Resonation Diet: Week 46

Hello, fellow resonators, hope you are all well…

So, what have I been doing and contemplating in Week 46?

I’ve lost more weight! I didn’t weigh myself last week as I didn’t want to disappoint myself due to my mishap, but I have this morning, and I have lost another 2lb! I have now lost 19lb… in just 18 weeks! I’m over the moon with these results and the whole nearly Keto diet in general.

Even while slowly sneaking in a few naughty carbs, i.e. a plate of chips, a large popcorn at the cinema, a packet of crisps and a bite of a doughnut on film night, I’ve still lost weight and managed not to let the small cheat turn me into a sugar-craved monster.

The reason I only had a bite of an iced doughnut (which used to be a favourite of mine) was that it was disgusting.

It was likebiting into concentrated slimy sickening sugar or something. It was eye-opening to realise how much sugar my pallet had been used to in the past. Even when I eat the packet of onion ring crisps, (another old favourite) I was crunching and examining them like a foreigner tasting foods from another culture, unsure about what I honestly thought of them. It’s great to test myself like this. 

I remembered what Allen Carr said this week in his book The Only Way To Give Up Smoking Permanently about how he felt after giving up so with his method. He said that to prove he could do it and not become addicted again; he tried one. Not that he recommend this to others; It was merely to prove a point to himself that he had a different mindset.  He could smoke it and analyse it for what it was; disgusting, which I found fascinating at the time as I knew I wouldn’t have been able to do that (due to trial and error). I was a 20 per day gal, and that was that. If I had one now, I’d probably puke and be the same, but at the time I was doing what many people do when they give up; not smoking, but always craving a cigarette and fighting your “natural” urge. That horrid deprived feeling was all that dominated my mindset until it naturally became the thing I didn’t do. 

Now some of you may wonder why I had the crisps, popcorn and chips if I wasn’t craving them, and why I risked the sugar monster re-appearing and I think it was because I wanted to do a similar thing to Allen. I wanted to show myself I was a normal person who, when visiting a cinema (which I have done only twice this year) could eat popcorn and not be a freak about enjoying the whole cinematic experience which to me includes popcorn. It may be an old mindset that if looked at in a rational, mindful way I could well undo by deciding I didn’t need the popcorn, but I didn’t want to. At that moment, I decided (not caved into temptation) that I would not be that strict. It was a logical decision made mindfully, and I didn’t feel guilty about it after.

I enjoyed the sugar on that popcorn and again it didn’t bring out the cheating demon inside me that would always try to sneak more sugar.

All I can say is this Keto diet has not only been the thing to help me lose weight but allowed me to become more rational. Whether the not eating carbs eventually stops you from craving them or whether the neurological patterns in my brain have already rewired to prefer real foods and make better choices because of my abstinence, I’m not sure. Regardless, it’s working in the way I’d hoped I would find.

I wanted to find a diet that was one ingredient healthy food choices, no refined sugar, processed foods, or eating at night, and you were good to go. If you want to lose weight, you also have to restrict sugar from natural foods because of the science that happens in your body — an intelligent diet.

I know what I’m doing is temporary, but by the time I get to my ideal weight and size, I now don’t feel like I will eat as much fruit as I used to. I will eat it in the afternoon to sustain energy but not at night. The best thing about this diet is the fact I can see this happening in another nineteen weeks if I keep this up. So that’s my target. ByEaster next year I should have lost the whole 38lb.

Christmas 2019 will soon be here; This year has gone so fast, so I know Easter will come again around in no time. 

Once your mind knows what’s working and what’s not, when you are disciplined and can see things about food differently (i.e. formed new beliefs about food) then I don’t think you can ever go back. I’m not saying that if I started to become lazy and do this more often, it wouldn’t become normal again for me to eat them; my tastebuds would revert to their old ways and start craving them if so. This testing myself faze certainly won’t become a habit; if anything it’s helped me to realise I’m not missing out which will help me keep up my stick routine longer.

And in case you were wondering whether I got finance for my Swift; I did. A person who knows and teaches how to manifest anything you desire via using the right thoughtlings would have looked reasonably stupid if a company who gave credit to people who’d never had credit didn’t spring into her life now, wouldn’t they? 

I belong to Rinzen now!

I’m so excited. Can’t wait to visit family in Manchester this week in my new car and skinny jeans. I’ve gone from a dress size 13 (that’s my size 12’s being tight) to around a size 11 (my 12’s are baggy, and I can get in two of my size ten jeans (you know, those brands that are generous!). I should be a size 6-8 with my small frame, but considering I’m becoming an old bird now, and allowing room for me to tone up, I’m aiming for an 8-10 which I can now see happening in another 19lb’s time.

Resonating foods I’ve had this week…

All Keto foods and treats.

Cheese with olives in chilly and garlic was my favourite.


End of week result…

Green for continuing to become lean and because of my new machine!

Until next week, keep resonating. 

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