Is The Resonation Realm just The Law of Attraction?

The short answer to this question is no.


Because, the Resonation Realm is a state we must create so that the torus field around us can transmit and receive what we want and how to get what what want… and we do this with positive, big vibrational thoughts and feelings (thoughtlings) that allow us to tap into the Mystical Zones that gift us the means to our dreams, most of the time having to “do” whatever the guidance is telling us to do to “create” our dreams, whereas the Law of Attraction says we simply think, feel and act anyway (positive or negative) to tap into a magnetic field and that we just “attract” things (positive or negative) without doing anything else.

Our thoughts are vibrations that reverberate through space… but only go past the frequency field that hold us in 3D reality if they match the higher/ divine vibrations where guidance resides.

Our purpose filled, focused visualisations create actual quantum reality realms that we make reality… but only if we “do” whatever it takes for us to walk through the door and into that reality we’ve envisioned… because we are now slowed down mini creators of our reality…. more like human “doings” that can no longer create at the speed of thought! we came to create with the clay already made, so to speak… the patterns of atoms with codes already in modes.

Our hearts have electromagnetic fields that push out our coherant communication with the mystical forces of the universe… but only when we’re in high vibration YES mode, all of us combined… as in heart and brain, spirit and soul, and body vessel avatar in vitality mode… that divine passionate desire filled full intent where we’re all in to win and no-one or nothing can stop us… that’s what taps us into the Zones that assist us… and it will feel so quick we may not even notice we’ve “done something” to get whatever it was we was asking for in this mode but we will have “done” whatever the guidance alerted us to, for sure.

We need to realise that we are not attracting the things, circumstances and situations we desire (or detest) like we have suddenly turned into magnets, drawing them to us like they have no will of their own… like we have some kind of pulling power over them!

We also don’t tap into some magnetic overlord that shuffles the earth and the material things upon it because we’ve created a thoughtling (thought and feeling together). Most LoA cheerleaders have come to believe things just gravitate towards them for them to literally bump into them without any effort on their part (other than to believe in self and remain in a high vibration).

There’s also no “law” that would affect other peoples free will.

We have to get some spiritual sense and realise exactly what it is we’re doing when were communicating with the forces outside of us so we can understand when they communicate the answers to us, or give us the means of obtaining what we’ve asked for, which we feel viscerally through our ESS (esoteric sensitivity system).

What we do when we pray, ask, or tap in with the trust, faith, belief, or deliberate “feel good while thinking about what we want” manner, i.e. in all the right ways that resonate with the “thing out there that can help us” is “download” the correct info and guidance that will lead us to the things that will help us create the reality we can visualise in mind (which exists in a quantum possibility realm that awaits us “doing” the things necessary to make it an actuality) in the fastest way possible, or “imbue” the healing energy we need, or “invoke” the muse we need for inspiration.

Brain blown!

Yes, we become more “magical” as human doings once we’ve achieved this perfect vibratory state, but that’s because we “download” divine data and follow the guidance from it. If you wish to think of it as “attracting into your blueprint the algorithmic, sensory knowledge from the intelligent transcendent universe” then this is one way you can validate your believing you can “draw” to you something… but the “thing” is non-physical. You are drawing inside you the info, as well as drawing your attention to your heightened, intuitive conscience to the intrinsic immanence within that allows you to notice things that will lead you to your “ask”.

There’s only one exception to me agreeing to the fact that we can, as humans, attract… and that’s people. This, however is due to chemistry and is hence why some people are classed as “attractive”.

Once you know what realms and fields are actually out there in the universe that hold within them the mystical “stuff” that helps lead us to our desires, you won’t call it a “law” or say you manifested things because of some kind of attraction.

You “created” or “brought into being” that which you visualised by “doing” something!

I mean, you can still think of it as your prayers being answered… because a way to get what you want was given to you, and you “pulled in” or “drew in” to your being in that way… via the electromagnetic push and pull inside your Resonation Realm, if you’re attached to the word “attract”, and you understand you created things and not conjured them.

But if you don’t form the distinction, it will cause problems.

For example, just like religious people tend to ask “why has He forsaken me”, when things aren’t coming to them, and they know they’ve done everything by the book to get them, and they end up feeling ignored, not worthy, or they’ve done something wrong in His eyes and are being punished, Law of Attraction students tend to think “what’s wrong with me”, and that they’re not as good at attracting as everyone else. They feel their magnetic, attractive abilities are somehow faulty and they aren’t as good as everyone else at manifesting… (thinking manifesting is a magical thing that just happens without action).

Both systems (religion and Law of Attraction) make us question ourselves and our abilities, and cause us to “believe” we aren’t as magical as we truly are.

Worse, LoA suggests (just like some dogmatic religions) that we have caused the negative things, circumstances and events in our lives we didn’t want, don’t prefer or hate due to our warped, negative thoughts. These teachings make us fear the “fact” that things we don’t want can happen to us if we’re not careful about what we think and feel!

Is this empowering? No. Worrying more about our unconscious thoughts, believing we are causing bad things to happen leads to more stifling of our souls, and more repression of our magical spirits.

The fact is, most of the time we’re not causing the negative situations and circumstances. I say “most of the time” because there is such thing as a cause and effect of our own actions that will create negative situations… but we will be well aware of them, and have the choice whether to create them or not, given the circumstances we may or may not have caused, that calls for us making a choice… (as in if we respond or react).

