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I’m celebrating my Resonation Realm series at the moment. It’s feels so great to finally have the set of skills “Resonating System” and the full set of tools “Resonating Affirmations” Resonating Meditations” and Resonating Mantras” that I’m giving away a gift to accompany them… as well as surprising my growing list with gifts twice per year of course!

Take advantage of my free MP3 and the fact that I give plenty of thing away twice per year!

The free, and exclusive, Resonating Affirmations MP3 consists of the 49 Resonating Affirmations from the book, and is accompanied by my special Resonating Music, so you can attract your desires with ease.

The Resonating Affirmations can be used to benefit all areas of your life, even without the book explaining their purpose, and you can download them free, no purchase necessary, when you sign up to my Resonation Realm readers list. Once you do, I’m free to treat you with extra value and goodies to whenever I like too! 

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What else have I got to keep you in alignment?

If you struggle with weight loss, you may like to follow the “Resonation Diet” I started in 2019 and have been on since then…. I did a year in the life. I’m now in the Tony Robbins diet which seems to be working better for the psychology part … don’t worry I’ve not ruined the ending as I’m still working on it… although I can see this one working!

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I’ve also been creating free “Resonating Mantras” and “Resonating Meditations” for my YouTube channel as well as creating extra special Resonating Music for my premium Resonating Mantras and Resonating Meditations, which I love to use and benefit from myself, especially for specific desires! You can check out the free and premium versions here.

Resonating Mantras

Resonating Meditations

I also have my two premium Resonating Affirmation packages, one for Love and one for Money (the topics I get asked to help people with the most) on special offer at the moment, if you’d like to check out those…




The Premium Resonating Mantra for Love and Money will come free as part of your Resonating Affirmation package as well as the Resonating Affirmation Mp3’s and a pack of beautiful Affirmation prints for you to frame.

Premium Resonating Affirmation packages

I’m creating courses and premium services atm, which I’m really enjoying. If you’re interested in connecting with me on a deeper level, learning my RAM technique, or creating a unique package for you, then watch this space




And lastly, the Resonating Art gallery is now ready for you to view too, if you’re interested in Reiki induced spiritual art canvases and prints. 

The Gallery



Warning, all items sold on this website are intended to turn you into a manifesting superhero!

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