Resonation Diet: Week 47

Hello, fellow resonators, hope you are all well…

So, what have I been doing and contemplating in Week 47?

I’ve lost another 2lb, which means I’ve now lost 21lb… a full one and a half stone yippee! 

I’m thrilled with this result. I have been full of the flu and not had much of an appetite, but still, I’m glad the part Keto/ part starvation diet has got me to this milestone. Good always comes out of bad, eh? 

I’m posting on a Sunday this time as I’m working tomorrow and didn’t want to leave it until Tuesday. It seems weird doing it on a Sunday afternoon as I’ve not finished my day yet, but I know I will behave for the rest of it so it shouldn’t matter too much. 

It’s been a strange week off for me. I was all set to get the last bits of the websites HTML codes and PayPal integration for all my products sorted so I can start advertising correctly and then, as usual, life, family and health get in the way. I’m sure my body knew I would have a rest, a calm period before the storm (the storm is a new job and a deadline for my fantasy editor in the next couple of weeks). I think it decided not to help me get all the last things done that I need doing so I can write my novels and instead collapse and do as little as possible. 

I have forced myself to continue despite my body’s cries for rest as I can’t afford to waste time being ill. I’ve done my positive ‘I am well’ affirmations and got on with it. It may have been at a snail’s pace and having to lie down a few times in-between bouts of troubleshooting and general computer annoyances, but I’ve muscled through and got a lot of what I had on my list done.

I also got the chance to go to Manchester in my new car too, which was great. I feel confident about lots of motorway travelling to come. It also lets me play my audiobooks on loud volume so I can learn on my commutes. I don’t like to waste time.

Anyway, I’ve been thinking this week how to cut costs and introduce more “normal” foods back into my diet. I used to have porridge every morning instead of eggs and, although I like eggs, I’m getting extremely bored. I’ve also become bored with my pea protein and almond milk smoothies, they may be useful to take to work three days per week, but on the other four days, I would like to have a bowl of porridge.

I also think I could take a tin of baked beans for my lunch, which is cheap and easy, and then a homemade soup with Quorn protein for tea on my workdays, so I’m not having to cook while I’m there

So my three work and four home days per week break down would be


12 pm porridge (with chia seeds) would be over my carballowance, so I won’t have any more carbs that day

3 pm coconut milk coffee, and a few nuts

7 pm protein and veg meal


12 pm protein shake

3 pm coconut milk coffee, and a few nuts

7 pm protein and veg soup

This way I can batch cook the soup and easy prep the rest for work, and I’m hoping it will cut my costs of trying to cook with almond flour every day and all the oils I use for cooking.  If my weight loss stops, then I will look at it again, but if not, I will have upped my carbs and lowered my fat in another gradual step. I’m looking forward to the day I can have an apple per day, but I wound go that far until I reach my desired weight. The last stone is always the hardest to lose no matter what diet you’re on and, even though I would be doingmore of an extreme slimming world plan, I don’t want to go too mad yet.

It seems strange to me suggesting an apple or any natural foods that are healthy as “going mad” I would never have thought I’d be on a diet that didn’t include natural foods, but I know the science behind it, and that’s what’s keeping me going… that and the results to back it up. 

So, that will be my plan for the week after next when I start my new job. This week I may try porridge once and see how I feel. 

Anyway, it will have to be a short and sweet blog for today given that I wish to collapse again (or meditate as I need not collapse because I’m very, very well). I will report back next Sunday evening as I must work Sunday and Monday all day next week and, considering I will be more tired after the Monday shift (because I’m starting my new job and having to travel), I would prefer to report back on Sunday. 

Resonating foods I’ve had this week…

Very few, and very boring Keto foods.


End of week result…

Green for not going mad!

Until next week, keep resonating. 

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