Resonation Diet: Week 44

Hello, fellow resonators, hope you are all well…

So, what have I been doing and contemplating in Week 44?

I’ve upped my carbs and done some exercise, and have lost another pound.

I have now lost 17 lb this year. Forget the weeks it’s taken on the Keto diet, 17 lb in 10 months is excellent for me. Like I’ve mentioned before, on every other diet I’ve tried (when I’ve done it strictly and sometimes having to go more extreme than others to get any results) I’ve only ever lost about 1/2 a pound or maybe 1 pound per month. This means I’m well ahead of my expectations when I started my own Resonating Diet at the beginning of this year. That this has only taken roughly four months is impressive.

All I can say at this point is, this diet, even with all its restrictions, is worth it.

If it works like this for me, it will work even better for others, as my metabolism is slow. Even if you’re like me, a person who could never lose weight no matter what diet they’ve tried, it will still seem like a massive achievement. If you’re a vegetarian (which could also be another reason the weight loss is slower than other people’s results found on Keto), then it’s still worth it.

Don’t forget though, what the Resonation Diet is all about; eating mindfully for your body’s needs. You need to make intelligent choices. You still need to cut refined sugars, processed foods and bad fats but you can eat as much natural fruit and vegetables as possible. If you want to lose weight, however, try Keto! Once all your excess weight has evaporated into the cosmos, you can slowly introduce fruit and other carb-filled vegetables, and good grains like quinoa, etc.

My affirmations, meditations and mantras for slimming have helped keep my mind in line, focus on the diet, and make it a priority. This has helped by making sure it doesn’t slip back into bad-eating-habit mode and making me feel happier, which also contributes to overriding the dieting blues. Here’s the meditation again if you wish to try it.

This is the Resonating Affirmation Reiki induced speech canvas I made for myself, that reminds me to say it.

The Resonating Mantra I recite is the same as the one I explain in my book Resonating Mantras, which is the melody to Tim Minchin’s I AM SO F***ING ROCK, “I am so flipping trim, I am so god damn trim, I am so mother flipping trim”. I say trim instead of slim because it resonates (I’ve never been or looked slim, only lean and fit for my true build, which is like the singer Pink).

With this improved outlook and a renewed belief that I’m succeeding, I’ve also been manifesting quite a few things lately.

This is because my DNA is relaxing, and my heart is radiating good vibes. Therefore, the Resonation Realm is better able to hear what I don’t want and what I do want. Because of my “communication”, it has been bringing me options that will eliminate the things I deem as bad and at the same time, given me more of what I consider good.

Yes, I know I’ve written four books about the Resonation Realm, and know precisely how it works and what signals to put out there to communicate with it, so I can manifest my preferred reality. However, it still makes me feel a sense of awe and surprise; you know the one that makes you think “I can’t believe it” even though I can believe it, or it wouldn’t have been. I knew with this feeling of trust, and not dwelling on the perceived “bad” in my life and, instead, facing it head-on and still being my usual positive self in spite of it, that this would get me preferable results but still, it’s great when it happens. I mean, who doesn’t love receiving gifts?

Even if it’s your birthday and you expect the gifts, you’re still amazed and thankful and feel blessed that the people in your life have taken the time to wish you well and buy thoughtful things, and it’s the same with this.

It is my birthday this week, on the 5th of November.

It’s nice to reflect on where I was last year and what goals and aspirations I’d set for myself and realise how far I’ve come to achieve them. I don’t think I’ve ever been able to do that before. The reason? I set my intention correctly without fear, and I could do so because I decided, and made a Resonating Affirmation, that life was too short. This gave me the push to get out all the creative things inside me once and for all. 

I’m celebrating reviews I’ve received, donations made to my retreat centre vision, a 5-star award from Readers Favorite and a 17lb weight loss! These markers show I’m on my way to becoming successful, and that’s a great feeling. To know I’m doing something right while being my authentic self and providing value to others, by helping them on their spiritual path is something I’ve wanted, yet was blocking from coming though fear for years. It’s great not to live in fear anymore; I feel free from my prison of self-doubt and of what others may say.

It’s nice to be mindful and intelligent about fear and blockages and know how the universe works and to apply it.

I have lots more inside me to get out, so much so, it’s overspilling out of me in mounds of notes I have to label “future ideas” because the Resonation Realm is hearing me. It knows when I’m at my happiest and is giving me lots more to be pleased about. It knows what I’m focusing upon and is giving me more. It knows what I celebrate and is finding me more and I’m so thankful that I’ve been able to maintain this vibration throughout this diet.

I’ve never been so restrictive with myself, but I’ve never felt so in control. This is what the Resonation Diet is all about.

Resonating foods I’ve had this week…

Keto staples with carrots and tomatoes and my probiotic drinks.

Macadamia nuts in my raspberry yogurt. YUM,


End of week result…

It’s a green face again this week, mainly for my positive attitude.

Until next week, keep resonating. 

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