and an aligned mind can work to bring me what I needed, no matter how many years I’ve tried before. I will get this one last thing of mine that I need to beat, beaten!

Hopefully, now I can make this a blog one that shows people my progress and brings people recipes to help if they wish to follow the same diet.

One thing that has helped me this week, due to my aversion to counting calories and working out macros is that I don’t have to work out the macros of protein and fat as long as I keep count of the total grams of carbs I eat in a day in my 1200 calorie allowance. Also, if I eat fibre, it cancels out the carbs. 

Put simply, if a particular food has 3g of carbs and 1g of fibre, then you only count 2g of carbs! 

This has made it easy for me as chia seeds, and macadamia nuts have quite a few carbs so now, if I choose to have these in a day, I can eat more fibre, and I also won’t have my raspberries and blueberries on this day either. 


I’ve also cut way back on Diet Coke, only having them when my energy is feeling a bit low. It’s a psychological thing, and it’s obviously not spiking my insulin as I’m still in ketosis, it’s just that I know it’s not healthy, which is not my “Resonation Diet”. 

One thing at a time, I say.

My ultimate goal is to have a “diet” that’s not a diet; it’s just a logical and intelligent way of eating.

I have some rules in mind for the end result already, things that will be written in stone for the “Resonation Diet” which people who wish to lose weight can use as well as people who want to be healthy and mindful. 

  1. If you are overweight, you need to put your body in fat-burning mode to use up stored fat, and if you are the ideal weight, you need only to clean your system with optimum choices.
  1. You must drink more water and healthy beverages and fewer diet drinks
  1. You must not eat at night if you’re a healthy weight, and you must fast 12 to 16 hours per day if you are overweight
  2. You must not eat crap! Crap comes in many forms: processed foods: harmful sweeteners: bad fats: and sugar. There will be a checklist of things not to eat. 

There may be more once I’ve finished, but I feel like I’m getting somewhere and that I can do this now. I love looking at my body and noting the change I see each day. I can see my hips and belly shrinking and feel the difference in my clothes. The ones that used to be tight are now feeling comfortable.

I also tried on a pair of “incentive clothes”, and my fat bulged over the top and my legs nearly burst out of the seams. It will be an exciting day when my old clothes are too baggy to wear, and I have to give them to my sister, and I get in these slimmer sized pants with ease (especially if I can walk in them without busting them open). 

I feel in such a positive, satisfied mood. Just knowing I’m heading in the right direction to my ultimate goal, feels great. I’ve also now lost 8 lb in 8 months, which is still good for me. I even happily refused cake this week, with no will power. It was a definite there’s-no-way-you-can-persuade-me-otherwise no.

I’m thrilled with this result, and if it carries on, then I may get near target before the year is out. 

I’ve made a little list of half stone targets and a 3 lb starter target, too, because I had three stone 3lb to lose. I’ve been able to tick the first 3lb in the first week. If I lose another 2lb this week, I will be able to tick my first 1/2 stone off and be 1/6 of the way there!

Then there will be five half stones left to tick off until my target. I feel that giving yourself smaller goals is helpful.

Resonating foods I’ve had this week…

I made a pancake fried in ghee this week using two eggs, almond flour and salt and pepper and once cooked I spread a ripened avocado onto and fried an egg. Beautiful.

I also used the other half of the pancake the day after to make a cheese and onion sandwich. 

I’ve mainly been having my pea protein shake with almond milk and stevia in the day with Quorn and vegetables at night, with cheese and olives and coconut coffees in-between. 


End of week result…

I’m a definite green face this week. Never in my life have I stuck to something so well. I feel confident I can keep it up too. I just need that last bit of sneaky Coke to go and I’m all set. 

Until next time, keep resonating. 

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