Resonation Diet: Week 52

Hello, fellow resonators, and welcome to my last Resonating Diet blog.

So, what have I been up to on week 52?

Well, on my last week of the year, I have mainly enjoyed the festivities, getting together with family and friends, and reflecting on the year as a whole.

It may have taken an entire year or research and trial and error to get it right, but I’m glad to say I’m a stone and a half lighter than I was at the end of last year. I’m also proud to have finally found something that works. You have to look into the Keto diet yourself to understand and to also make it you’re own if you’re vegetarian, like me.

The best thing is knowing I can start a new year in a better position than I was in at the start of last year, and know where to concentrate my efforts. 

What have I learned? 

1. That Slimming World and Weight Watchers don’t work for me; they both keep me addicted to sugar and make me feel hungry. 

2. The only way to lose weight is to up your protein and lower your carbs; it’s that easy. 

During the holidays, while you’re up against mince pies and the likes of these types of confectionery, it’s harder to stick to strict regimens, but new years bring new opportunities. 

Also, if you’ve stuffed yourself silly over the last two weeks, then it should bring an actual physical need for you to cut back, which is always helpful. 

Your body should appreciate the rest from sugar. 

So, my new resolution is to burn off whatever the last two weeks have made their way back to my thighs and continue with all the things I know work, i.e. all the things that resonate, to lose weight. Then, once I am my ideal weight, I will switch a few things so I can stick to a healthier way of eating for life. 

Here’s the list for all of you who wish to join me on the version of Resonation Diet to lose weight. 

The Resonation Diet if you wish to lose weight.

Only eat for 8 hours per day.

Only drink water or green tea or black coffee in the 16 hour fast per day (Diet Coke if you have to cheat on the healthy side of things)

The foods you can eat to lose weight are…

All proteins (I recommend plant-based)

All fat and dairy


Green vegetables

The foods you can’t eat to lose weight are…


All carbs (not even potatoes, pasta rice quinoa etc.)


Processed foods

Crap (i.e. sweets, chocolate, crisps etc. We all know what crap is!)

And use meditation, mantras and affirmations.

The Resonation Diet if you wish to be healthy (For those of you who are the ideal weight or too slim but need to be healthy)

Only eat for 8 hours per day.

Only drink water or green tea or black coffee in the 16 hour fast 

The foods you can eat to be healthy…

All proteins (I recommend plant-based)

Limited Nuts 

All vegetables

All fruit

Limited other carbs, i.e. potatoes, pasta rice quinoa etc

Limited healthy bread

Limited fat and dairy

No crap (i.e. sweets, chocolate, crisps etc.)

And use meditation, mantras and affirmations.

The things that stay the same on both diets are 

Only eat for 8 hours per day.

Only drink water or green tea or black coffee in the 16 hour fast 

The foods you can eat 

All proteins (I recommend plant-based)

No crap 

Always use meditation, mantras and affirmations.

There’s only a couple of swaps. 

Mainly, when you eat carbs, you limit fats and dairy.

I think it’s quite simple and easy to follow. 

And here’s the Resonating Meditation, Resonating Mantras and Resonating Affirmation you can use to help your mind stay in line with these resolutions.

My Resonating Mantra recommendation if you have no aversion to the word slim is “AH…OM SLIM”

The one I like to sing is a version of Tim Minchin “I am so f***ing rock” and I replace the word rock for slim. ‘I am so flipping slim, I am so god damn slim, I am so mother flipping slim

You could also listen to my RAM mp3 while visualising yourself slim too, which I find the most helpful!


1 HOUR RA MP3, PRICE £9.99 can be found on my services page here.

My Resonating Affirmation

I can easily lose weight

My body is light and free

I feel so energetic because I am fit and so healthy

My body is vibration

it remembers being slim

I don’t have to eat so differently

or even go to the gym

I only have to resonate

with the foods I eat

just make better choices

that I know benefit me

I can definitely eat less

I can eat healthily

And I can be mindful

and create my ideal body

I hope you’ve enjoyed my rambling about my eating habits over the year and that this Resonating Diet Diary blog has been informative and inciteful, helping you on your diet journey. 

I hope that one day you’ll see me (maybe on a retreat somewhere) and I will be my ideal weight, have completely battled my mind against the food wars I have endured over the past three decades, and be at my optimum health. 

I thank the universe for this year, for the four books I’ve released, for the services I can offer, the Mp3s and art I’ve created, and for all the situations it’s found for me when I placed an intention to manifest a specific change for the better; it always pulls through for me. I always get what I want when there’s no contradiction in my vibration, and I intend to eliminate every last opposition out of myself for the year ahead. 

I thank it for my sight, my body and my mind. I appreciate it for the roof over my head and the warmth I can afford. I also thank it for my soul mate who I’ve enjoyed for the fifth Christmas in a row, and my mum is getting through breast cancer. I appreciate it for the trust I have in myself, the knowledge that I can always manifest my way out of any new unpredictable situations. Still, mostly I thank it for making itself known to me in the profound ways it does.

It helps if you can be thankful at the end of your year for all you have been given, including any lessons learned. The universe hears your appreciation and sends you more to appreciate.

It’s sad to be saying goodbye to the Resonation Diet blog, the year has gone so fast and I still haven’t reached my target, which would have been a sweet note to end on, but I need the extra time, so I can concentrate my time to my services, and writing my fantasy series (under a pen name).

Now I know what rules to follow, you will have to trust I will be sticking to them.

Resonating Foods I’ve had this week…

Soup… you can throw any leftover vegetables in the pan and know you’ve eaten a bowl of goodies.

End of week year result…

I hope the Resonating Diet Diary blog has been helpful to you, and you will continue to be healthy too.

All the best for 2020! May all your dreams come true, body mind and spirit. 

Blessings, Rinzen.

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