Is The Resonation Realm really just The Law of Attraction?


The short answer to this question is no.

The short answer to this question is no.


Because, even though the Resonation Realm shares some of the Law of Attraction principles, it also disputes others.

I agree that you can attract situations with the way you think, but only if you deliberately concentrate on something with enough visualisation and focus to conjure pure, joyful, loving emotions, or when you have obsessed incessantly over something that causes you fearful and negative feelings!

In other words, you can’t attract situations if you’re not producing feelings about your “focussed” or “obsessive” or “concentrated” thoughts. You can’t bring harmful, toxic, unfortunate events, or ill health, into your life just through thinking about it a few times… or watching horror movies that cause fearful emotions.

Without real, uninterrupted thought that has been energised by our electromagnetic hearts, it’s not going to happen.  It only works when we produce a strong feeling about the thought, enabling the transportation of the thought to leave the body and hence be projected into the Resonation Realm.

People get scared of the Law of Attraction because they fear what their unwatched, mindless thoughts and emotions will produce. Some people don’t want to believe in it in case they also have to think they’ve been the cause of their own demise thus far.

While in some respects, it’s helpful to know you can change your life by changing your thoughts, feelings and attitude, which I advocate you can and should do, it’s unhelpful (and most times wrong) to know you can also hinder your life and your plans too.

Let’s just make things clear, Oprah didn’t get where she is today only by thinking alone… she worked hard, focussed entirely, and that RAS (reticular activating system located in the frontal cortex of the brain) of hers tuned into more opportunities because of her mental efforts! 

Let’s make another thing clear, I don’t believe six million Jewish people caused their own mass gassing, or that the starvation occurring in the Third World is due to these people first thinking there was going to be a mass shortage.

Yes, a feeling and a belief like that can be perpetuated out of an initial situation, but these people did not “cause” it in the first place by their thinking, like what the Law of Attraction gurus would have you believe. And, now that it has happened, they can’t just sit and wish for things to get better. It may take a revolution for them to change this situation, a mass combination of focus, planning and dedication to finally break free… but either way, they didn’t cause it.

They are only on the receiving end of it and what matters to the soul is how they react, what they learn, and what steps they take from then on. Perhaps forgiveness was a lesson needed to be learned by both sides. We don’t truly know the soul contracts and true causes of tragedies that happen and believing that we caused them through our minds only perpetuates guilt and shame. We must take a step back and look at the bigger picture. Sometimes we won’t truly understand why something happens — in those cases, our sole responsibility (response-ability) is how we react and change our inner state of being to help heal the situation for all involved. 

Anyone who will sit on their Law of Attraction high horse advocating self-blame is, in my opinion, very wrong to do so!

You have all created your own demise, you stupid, random-thinking idiots!

We can deal with stuff that happens to us by being positive, and hence ameliorate the situation and neutralise the bad effects, but it does no good to look for something or someone to blame, especially ourselves. It is true that we must be responsible with the energy and thoughtling we give out (since a reflection of it comes back to us), but there’s no sense in fearing our subconscious or judging ourselves for having some negative thoughts. We are human, after all. 

The worst I’ve heard from a Law of Attraction “guru” was them telling someone they attracted their own rape!!! What the… ??? This is complete, utter, mentally scarring crap. The girl thought about abuse, maybe because she’d watched a film and dreamt of it, and, lo and behold, one evening she’s walking near a rapist and the Law of Attraction magically brought them together… wow, isn’t it incredible!

NOPE, not having it.

There may well be a case for suggesting that once a rapist goes out to seek a victim, he will more than likely pick the most vulnerable, weakest or fearful looking of the people he comes across… unless he also has a weapon to force their energy to change into that form. Any perpetrator will weigh up their victim and, just like a wild beast who can judge good or bad vibes from afar, he will be able to sense those who will make for the easiest pray from the energy they give out. The cells in his body will be actively seeking cells in a body that are full of fear, the easy target, the one who will most likely freeze and not put up a fight, just like a lion will go for the easy target but will steer clear of a snake. They don’t need to understand the snake can kill… they can sense it. For example, one girl could be walking with confidence, looking straight ahead, she doesn’t flinch when she sees him, she has a firm grip on her bag, ready to swing it, ready to scream, kick, put up a fight, shoulders squared, while another slows when she sees him, turns around to see if there’s anyone nearby who could help if necessary, maybe even attempts to run, her body language tells him he could easily force her to the ground.

(You can find out more about how our bodies give out electromagnetic energies my book Resonating Meditations: Attract Something While You Do Nothing!) 

So in this sense, only in that moment, Law of Attraction gurus may be able to argue that it was her fear of being attacked that caused the attacker to be attracted to her, but it’s certainly too far to claim that she caused the whole situation in the first place! The rapist caused it because this situation was what he’d been projecting with his “thoughtling” (thought and feeling) into the Resonation Realm for a while, which found him the situation he’d been communicating he wished to find!

This doesn’t mean the Resonation Realm was against the victim at this point and favoured the rapist over her; the Resonation Realm is impartial. It acts as a search engine only, finding for everybody what they tap in, evil or not, just like Google.

My point is, to make someone feel they’ve been the cause of their own rape, or mugging, or anything else this extreme, is horrific and results in making people fearful of their own thoughts. So, unless you joined a club to actively go out looking to be raped, obsessed night and day about it happening, or you were wishing and willing for it to happen before you went out that night, you don’t need to worry.

