Rinzen has a special way of marrying ancient, spiritual beliefs with logic and science, creating a magical formula that will bring you into pure alignment with the mystical forces of this universe that support our journey!

The Resonation Realm series is designed to introduce you to the real omnipotent force in the universe, (no, not the Law of Attraction) and impart enough spiritual sense that it takes you from belief to trust, allowing you to vibrate on a higher level, transcend this human form so you become a spirit in skin winning the game we’re participating in and enter the Mystical Zones that gift us the means to create our dreams with ease!

Fans of the Law of Attraction will love the Resonation Realm; it uses the parts that are best and eliminates the rest! 

Forget the Law of Attraction; to attract what you want, you need the Resonation Realm! 

Do you struggle using the Law of Attraction, but believe in the concept? Do you feel that there’s more to it than just “like attracts like”? The fact is, if you’re struggling to attract the things you desire, there will be some form of doubt, fear, negativity, or counteractive belief hidden in your system. Before you can succeed, you must be in an optimum state of being and resonating. 

This book will show you how to dig deep, slash through unwanted blocks, so you can vibrate in the manner that speaks to the energetic fields of this universe, allowing you to attract all your long-awaited desires once and for all. 

Before you can manifest your desires, you must dissolve the old programming that prevents you from aligning with your preferred reality and adopt a new neural pathway that aligns both heart and mind.


These are no ordinary affirmations! These are believable affirmations set in rhyme for an immensely powerful heart and mind!

Law of Attraction fans will love the Resonation Realm; it takes the parts that are best, and eliminates the rest! Are you a manifesting being who wants to be more than they are? Do you want to know why some people thrive and get to go so far? Would you like to find ways of attracting through the use of your own magic? Wish to connect to the universe and the powers that created it? Want to know how to resonate with your body and mind? To create the right vibrations that ensure you become aligned? To enter an alternate universe where everything goes your way?

Then let me help you achieve these dreams via what you believe and say!


These are no ordinary meditations! These are meditations that create an alternate universe!

Once you know how to tap into the Resonation Realm, the rest is easy. The Resonation Realm will do the work for you but first, you must know how to align with its creative force through shifting your frequency. These meditations are intentionally crafted to align you with the highest version of yourself while using your emotions as a compass towards creating a new reality!

Do you feel like you’re missing something when it comes to the Law of Attraction? That’s because you need the Resonation Realm instead! Are you trying too hard to manifest your desires without any luck? You can ease your way into achieving success by letting go of outdated beliefs and learning how to tap into your highest wisdom through meditation.

This tool will gently guide you into the optimum state necessary for tapping into the Resonation Realm.


These are no ordinary mantras! These are mantras that will help you create your desires, align you with your higher self, and create tonal frequencies through which you can manifest the life you prefer.

Sound is the primal source of energy. Its power and effects have been widely studied in the scientific community. For instance, do you feel uplifted when you sing? There’s a reason for that—our souls lift when we are in this state. The ancients have always known how to chant and recite mantras in ways that manifest their preferred realities, heal, and align their energies with higher states of being with ease by using ancient tools with a new set of rules as you create the clear, booming the Resonation Realm you need.

This book will explain all the benefits and usage of this ancient tool, how it’s linked to quantum physics, and how we can draw from the universal energies the fits we need to help manifest our deepest intentions.


Want to know the exact reasons why you can’t manifest some of the things you want… like the most important things?

There are myriad reasons for the dichotomy in our brains and hearts, which won’t allow us create our preferred realities. Knowing how to find them, and what to do to rid yourself of them, are important steps to becoming the true alchemists of our lives.

Tapping into the Mystical Zones that gift us the means to our dreams is only easy if there are no contradictions in the signals our system is emitting. If you want to be fully aligned to the Mystical Zones that gift us the means to our dreams, then you need to know how your system can sometimes sabotage you.

This book gives tools and tricks that help you rid yourself of the sh*t that’s stops us downloading the divine data we need to achieve our dreams.


This book will help you with your inner wisdom and stop the dichotomies between psyche and persona, enabling you to gain back your supermundane powers that this matrix construct has programmed out of you, allowing you to be, do and have all you came here for, with a spiritual pass to succeed.

What is the meaning of life? What’s the aim of the game? What is our true reason for incarnating into this physical form? What is the goal of our soul? 

Can we get a spiritual pass to live the life of our dreams? 

Rid ourselves from the fear of hell once and for all? 

We know this planet is a school to test the strength of our souls but to know thy true self and our authentic nature goes a long way in helping us pass this test. 


From darkness to light, wrong to right, you can alchemise, your entire life!

We all suffer from mental, emotional, spiritual and physical pain, we experience grief, loss, heartache along our paths which affects our energy, and hence cuts us off from the Vitality Zone that gifts us our pranic, life-force energy we need.

Most people are surviving instead of thriving, and this needs to change. A negative state you keep on perpetuating changes your kind, optimistic demeanour. It’s time to step back into the true, positive, loving spirit in skin that you are and start winning the game we came to play no matter the pain.

The tools in this book will help you get rid of most of the things that cause ourselves suffering, change what we can, and cope with what we can’t.


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