Resonation Diet: Week 39

Hello, fellow resonators, hope you are all well…

So, what have I been doing and contemplating in Week 39 ?

Well, this week, due to me not seeing any significance in weight loss on the scales, I went to see a Sports Nutritionist in my town centre, who was very helpful. I told him what I was doing, how I was doing it, and that my metabolism was on the cusp of needing thyroid medication but not enough to warrant having tablets to help.

After I’d rattled on for a while, giving the poor guy my life long history of dieting disasters, he told me that Keto was the best for weight loss and that the industry has had it wrong for years, selling low fat this that and the other, getting us all addicted to sugar instead and messing up our bodies from natural foods to unnatural foods.

I liked the guy right away. He thinks my lack of weight loss, yet the fact that I’m showing I’ve lost inches could be due to me putting on muscle, even if I’ve not been to the gym, because my body will remember its old shape. Mostly, what he said resonated with me and what I’ve been discovering myself. He also agreed with the woman at the health food shop, that it would take me longer to lose weight doing the Keto diet because I’m a vegetarian, and offered vegan protein to help. I told him I already had pea protein, and didn’t want to go over the top on it due to me not training, so he offered me amino acid to help with the weight loss instead. 

I picked up the tub and inspected the ingredients, which were similar to the HIGH 5 caffeine hit electrolyte drinks I bought from Holland and Barrett, but a few more (better ones) besides. The only problem was that this tub EFECTIV AMINO LEAN was £28 for 30 scoops, and you can have up to 3 scoops per day.

Now, it’s not bad if you use just 1 per scoop per day as it would work out roughly £1 per day and I was probably spending that on Diet Coke, which I have now vowed never to buy again, but I knew I’d probably need the 3 scoops, which will end up costing me £3 per day. This may not seem bad to some people, especially when I tell you I don’t drink alcohol or smoke or buy crap crisps and chocolate anymore, but lately, I’ve been spending roughly £100 more on shopping per month and spending a fortune at Holland and Barrett, and my health food shop too. I don’t know why it’s so much dearer to eat healthy, good fats and foods, but it is, and until I learn to budget, I’m just throwing money around at everything.

But, what sold it to me was the fact that he assured me that it would speed up my metabolism and give me energy, which is what I need considering my urine showed I was in ketosis, yet I was still staying the same on the scales. 

I also wanted to put it to the test just through pure curiosity. Would it work for my stubborn body?

The result? 

I took three scoops on Friday, and lost 2lb overnight! So I took another three scoops on Saturday and Sunday, and I’ve lost another 2lb when I weighed myself this morning! 

That’s 4lb in 3 days, after losing nothing for nearly four weeks!

I’m certainly happy to pay £28 every ten days if that is what I’ll be looking at. I’m over the moon. 

This means I’ve now lost 12lb in 8 weeks, which is an excellent, healthy weight loss average of 1 and a half pounds per week. I’ve never lost this much weight in my life.

It’s also so tasty (3 scoops of cloudy lemonade flavour in 1 litre of water) it has helped me give up the Diet Coke, no problem. I’ve also been having the HIGH 5 tablets for electrolytes, which I’d forgotten to take last week which has helped with the cramp I’d been getting in my leg.

I also did a lot of walking on Thursday and Friday, so I’m not sure if that contributed to the weight loss but, after talking to a personal trainer at my local gym, I’m going to introduce resistance training at home too. 

Yes, I went to a gym, but it wasn’t for me; I was supporting someone else who wished to join, and while he was using the equipment, I began chatting to the guy about the facilities and prices and weight loss, like you do. The leisure centre near me is great. It has a swimming pool that I’d never use and classes I would never attend, all for £40 per month. This is too expensive for me right now. Also, without the added extra of a personal trainer, or a gym buddy, I always get bored when I join a gym. I will go for 3-6 months and see no results, deal the whole times as wasted and know it could have been used to write another book or something, and give up. 

But, because the guy agreed that’s what happens to most people; that’s why they use an incentive for 12 months’ direct debit you get it cheaper. He also said the best thing for weight loss was HIIT training and resistance training with weights, so I’m going to at least make sure I do some at home for now. 

This week, apart from the fact that I now have another expense, I feel terrific about my efforts in finding and sticking to this diet plan.

My achievements so far have reminded me to take note of the Resonating Affirmation I have been reciting since the beginning of the year. 

I can easily lose weight,

My body is light and free,

I feel so energetic,

because I’m fit and healthy,

My body is vibration, 

It remembers being slim, 

I don’t have to eat so differently 

or even go to the gym, 

I only have to resonate 

with the foods I eat, 

Just make better choices, 

that I know benefit me,

I can definitely eat less,

I can eat healthily,

I can also be mindful,

And create my ideal body.

The declaration is now coming true!

My body does remember!  I have found a way that is working for me. I am being mindful and eating less in my 8-hour window than I was before. I’m now also going to get more energy. It’s all coming true. It was ever since I began using the affirmation, meditation and mantra together, that I began hearing and seeing the signals the resonation realm lined up for me and I’m so glad that the one thing in my life I could never overcome has begun to shift. I’ve been waiting for this for a long time.

Other people may be losing lots more pounds per week than me on the Keto diet, but one and a half pounds per week average is brilliant for me, and a much healthier way of losing weight for the long term. 

The Keto diet, however slow it is for me, suits my body.

I’m looking forward to the day I can eat an apple again, but that day is looking promising. 

Resonating foods I’ve had this week…

I’ve just been eating the usual Veggie Keto foods.


End of week result…

It’s got to be a massive green smile for me this week.

I’ll do some resistance training this week. I’ll let you know how it goes.

Until next week, keep resonating. 

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