Got it! 

This concept is similar to that of the God-fearing religious people who believe he will strike them down or kill their children if they do something wrong.

Let me put the record straight: God, in whatever shape, form, or name you know him, her, or it as, doesn’t take! God, or “the universe”, as I sometimes like to call it instead of the Resonation Realm, is a beautiful, esoteric force that gives easily when your feelings are vibrating with love… and only gives horrible things if you’re persistent enough to focus and obsess, vibrating with fearful emotions, projecting this thoughtling out of you, and therefore demanding a response!

The universe is so brilliant at vibrating and aligning with our frequency that it will give you what you don’t want if you focus enough with feeling as it thinks you must wish to have it, see it, witness it, experience it, and find evidence for it if you’re thinking about it that often with such feelings to transport it out of you! So make sure you’re not obsessing over things you don’t want, and your communications, vibrations, and resonance with the universe will be clear.

This is why I advocate that we should meditate to clear any limiting, fearful energies out of our systems, and chant mantras to invoke positivity and wisdom in order to radiate happiness and love. Doing these things, and talking to ourselves in the correct way, will bring us everything we’ve ever wanted without us having to do much at all other than be happy! How great is that? We can do nothing and still gain our desires. We just have to let go of all blockages. (All the ways in which we can do this can be found from the books in my Resonation Realm series.)

My friend blamed God for the loss of her child. She fell out with “him” because she felt he’d picked on her. It was a devastating time which still affects her to this day, 16 years on, but it made me see that people also lose God when they lose loved ones… and she’d already lost so much.

To have her whole belief system, and trust in her version of God, cave in on her like it did, was horrific to witness. I tried to at least save her this misfortune by asking her where she thought her child was now, if not with God… but I was sure I made her feel worse, like her child was in some nether realm unloved and unable to be held, by either her or the angels because she’d now forsaken him.

Rightly so, she wanted something to blame, but please people, don’t blame God, unless you believe he’s some fickle, schizophrenic who will punish you at any moment he sees fit anyway… and then what have you lost really?

He giveth and taketh away is just a metaphor for the universe and the world of constant change that we live in. Why would an omniscient, supposed loving being have the time or incline to say “I will make you pregnant, but if you piss me off, I’ll kill the child”? Who wants to believe in a God who supposedly places us here for a test, gives us free will, and then punishes us for sins stated in the Bible, or some reason unbeknown to us while we just have to trust he knows what he’s doing?

What happened to the loving God who blessed all his children? Why this mighty smiter who gets off on taking from us and upsetting us? As if to prove my point that God isn’t some idiot, just after giving birth to her stillborn child, there was something on the news about a baby being dumped in a skip! This upset her even more; how could He let people like that keep their babies and not her, who wanted her child, and would make the best parent?

If God takes, and has to for reasons unbeknown to us, then surely he’d work it in a way that it worked out well for everyone.

Don’t get me wrong, I believe in karma; there is undoubtedly cause and effect in this life. We can see this in our sciences — simply put, when we place our fingers in a fire, we get burnt. And yes, you may have throat cancer because you smoked, but deep down you knew these risks, didn’t you? But, come on Law of Attraction and Buddhist extremists, if you’ve never smoked and have always been healthy and kind, you haven’t got cancer because you simply thought about it, or were horrible to someone in a past life!

Don’t get me wrong, there are certain energies that, when left to fester, can come out of us in the form of illness and disease which may show us physically what we weren’t able to see subconsciously, but we will recognise this. 

Illness in any form can sometimes be a calling for us to get out of a lifestyle or pattern of thoughts and emotions resonating on a low vibration. So, although we didn’t think nor wish for cancer, cancer can be reflected to us because of the way we’re living and therefore might come into our experience as a result. This is not a punishment; it’s a wake up call from life to be more alive, truly and deeply alive and aligned with our souls. It can show us how we are living our lives, where our energy is being spent and invested, and if we are truly doing what we love or not. Sometimes, an illness comes as a signal to say “Hey, the way you are living your life right now with those thoughts and feelings, they are causing your soul to slowly die… and I am communicating this to you by causing your body to slowly die or become diseased. If you want to change this, change yourself.” 

Once these people become aware of their energy and how their subconscious blockages could have manifested it in such a form for them to take notice, they not only deal with their old belief, they are able to heal themselves without chemotherapy and simply just use new diets and thoughts, meditation and such. 

My point is, to manifest anything, your heart and mind have to be aligned and running in the same direction to initiate the communication the Resonation Realm can sense. So, it is not like the Law of Attraction in that sense. I don’t like the idea of a “law” that will do things to you, even when you are unaware. It’s silly to always be on guard if it must have somehow been your fault if unfortunate events occur because you “must have thought about it” at some point as it “must have been in your vibration” to have had it come into your life.

I want to free people from feeling scared, confused or punished and repressed while still encouraging them to take responsibility for their current vibration through aligned thoughts and feelings. Lets take all the good advice from the Law of Attraction, Buddhism, quantum physics and ancient spiritual texts, and embrace the lessons and tools, but only use them in ways that benefit us.

Let’s release all spiritual repression, take only what makes sense to us, and create wonderful lives for ourselves.

Let’s create the right thoughlings, the ones that will bring us everything we wish, enabling us to create preferable alternate universes for ourselves! That way we can create a more balanced, happy universe.

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