Resonation Diet: Week 36

Hello, fellow resonators, hope you are all well…

So, what have I been doing and contemplating in Week 36?

Well, it’s been a hard week this week. Not because of the diet, but because of a bereavement in the family. Needless to say, while spending time with family, and having neighbours rallying around to cook for us at this time, I had one day off the diet. It wasn’t a full-blown off the waggon food-lunatic day, but I did have sandwiches and chocolate.

So what?

I did not eat the cakes or pastries and didn’t stuff myself either which I was proud of. Whether this was due to the sadness taking over the natural tendency to go mad once it knew I was blowing the diet for one day, or whether the Keto diet really has trained me to be scared of opening my carb door, I’m not sure.

Still, I didn’t go too mad.

The next day I weighed myself and had put on 1lb overnight, though! This is so stupid as I’m sure I still didn’t eat over 2000 calories. Anyway, this put me right back on the waggon the next day, despite the bereavement, and thankfully it came back off again, but I’m the same weight as I was last week. So I’ve now lost 8lb in 5 weeks instead of 8lb in 4 weeks, but I could lose 4lb next week to make up for it, who knows.

I’m still proud of myself for sticking to it.

Usually, in situations like what I’ve been going through this week, people can cave in on all sorts of resolutions. I’ve known people who have given up smoking to reach for cigarettes or go back to anything that comforts them, so I’m happy I haven’t. I also think that it’s because I’m determined not to get cancer myself and die in the horrendous pain I just witnessed a member of my family go through. My mum also had her breast off this week so it was touch and go whether I’d lose her too, as she has so many other ailments that may have caused her trouble while under the knife so I’m quite bemused and thankful the comfort eating didn’t ensue.

The new neurological wire I planted in my brain at the beginning of this year to be healthy, and that life is too short, came from the fact that these two family members had cancer.

They are both 70 years of age and could well have been fit and cancer-free if they had chosen a different lifestyle. They drank alcohol, ate sugar, and meat for 50 years. Now, I know I’m no cancer research expert, or have a nutrition or science degree, but I’ve read so much evidence supporting the fact that sugar and meat causes so many illnesses, and that it makes the body such a great environment for cancer and heart disease and all sorts of other nasty stuff inside us, that it resonates with me that it’s true.

Sugar is more addictive to some people than heroin. 

This blog isn’t about preaching to people to become a vegetarian (even though I believe it’s ethical), but you do need to be wise about what you put in your body, your avatar, your meat suit, your engine. However, you wish to look at it, you need to separate your true self, your being, from your body for a moment and view like a mindful spectator what sort of things are going into this life form you have been given which is subject to disease and decay.

Our human bodies don’t last us forever, so if we want to stick around and live as long as we can, and if we wish to get as much use out of these bodies as we can, then we need to take care of them. 

Anyway, due to family issues and commitments, I’ve decided to take my Patreon page down, as it was too much to handle. I still want to give people recipes on here, and do Resonating Mantras and Resonating Meditations online for free. I also still intend to remain being an “Alignment Aunt”, so I am in the process of making the Q and A’s cheaper than my 1-1 services, and put rewarding and helpful packages together that people can afford outright, instead of a subscription to help aid their alignment issues. Sorry to those of you who wanted to support the blog and my vlogs via Patreon and get the special rewards I had on there, but if you will still like to support me (and get a mention) you can simply make a donation to the retreat centre I wish to build, where you will have your name written on the Reiki imbued art wall once the centre is built.

You can find the page at

If you would like a more in-depth services, or 1-1 or guidance you can find them all on my website at

Thank you for understanding.

Of course, if you would like to ask me simple questions, I will always try to answer you here on the blog or via email if you join my email list. At the moment, you get a free Resonating Affirmations Mp3 and will be entered into the comp.

I’ll leave it there for this week as I’m meditating on the acceptance of death, pain and suffering, and sending Reiki to my family.    

Resonating foods I’ve had this week…

I’ve had 100% dark chocolate this week, and I’m actually getting used to it and feeling satisfied without grimacing. 

I used the bread I made last week (almond flour and eggs fried) in Greek yoghurt with stevia and raspberries this week, and it was like a sponge cake. 


End of week result…

Considering what I’m going through this week, I will forgive my one day off. Therefore, it’s still free. Hopefully, I can put more effort this week.

Until next time, keep resonating. 

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