Spiritual Journals, Trackers, and diaries

The first of my journals have arrived!

To all beings that have ever believed in and still (in their own way) believe in God, the universal life force, angels, the Law of Attraction, Reiki and Buddhism but who refuse to believe in a mighty, dictating punishing smiter that allows us to wallow in negative karmic consequences if “IT” (Intelligent Transcendence) sees fit.

To those spiritually minded humans that feel all the beautiful parts of religion and faith are right, but need answers to the the parts that are missing. And to those willing to postulate the idea of the real omnipotent force out there willing to support our desires, who want to perceive the truth of all that we are, have ever been and will always be so they can live as a true spirit in skin during this experiential reality we’re participating in.

This journal is for you!

you can purchase it on amazon by clicking this link

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