We may also “cause” negative shifts if we add to the mass negative consciousness… or “attract” negative energies (which some would call demons, egregores or archons, to name a few) but these are earth bound entities caused by humans, not some force that we have no control over. We have a choice in whether or not to feed these energies and participate in adding to the mystery of them or not. We can either succumb to the negativity that pervades the planet or “rise above” it and be the positive energy that creates change… that also pervades the planet.

Let me make it clear, and hence set you free of fear; it’s only if you deliberately choose to concentrate on something bad/ negative with enough visualisation and focus to conjure more hateful, resentful, pain-filled emotions, obsessively, incessantly, continuously perpetuating the dark entity so it seeps inside you that you will “attract” these negative beings… which will make you ill, ugly, and bitter and twisted… if you allow them too!

You can “attract” earthly dark entities like you “attract” people… with your energy!

If you have a hate-filled, venomous nature that loves to complain, then you will “cause” more negative situations in your life, not to mention these entities helping you. If you’re a horrid individual (or what I call a soul in crisis) these dark entities will sense that you enjoy being so, and will feed you more things to hate so you can become even more horrid… they love serving you as you’re serving them. They love adding to the confusion, the greed, the wars, the arguments of it all and helping the haters to hate.

We all know the likes of those who get off on being horrid to others… what I call darkeners. these are the people who will find it most difficult to tap into the Mystical Zones and create things they’d prefer… if only they we’re willing to focus on right thoughts and feelings to get them there.

Negative thoughts and feelings happen from time to time and if they get so bad (like when we lose people we love or suffering trauma) that we’re becoming more negative than positive we will feel the dark entities coming in… and it’s up to us to recognise its time to do the work so we don’t let them in. Our systems always know if a choice we’re making is wrong… we are always in control.
As we know, it takes just 1% of a nation thinking positively to influence the rest.

The fact is, in order to work with the true, divine, “omnipotent force” out there that can support, guide, assist, inspire, heal, and lead you to all that you desire and intend, you need to know that IT (intelligent transcendence) always communicates back to you the correct path that will lead you to whatever you’re asking for. You just have to know how to perceive IT’s divine data.

Once you download from this all knowing field, the information that will lead you to your goal, desire and intent… you perceive it by becoming aware of subtle, internal, inspirational, intrinsic, visceral gut inclines and lightbulb moments. Once you’re aware of that sub/ gut feeling that defies logic, that yes/ no, open/ closed responsive part of you that knows there’s something you need to take note of, you’ll be creating and bringing into being, and understanding the true two part act of manifesting.

So don’t worry, you can’t “attract” situations if you’re not producing feelings about your “focussed” or “obsessive” or “concentrated” thoughts. You can’t bring harmful, toxic, unfortunate events, or ill health, into your life just through thinking about it a few times… or watching horror movies that cause fearful emotions.

Now you can analyse and realise where you did and didn’t cause the negative events in your life and take back your control.

So, just like all religions are somewhat right and somewhat wrong, so is the law of Attraction. While in some respects, it’s helpful to know you can change your life by changing your thoughts, feelings and attitude to more positive ones (which I advocate you can and should do), it’s unhelpful (and most times wrong) to know you can also hinder your life and your plans, and even bring all sorts of unwanted things in through them too.

Let’s make another thing clear, six million Jewish people did NOT cause their own mass gassing, and the starvation occurring in the Third World is NOT due to these people first thinking there was going to be a mass shortage.

Yes, a feeling and a belief like that can be perpetuated out of an initial situation, but these people did not “cause” it in the first place by their thinking, like what the Law of Attraction gurus would have you believe.

The worst I’ve heard from a Law of Attraction “guru” was them telling someone they attracted their own rape!!!

What the… ???

This is complete, utter, mentally scarring crap. The girl thought about abuse, maybe because she’d watched a film and dreamt of it, and, lo and behold, one evening she’s walking near a rapist and the Law of Attraction magically brought them together… wow, isn’t it incredible? Err no, it’s not, thank you very much!

Anyone who will sit on their Law of Attraction high horse advocating this type of self-blame mentality is correct, let alone helpful, in my opinion, is out of order!

Oprah didn’t get where she is today only by thinking alone… she worked hard, focussed entirely, and that RAS (reticular activating system located in the frontal cortex of the brain) of hers was perfectly clear when communicating exactly what her booming, loving heart wanted. She is a magnificent human in touch with her inner awareness who picks up on those inner signals from her bright, beaming soul (one that isn’t covered with fears that don’t belong to it) and is able to go right to the opportunities guidance tells her to take because of her supermundane, mental effort and emotional intelligence that also informs her of what she must “do”! 

To manifest anything, your heart and mind have to be aligned and running on high vibe to communicate with the Mystical Zones that will bring in the info you need that will lead you to what you want to achieve… there’s not some “law” that will bring things or do things to you.

We don’t have to be “on guard” or feel the bad things in our lives have been our fault because it must have been in our vibration.

The Resonation Realm frees people from fear, confusion, and repression while still encouraging them to take responsibility for their current vibration through aligned thoughts and feelings. It takes all the good advice from the Law of Attraction, religion, quantum physics and ancient spiritual texts, that shows us how to get into and maintain high vibes, but we are always in control, using the tools in ways that benefit us.

Let’s learn to listen to our own intelligent transcendence, our internal guidance, and therefore take only what makes sense to us, that brings into being the wonderful, magical lives for ourselves we envision.

With this level of understanding, we will create the right thoughlings that grant us the guidance we need, and gain the quickest path to that preferable, alternate universe we envision.

While we’re at it, we will create a more balanced, happy universe!

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