Is The Resonation Realm just The Law of Attraction?

The short answer to this question is no.


Firstly, because, even though the Resonation Realm shares some of the Law of Attraction requirements, like how to think, feel and act to “attract”, it disputes the fact that we “attract” at all.

Yes, our thoughts have vibration.

Yes, our hearts have electromagnetic fields of energy inside them that can communicate with the mystical forces of the universe.

But we are not attracting the things, people, circumstances and situations we desire like we have suddenly tuned into magnets, drawing them to us like they have no will of their own.

We also have not tapped into some magnetic overlord that can shuffle the earth and it’s free willed people about or the material things upon it so we can literally trip over or bump into them without no effort on our part. We don’t “attract” the things, people, circumstances we want like they have no mind of their own and are just drawn to us because we have some kind of pulling power over them, and we don’t tap into some magnetic force that can move people, things and circumstances towards us so we simply trip over them… what we do when we pray, ask, or tap in with the trust, faith, belief, or deliberate “feel good while thinking about what we want” manner, i.e. in all the right ways that resonate with the “thing out there that can help us” is “download” the correct info and guidance that will lead us to them in the fastest way possible.

We just have to get some spiritual sense and realise exactly what it is we’re doing when were communicating with the forces outside of us so we can understand when they communicate the answers to the means of obtaining what we’ve asked for that will be inside us.

You see, we become somewhat “magical” beings once we’ve achieved this perfect vibratory state, but that’s because we “download” divine data”. If you wish to think of it as “attracting into your blueprint the algorithmic, sensory knowledge from the intelligent transcendent universe” then this is the only way you should allow yourself to think of your being as able to “draw” to it anything. In this sense you are drawing inside you a heightened intuitive conscience to the intrinsic immanence within that lets you notice things that will lead you to your “ask”.

Brain blown!

Once you know what realms and fields are actually out there in the universe that hold within them the mystical “stuff” that helps lead us to our desires, you wouldn’t call it a law or say it was attraction.

I mean, you can think of it as prayers being answered or that you are somehow attracting them because you have an invisible magnetic pull if you like, and if it works then that’s fine. It’s when it doesn’t work it’s not fine. When things aren’t coming to us when we know we’ve done everything we’re told to do to get them, we tend to ask “why has He forsaken me” if it’s God we’re asking, or “what’s wrong with me” if it’s the Law of Attraction we’re trying to tap into. We start questioning ourselves, thinking there’s something wrong with us, asking are we not worthy, why we are being ignored, or why can’t we attract like everyone else. We think we’ve done something wrong and therefore being punished (which is another subject entirely) or that we are somehow faulty in the sense that our magnetic fields aren’t as good as everyone else’s.

The fact is, in order to work with the true, divine, “omnipotent force” out there that can support, guide, assist, inspire, heal, and lead you to all that you desire and intend, you need to know that IT (intelligent transcendence) always communicates back to you the correct path that will lead you to whatever you’re asking for. You just have to know how to perceive IT’s divine data.

You download from this all knowing field, information that will lead you to your goal, desire and intent… and you perceive it by becoming aware of the subtle internal inspirational intrinsic awareness you have in your psyche. That sub/ gut “feeling that defies logic or emotions from the physical brain and heart. That yes/ no, open/ closed responsive part of you that knows something your bodily organs can’t make you aware of.

Second, it disputes a lot of the things it claims can happen when we don’t think in specific ways (or we think wrong or bad or negative or worry etc). these kind of teachings can lead us to more worry. we worry about our unconscious thighs, we think bad things that happen are due to us thinking them and therefore causing them and the fact is, unless we’re totally obsessed or our RAS is activated with pure focus when we have emotions, we’re not likely to bring to us the negative situations we’re trying to avoid.

Let me make it clear, and hence set you free of fear, it’s only if you deliberately concentrate on something with enough visualisation and focus to conjure pure, joyful, loving emotions, or when you have obsessed incessantly over something that causes you fearful and negative feelings that you may get the incline to perceive internal guidance that leads you to causing/ creating them in your life! Which you can always ignore because your brain and its own logic will stop you if it know a choice you’re about to make is “wrong”.

So don’t worry, you can’t “attract” situations if you’re not producing feelings about your “focussed” or “obsessive” or “concentrated” thoughts. You can’t bring harmful, toxic, unfortunate events, or ill health, into your life just through thinking about it a few times… or watching horror movies that cause fearful emotions.

Without real, uninterrupted thought that has been energised by our electromagnetic hearts, it’s not going to happen. It only works when we produce a strong feeling about the thought, enabling the transportation of the thought to leave the body and hence be projected into the Resonation Realm.

People can become wary of the Law of Attraction because they fear what their unwatched, mindless thoughts and emotions will produce. Some people stop believing in it when they “realise” they also have to believe they’ve been the cause of their own demise and unfortunate events thus far.

While in some respects, it’s helpful to know you can change your life by changing your thoughts, feelings and attitude, which I advocate you can and should do, it’s unhelpful (and most times wrong) to know you can also hinder your life and your plans, and even bring all sorts of unwanted things in.

Let’s make another thing clear, six million Jewish people did NOT cause their own mass gassing, and the starvation occurring in the Third World is NOT due to these people first thinking there was going to be a mass shortage.

Yes, a feeling and a belief like that can be perpetuated out of an initial situation, but these people did not “cause” it in the first place by their thinking, like what the Law of Attraction gurus would have you believe.

The worst I’ve heard from a Law of Attraction “guru” was them telling someone they attracted their own rape!!!

What the… ???

This is complete, utter, mentally scarring crap. The girl thought about abuse, maybe because she’d watched a film and dreamt of it, and, lo and behold, one evening she’s walking near a rapist and the Law of Attraction magically brought them together… wow, isn’t it incredible!

Anyone who will sit on their Law of Attraction high horse advocating self-blame is, in my opinion, very wrong to do so!

Thirdly, the resonation realm disputes that we can sit back and think feel and act and it will just come to us… again like we’re magnets or IT’s a magnet bringing it just because were extremely happy joyful and in perfect alignment heart mind body spirit the lot!

Let’s just make things clear, Oprah didn’t get where she is today only by thinking alone… she worked hard, focussed entirely, and that RAS (reticular activating system located in the frontal cortex of the brain) of hers was perfectly clear when communicating with IT exactly what her booming loving heart wanted. and she is one magnificent human in touch with her inner awareness anyway. Therefore she will pick up on those inner signals from her bright beaming soul that isn’t covered with fears that don’t belong to it… and was able to go right to the opportunities it told her to take because of this mental effort and emotional intelligence! 

So lets all know that, to manifest anything, your heart and mind have to be aligned and running in the same direction to initiate the communication into the Resonation Realm so it can sense what you want and bring the info to you that will lead you to it and realise it’s not a “law” that will bring things or do things to you.

We don’t have to be “on guard” or feel the bad things in our lives have been our fault because it must have been in our vibration.

Full Resonation Realm awareness will free people from fear, confusion, and repression while still encouraging them to take responsibility for their current vibration through aligned thoughts and feelings. Lets take all the good advice from the Law of Attraction, religion, quantum physics and ancient spiritual texts, and embrace the arcane knowledge and tools, using them in ways that benefit us.

Let’s learn to listen to our own intelligent transcendence, our internal guidance, and therefore take only what makes sense to us, that is beneficial to us, and create wonderful magical lives for ourselves.

With this level of understanding we will create the right thoughlings, ones that will communicate with the majestic realm so it can guide us to the quickest paths where everything we wish to create that preferable alternate universe for ourselves is waiting! That way we can create a more balanced, happy universe.

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