Resonation Diet: Week 37

Hello, fellow resonators, hope you are all well…

So, what have I been doing and contemplating in Week 37?

Although I’ve had a death in the family, and my mind has been everywhere, I’ve still not used it as an excuse to binge. I mainly put it down to the amount of meditation, mantras and affirmations I’ve been doing but also I’ve been reading Glen Livingston’s book “Never Binge Again” which gives “The Pig” as an analogy for the subconscious saboteur inside us that wants us to eat crap against our better judgements and rationalisations of what foods to put in our bodies. 

He doesn’t tell you what not to eat; he asks us to pick foods that we know are bad for us and make a resolution like your life (or the life of someone close) depended on it. He uses examples all the way through the book of how The Pig will speak to you to try and talk you out of any new diet and especially how it will laugh with derision at you when you try to state you will never eat cake again for example (mine would be anything that contained refined sugar as I believe it is the leading cause of obesity and disease) but he insists you must make at least one “never” vow. He also says to make a “sometimes” vow… so at the moment, while I tackle the significant food changes I have to include in my diet at the moment, mine would be Diet Coke as I feel it helps me keep a little rebellion and I think I’m addicted… but one thing at a time. 

I will tackle this “sometimes” vow when I introduce real sugar again into my diet.

After Keto, once I’m my ideal weight, I intend to have an apple a day on its own, separate from the protein and fat. Why? Because I believe they do different things to the body and therefore should not be eaten together. 

I remember years ago Gillian McKeith saying that three different food groups on a plate will make you put on weight. Meals that had protein, carbs and vegetables were meals that were designed to build us up when we were young, and for people who needed to put on weight and have lots of energy, like army cadets. Therefore, they’re not for fully grown adults who are not burning energy. 

She also we should only eat fruit on an empty stomach, not after a meal, or it will ferment.

I will also control portions and watch my calories too.

 Although, by that time, my stomach will have shrunken so much because of the small portions I’m having now that I won’t be able to overeat.

Also, natural fruit will taste like a treat because my body will have been deprived of it for so long. 

Anyway, I’ve decided that I will make refined sugar, whether in cake, biscuits, sweets and chocolate or on its own in syrups and in any form that sneaks into artificial sweeteners a NEVER.

As well as pies and pastries, of course!

I will allow myself to make homemade biscuits and cakes with almond flour and oat bran and stevia and 100% honey once I am my ideal weight, but never the manufactured stuff, and only once per week if I’m craving something.

This makes me feel in control as I’ve been worried about the funeral I’m attending today in regards to the buffet afterwards. Yes, I know, it’s a stupid thing to be thinking of at a time like this, but it’s because of the book. The more I read this book, the more I can recognise and analyse what my pig says to me. All week I’ve been able to sense it saying, “You’ll have too much to do and think about that day to worry about food and to take your own prepared, packed lunch with Keto foods, so don’t bother. Also, it would be rude. The rest of the family will expect you to eat the gateau because they don’t like them going to waste so you may as well have the day off that day. You deserve a day off anyway, considering what you’re going through and you don’t want family members who haven’t seen you for ages to think you’re a weirdo with food, do you? They already don’t like the fact that you don’t drink and you’re vegetarian! If you don’t eat the cake, they may never be able to relate to you again!”


If I analyse this kind of thinking as if I was a food guru helping someone else, I would tell them to go to the buffet with confidence, pick Keto-friendly foods even if all you can eat is the salad, and be prepared to refuse the cake with a friendly “No, thanks, I’ve gone off it.” 

How simple is that? 

People can’t argue with the fact you don’t like it, but they will argue if you say you’re “dieting” or “trying to be healthy” or trying “anything” for that matter. Otherwise, ordinarily well-intentioned people will try to convince you it’s okay to let yourself off for one day, especially this day and that’s why I’ve already given the best answer to my pig, told it what for, put it right in its squealing little place, and all it can do now is sulk, if it must.

Because of this forward-thinking about the trials and tribulations of gateau at the funeral mentioned above, I will have a salad, and sneak my own wrapped cheese in my bag, just in case they don’t have a cheeseboard. I will eat only that and tell people (with a screwed up nose) “Oh, no thanks, I don’t like it.” and for those who know I do like it, I will say, “Oh, no thanks, I’ve gone off it.” If they protest, I will elaborate and say, “in fact, the thought of it makes me feel sick knowing what’s in it. I think my Keto diet is changing my taste buds for the better; I no longer have to fight myself to resist it. Isn’t that great? I now simply just don’t want it.

Who could argue with that?

The only thing I’m slightly miffed about is the fact that I’ve stayed the same weight again! I went to get my tape measure and measure inches instead to give you some positive feedback and results but I can’t find my old measurements.

I do feel slimmer and my clothes aren’t as tight, but maybe that’s because I have lost 8lb and I need to remember that this is still brilliant for me, especially being able to keep it off! Although, now it’s 8lb in 6 weeks, instead of 8lb in 4 weeks.

Maybe my body does a 4lb, 0lb, 0lb thing. If so, mathematics suggests I should lose 4lb next week after losing 0lb for the last two weeks. I’m still in ketosis according to my urine strips but the professional at my health food shop says it will take longer for me because I’m a vegetarian doing Keto, so at least I know my low weight loss (according to normal peoples statistics) is due to my food choices as well as my slow metabolism. In other words, I’m not doing it wrong… although, I may introduce exercise now I’ve got used to the diet itself and see if that helps.

Resonating foods I’ve had this week…

I’ve put my 100% dark chocolate, along with almonds and stevia into Greek yogurt. It was like a fake walnut whip!


End of week result…

It’s a green face this week, even though I had one slice of brown toast and a spoon full of beans when I went out for breakfast with family. The veggie sausage, mushrooms and tomatoes were counted for their carbs, but because I sort of counted the bread as a B choice if I was doing the Slimming World diet, I also didn’t eat much cheese that day, just in case I opened a “carb door”. I measured my ketones when I got home that evening and the next day and I wasn’t totally kicked out of it, so all is still good with my control. But they were further down the day after so I will probably have to work a bit to get them back up again.

I’ll let you know how I got on with my prepared gateau speech, and how people reacted to it, next time.

Until then, keep resonating. 

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