Resonation Diet: Week 40

Hello, fellow resonators, hope you are all well…

So, what have I been doing and contemplating in Week 40?

I’ve had a good week this week; I’ve been purposefully eating less between 7 pm and 8 pm as I usually stuff myself knowing I can’t eat again until noon the next day and, even though I’ve been a lot hungrier in the mornings, I’ve stuck to it.

I started well, having no Diet Coke whatsoever, and then by the end of the week I grabbed a six-pack and shoved it in my shopping trolley when I had no intention of doing so, telling myself I would allow myself just 1 of them if I feel hungry at night. Which, by the weekend, was my excuse for drinking them all.

This Diet Coke battle seems to be as strong and elusive as my giving up smoking battle over 20 years ago. I think it’s because it’s my only vice, my lifesaver of fizzy sweetness during this majorly strict diet. I’m not saying I’m struggling and fighting against the diet that much (although it was hard to resist roast potatoes yesterday when I had to cook them for the people I was supporting), I’ve sort of got used to the food or succumb to it, I think it’s because I’ve attached a belief that it helps me stick to the diet to it and that it’s my only pleasure left or something, that’s not allowing me to let go entirely.

It’s on my hit list of things that must go, but it seems it’s my only battle at the moment. I have lots of hope that this diet will be the one that works, that I can stick to it right to the end, and that’s never happened before. I’ve also not seen any loss on the scales this week, but I can tell I’ve slimmed down and got into clothes I couldn’t get in before, which makes me look so much slimmer and reinforces the fact that what I’m doing, although it’s extreme, is working.

I’m mainly living off my Keto pancake with eggs, with cheese or avocado between 12 pm and 1 pm and then green vegetables and Quorn and yoghurt with raspberries or nuts and almond butter and 100% black chocolate between 7 pm and 8 pm.

If I’m hungry in-between, I’m having a protein shake or cheese or a salad and the fact that I have got little choice has given me no reason to go rooting in cupboards, deciding what I can eat and choosing the wrong things because it’s convenient and I’m busy.

Now I can only eat certain foods, I either have what I can have on Keto that’s easy, like cheese, nuts, salad, or I cook my tea.

It’s weird how my routine is so different, yet I’ve got used to it so quickly. I’ve had such a busy week, trying to get all my artwork and prints and MP3s ready for sale on my site, battling with PayPal and URLs that are protected, to give people a download page and trying to work ways around them that I would usually grab anything I could from the cupboards and not bother to cook or prepare, but now, I wouldn’t even dream of it.

Taking options away from me has definitely helped. It’s also weird how I prepare more and take packed lunches everywhere with me, so I’ve got no excuse when I’m out, that I didn’t have Keto-friendly food to hand. I know if I started eating bread and potatoes now, it would make me crave other crap and, apart for the Diet Coke issue, it’s lovely to feel like I’m being healthy and mindful about what I’m putting into my body.

Or what I’m no longer putting into my body. No crisps, sweets, chocolate, biscuits, processed foods, bad fats, added sugars and all the extra sweeteners from diet foods I would choose.

I am also mindful that the Diet Coke I’m putting in my body isn’t good for me.

It’s so nice to feel so satiated by good fats and protein that my body doesn’t make me feel hungry even when I’ve eaten. I’m now full and satisfied, how great is that?

I think the diet itself does something to your mind. I think when people are full of crap foods, that the crap and chemicals inside the foods make you crave more crap and once you eat right, you’re more sane and rational about your food choices. Twice this week I’ve been able to say what I’ve been saying for years and actually mean it

“No, thanks, I’d rather be slim than have that!”

People could see I meant it. No one tried to persuade me otherwise. How great is that? People are talking me seriously because I’m now serious. 

At this stage, I would certainly recommend the Keto diet. I believe I can keep to it long enough to see the results I’ve been longing to see for years.  

Resonating foods I’ve had this week…

I’ve just been eating the usual Veggie Keto foods.


End of week result…

I’m giving myself a green smile this week for having much less Diet Coke.

The only thing I haven’t done this week that I promised was exercise. I’ve allowed myself to use the excuse “I’m too busy for that”, but I’m determined to do some this week.

I’ll let you know.

Until next week, keep resonating. 

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