Resonation Diet: Week 43

Hello, fellow resonators, hope you are all well…

So, what have I been doing and contemplating in Week 43?

Well, I weighed myself during the week and found that I’d lost another 4lb! I’m so happy with this result. This means I’ve lost 16lb in around 12 weeks. This puts me just over 1 lb per week on average weight loss, which is healthy.

I’ve still been feeling tired this week, but I haven’t been as bored because I’ve introduced peas and beans. A small tin has around 11g of carbs but when you take the fibre away, it’s not too bad. This morning I had beans and tomatoes with my eggs and haloumi and it only cost me 12g of carbs. On these days, I won’t have raspberries so it’s fine.

I feel better knowing I can go back to eating more of a normal diet for myself which helps with the mindset of me feeling the whole thing wasn’t healthy. I haven’t had time to go on YouTube to watch Keto cooks, but just adding these foods has made a huge difference to my stamina.

I feel like my face has gone a bit saggy though.

It may just be me because a stone isn’t that much when you’ve got three to lose, but I’m sure the fat was keeping some of it up. I’m nearing 46 now and said when I was younger (around the time my mother was my age now and I noticed her sagging neckline) that I’d have a face and neck lift when I was 45. I don’t know why I made this statement, why 45 was so significant or old in my mind, but I’m wondering if I’ve manifested the need. I worried for a while that if I lost three stone whether I’d get wrinkles or sag in places I dread to think… like the top of the legs on the inside where older ladies need ironing, but this time, I didn’t let that fear stop me. It’s inevitable that there will be some skin elasticity problem one you’ve thrown 8 bags of sugar from your insides into the cosmos, as that skin has remained in that same wide position for so long and collagen stops appearing after the age of 30 to help. 

I need Demi Moore’s surgeon; I think. I better get earning more income for when the whole three stone goes, and no one recognises me. 

I don’t suppose it will be that bad but, hey, it’s better to prepare yourself with the cash. Many people have mixed views about plastic surgery but if done in small doses like Demi’s, so you never see massive, obvious differences over the years, then why not do it? I feel we’ve come to an age where it’s as normal as makeup and hair dye. Just like we’d head to the hairdressers when we see split ends and a shabby mess, we nip to the surgeons when we see a wrinkle or a sag… for a skin trim. 

I would have nothing done that I couldn’t do myself, i.e. liposuction or gastric band instead of just losing the weight on your own, but I’m all for having things put back to how they were and making sure things point in the right direction. Even though I’d love to have been born with bigger lips, I wouldn’t have lip fillers because I think this would take away what I look like, who I am, and would make me look all pouty and vein… and stupid, if it ended up like a rubber ring on my face or 2 slugs.

I like the old film Cocoon, who remembers that? It would be great if we could walk into a pod and walk out all youthful again, feeling fresh. I mean, when it gets to the point when people are asking you of you’re tired all the time and you’re not, it’s time for an eye lift I think.

Anyway, the blog isn’t about plastic surgery, sorry for rambling there, but it’s been on my mind for after I’ve lost this three stone. The good thing about all this panic and surgery planning, is that I must truly believe, for the first time in 30 years, that I’ll make it to my goal. This diet is working. I mean, it has to work really, considering how strict it is and what discipline it takes to do it but, it’s still the only thing I’ve ever been able to stick to and that’s because I’m satisfied and not craving like a lunatic searching for what my body was missing and never being able to fill that need with the crap I was consuming. Eating protein and fat is satisfying.

You eat a lot less and get full so your stomach shrinks.

I’ve bought some probiotics this week too to get more healthy gut bacteria. There’s been a lot of hype on the news lately about how important it is. I’m not sure if I will drink it or make a raspberry smoothie with it, but I will induce it all week and let you know how that goes.

The only thing I’ve lacked on this week again is the Diet Coke. I’m sure it’s addictive. I just can’t stop. I do feel it helps to make me full at night though so, until I’ve got used to the 16:8 and my body doesn’t scream for more food during these times, then I will keep filling that void with the only thing I’m allowed to get away with on the diet and this week, I will let myself off for that, because I’ve been tired and had a lot of work to do. 

Resonating foods I’ve had this week…

The foods I’ve been eating are all Keto staples with beans and tomatoes and even a sneaky carrot. YUM.

I’ve also had almond butter on wholemeal rice cakes which was 12g of carbs and it felt so good to bite into it. YUM.


End of week result…

It’s a green face again this week, despite the Coke! Because I’m worth it… (she says, flicking her long hair, chin skin wobbling from side to side more than the hair in slow motion.)

Until next week, keep resonating. 

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