Resonation Diet: Week 51

Hello, fellow resonators, hope you are all well…

This week I’ve eaten lots of tangerines like I said I would. I’ve also allowed myself to be a normal person, but not go mad. I’ve stuck to not eating at night, introduced a more varied healthier diet back into my routine and stayed the same weight. I think the reason I’ve not gone off the rails is that I’m getting used to the shifts at my new place, working three long days and having four days off sounds great but the travelling and workload isn’t.

I’ve got all my Xmas shopping done and wrapped and have started the novel that my son will be editing for me during his Uni break. I have one more week to report until I have done an entire year on the resonation diet program, but I can see me concluding with a total weight loss of one and a half stone, which is fantastic for me. Being in a better position at the beginning of 2020 than the beginning of 2019 is what matters.

To have trust in my abilities to continue the journey and reach my goal is a first for me. What has helped me this week is extra meditation. Sometimes we forget to meditate, or push it to one side if deadlines are hovering and nagging at us but it’s really important to continue. I listen to my own slimming meditation and mantra and have been listening to my RAM music too, and I have found I’m not craving chocolate, I’m more craving plant-based protein and fresh fruit. I’ve even refused grapes which are high in sugar and usually my go-to fruit when craving crap. I had a pasty this week and felt sick afterwards.

When we were shopping again later in the week, my fellow asked if we could have it again and I turned my nose up. Now, this may not seem such a revelation to you, but to me, it shows my mind is now conscious and alert to what food groups are healthy and make me feel good and what food groups are unhealthy and make me feel bad. At the beginning of the year, I wondered why if celery was so good for us we don’t crave it instead of crap. Now I am wanting healthy choices and turning my nose up at anything but. It’s great to notice how much I’m rewiring my old programming.

Next week I’m going to read through and find my best tips and rules for the Resonation Diet so I can sum up in one small space what to do and what not to do if you would like to give it a try next year. I may do blogs monthly going forward into 2020 to keep tabs on myself or if I find any new information I feel may be useful.

Still, for now, (considering it’s the holidays and I wish to keep it short and sweet but sugar-free) I want to wish you all a happy Christmas.

Make sure you enjoy yourselves like “normal” healthy weighted people, but be mindful about how much you really “need” and don’t stuff your self too much, that way you won’t regret it next week.

Resonating foods I’ve had this week…

I’ve had healthy foods, fruit vegetables and protein and lots of beans… and the occasional mince pie.

And lots of tangerines!


End of week result…

It’s a yellow face for the few bits I’ve eaten this week that I didn’t need to, and for allowing myself to eat normally, but I wouldn’t go as far as a red face because of the meditating and remained mindful.

Until next week, keep resonating. 

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