Resonation Diet: Week 50

Hello, fellow resonators, hope you are all well…

So, what have I been doing and contemplating in Week 50?

The fact that even though I’ve been bad this weekend, I was good all week.

Why could I only hold out until the weekend? Because by then I was exhausted and burnt out, therefore I needed the sugar. 

Last week I saw that as an excuse, but I’ve been watching myself, and it’s always after my 14-hour shifts, that’s excluding the 2-hour drive and the time getting ready before and winding down after; they may only be 3 workdays, but they are incredibly long and hard graft. During the aftermath of these ruling shifts, my body goes into survival mode and hones in on its memory.

The fact is my body has the intelligence to know where to find the fuel it needs to sustain this level of stamina, which is by eating crap foods, ergo sugar. 

Maybe the sugar even saved my life on the drives home after such a long day, who knows?

What I also I know is, once you deviate slightly from a strict Keto diet, it’s hard to get back into it. It’s like, once you’ve fallen off the waggon, and given yourself a taste of the good stuff, you may as well bow down to the mince pies and surrender to their will to take over your rationale.

Having said all that, I weighed myself this morning, and I’ve lost two and half pound of that 5lb I put on in 2 weeks, which makes me hopeful that for once in my life it may come off as quick as I’ve put it on if I can persevere and push past all the mince pie shenanigans. 

I was good all week but then I just really needed a mince pie! Simple as! It’s also star week (sorry to all the men out there who’d rather not know), so ladies will understand about how much harder it is to resist craving crap at this time of the month, never mind the overall tiredness of starting a new demanding job.  

Me, on star week!

So, does this mean I’m letting myself off this week? Well, maybe. I mean, the last two weeks I’ve given myself a red face for being out of control, but this week, I’ve only rewarded myself this weekend for being good all week, even though I was knackered. I felt I needed the energy and it was justified behaviour not totally gone off the rails lost the plot behaviour.

I could have gone for lots more fruit I suppose so I was sticking to healthy energy, and I may try that next time to see if it works, but the mice pies were on sale, shouting at me as soon as my week fable, knackered arse stepped into the shop.  So, while my sugar was dropping like a diabetic in need of insulin, I made an informed decision; if I didn’t have mince pies, chocolate and tangerines, I was surely going to die.

And I was right; after eating them, I didn’t die!

All joking aside for a moment, I think I do have to allow myself a yellow face this week. To enjoy a food related weekend off when you’re feeling like crap, just like I allowed myself a working-towards-my-goals day of to slob out and watch Netflix (which went hand in hand with the pig-out foods) is normal. I have to remind myself that, although my ultimate goal is to be my ideal weight and healthy and rational at all times, that I’m also normal (my friends would debate this, but you know what I mean).

Me, being normal!

I started this new job, three days per week, so I can have four days off to write so for half of my Netflix day, I had to battle my guilt, as well as my tiredness and stomach ache until I let myself allow what was happening inside me. I let my body do its thing; burn out, just for this day. I was like a malfunctioning computer or something needing to rest and I feel better for it.

Today I’ve been productive and wrote three chapters of my novel. I start work tomorrow at 8 am and finish at 9 am Tuesday, after which I aim to write another chapter. I’m doing the same on Wednesday and intend to write like a mad woman Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, until I’m back in work again on Sunday so, if I need sugar again, I’m going to take tangerines to work with me.

They’re everywhere at the moment too so it shouldn’t be too hard to find some nice juicy ones.  

I’ve only got two more diet diary to go to make it to a year in the life of my Resonation Diet trials and tribulations. And I want to state that I’ve been able to lose one and a half stone this year by the end of it, so I’m going to try my best to get the other two and a half pound off again before the new year.

Resonating foods I’ve had this week…

I’ve had soup and protein and wedge for most of the week, and boiled eggs for snacks.

And tangerines, of course!


End of week result…

Yellow for all the normal reasons above.

Until next week, keep resonating. 

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