Resonation Diet: Week 38

Hello, fellow resonators, hope you are all well…

So, what have I been doing and contemplating in Week 38?

Well, last night I was going through my food diaries that I kept when I started Keto and found the measurements that I took after my third week when I hadn’t lost weight, so I could check the inches the week after, which I couldn’t find last week when I needed them again, to see if that made me feel better for not losing weight.

I’m glad I did, as once again, for the third week running, I have not lost weight!

This means instead of losing 8lb in 4 weeks, then 5, then 6, it’s now still 8lb, loss but in 7 weeks of dieting. I expected 4lb this week as my weight loss had been 4lb, 0lb, 0lb, 4lb, 0lb, 0lb. Now add another 0lb to that list. I would usually say, “What’s the point?” and try something else, but I’m afraid that if I eat a regular diet of beans and potatoes now that my body will suck them all up and absorb every inch of fat it’s lost.

Also, I’ve still done well for me. As I say, I usually lose about half a pound per month on other diets. So, high five for me.

But my measurements are weird. After the 3rd week I’d lost 1/2 an inch from my waist and 1/2 an inch from my top leg and 1 inch from my arms. Since then I’ve lost another inch of my high leg 1/2 inch off my calves, 1/2 inch off my neck and another 1 inch from my waist! 

How weird is that? So now, in 7 weeks I can say I’ve lost 8lb of fat, and when I’m not losing weight, I’m at least shrinking in size.

I thought the lack of weight loss was due to eating sandwiches at the funeral because ever since, I’ve not been in ketosis. It was brown bread. I didn’t have cake, or chips, or half the stuff I could have devoured, used my prepared speech for alcohol, but had a bit of rice.

Why am I out of ketosis so severely that I’ve not been able to get back in ever since? Not one bit of evidence of it ever returning to ketosis on the urine strips.

I bought the strips after a few weeks of doing the diet when I was wondering why it wasn’t working (as far as evidence on the scales) and saw I was in ketosis, but I didn’t think it had taken me that long to get there, especially as I lost 4lb in the first week. If you can lose 4lb in the first week doing it then surely from Tuesday when I got back on it, I should have been doing that again?

My body really is stubborn. I’m hardly eating carbs at all (something I used to live off) and I’ve even cut down on the cheese, so I’m not overdoing it on calories. I’m also still sticking to my 16 hours fast every day, so I’m baffled. For years, I’ve told people that my body likes to keep fat and it’s stubborn, but I didn’t think it would be this stubborn with this amount of change. 

I haven’t done any exercise, and maybe that’s why, but my philosophy on that one still stands; there are skinny people in wheelchairs! I should not have to resort to the likes of exercise to lose weight when I am overtly and consistently this extreme!

But I said I’d try, and I haven’t. My excuse for this? 

I’ve been busy. 

I’ve been creating services for people on my website, trying to work out how PayPal and WordPress work together (as one code doesn’t like the other), and looking after family members who are suffering due to our loss, so not much time for me. 

I have put lots of healing energy into new pieces of art this week though, which has helped me meditate and heal myself too.

I have also been meditating on coming to terms with a loss this week and thinking about my own mortality. Yes, I know it’s a bit morbid to think of such a thing, but I’ve not been doing so in a depressed state. I’m sad, yes, but I’ve used the sadness to be reflective, to think about death and how it’s just a part of life that these time-sensitive bodies of ours run out of steam at some point. I’ve heard somewhere that we only have a certain amount of heartbeats. If this is true, then it goes to show why people who meditate and aren’t stressed or don’t suffer from anxiety live longer than those who don’t.

Worry is like paying for things in advance. It’s hard not to worry, so when I do, I find a way I can change it to a feeling of gratefulness instead. For example, as well as a death in the family, who’s funeral I attended on Monday, my mum had her mastectomy for breast cancer last week, and was told the results this week from the sample they took from the lymph nodes and found that it had travelled into them. She can’t have chemotherapy or radiotherapy as she’s too weak due to other health issues, but they told her to carry on with the tablets and ring if she has any swelling.

My sister saw this as good news and told everyone that because the tablets stopped the growth in the breast, they would now stop the growth in the lymph nodes. To me, once it’s in your lymph, that’s it; it travels all around your body.

I wanted to ask more questions, know what I’m in for, how long I have left with her on the planet, but she doesn’t want to know. As far as she and my sister are concerned, the cancer tablets she’s on has stopped the growth in her breast so they will do the same there, and she wants to hear no more about it. After I explained what it could mean, she said she doesn’t want to know more or to be given a time, as that would be like a death sentence. Although I was taken aback, she’s right. They could say 12 months, and she could die in 3 weeks, they could say a couple of months, and she lasts another two years. But “knowing” what the professional guess is would be like watching an egg timer run down the grains of your last days on Earth.

They gave the family member who just died 9-12 months last February to live without chemo but said he could have extra time with it. He chose to have three rounds, and it was the first time I’d witnessed it doing so. Usually, I feel it kills you quicker in a more horrific way, but he kept saying he was doing well each month after the initial sentence.

But my mum is right not to want to know. Not knowing lets you keep your hope, your belief that it’s not spreading, that your tablets are working, and faith makes your mind happy despite of what’s going on.

So, I will carry on with this diet and hope it will work.

We need to look after our bodies, and I’m sure sugar and meat and artificial sweeteners and chemicals in crap foods are to blame for the rise in cancer patients and rise in new strains of cancer being found in people all the time. So, even if I’m not getting as many results as I’d like, I know I’m doing my body a favour by cutting out sugar and crap (well, apart from Diet Coke but I’m trying.)

It’s time to grow up, stop stuffing our faces with foods we know are slowly killing us, and get real. There is enough disease out there that can kill us, let’s not add what we do to ourselves to the list.

Would you take a spoonful of arsenic each day? Or whatever the dose would be to poison you but not kill you right away? The answer would be no. So, let’s not eat crap, processed and sugary foods. Even the low-fat foods are filled with sugar or crap; there’s around 30% of food items on the shelves that’s not food.

Would I take pure aspartame? No, I wouldn’t as this is just as bad as arsenic, so I should cut the Diet Cokes if I were mindful what was right for me.

Let’s be more mindful of what’s actually in our fancy packages, and let’s live long healthy lives so we can stick around and see our grandchildren, and maybe even our great-grandchildren grow up?

What do you say?

Resonating foods I’ve had this week…

I’ve put my raspberries with chia seeds into Greek yogurt this week! Yum.


End of week result…

My first yellow face during Keto. Due to eating sandwiches and rice, and having lots of Diet Coke, and not working out. I will try better this week.

Until then, keep resonating. 

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