Rinzen would like to be seen as a “true age” author, as opposed to other new age/new thought spiritual and inspirational authors out there, due to the fact that, although the concepts, tools, skills and views cross over, her “grand theory of everything that includes divinity” is not what she wishes people to class as woo woo, nor is anything that could be considered as classical woo woo anything she teaches in her Resonation Realm books. Most of the other gurus/ teachers who show us how to manifest do so by advocating the Law of Attraction, which Rinzen feels shows us great ways in which we can get high vibrational states that allow us to “tap in” but doesn’t correctly teach what it is we’re tapping in to, and also gives people the impression they can simply have positive “thoughtlings” (her word for thoughts and feelings together) then sit back and wait for the universe to bring it to us, or that we somehow turn into magnets that draw things to us, which is not something Rinzen will tell you (hence the sense that we also must “do” something, instead of the woo woo belief that it will just come). 

Rinzen says the Resonation Realm series is for us to adopt a more logical, trust based faith, based on spiritual sense that gives us beneficial beliefs that support our dreams, and eliminates the guilt, fear and repression all spiritual people suffer due to the conflicting, harmful beliefs handed down by strict dogmatic religions. Rinzen feels her concept that we can create a Resonation Realm that grants us access to the higher dimensions, and what those higher dimensions are, is backed up by science as well as her own revelations about the cosmos and that they also coincide with what the ancient, ascended masters have been trying to teach for centuries. Her mission is to reveal the esoteric, secret teachings that brought our ancestors the ability to transcend and receive this knowledge and obtain the true, alchemical ways in which we tap into the Mystical Zones which gift us the means to achieve our dreams, (as in the lightbulb moments and gut inclines we must act upon to bring forth / create the life of our dreams) which have been hidden from us as she feels it’s about time the world knew the truth, so we can unify and unite in our trust of what’s true and step back into our power without fear.

Rinzen teaches how the Mystical Zones (not Law of Attraction) picks up the communication in our Resonation Realm (i.e the positive booming clear high vibe torus field emanating from our hearts that pushes out what we want) and simultaneously draws in our answer, or the results we are seeking (ie sends us the divine data, the creative ideas, or the healing energy we need to take heed of in order to succeed in bringing our manifestation into being). 

Rinzen feels it’s her mission to prove to people that we are vibratory organisms, capable of transcending this 3D reality and downloading, imbuing and invoking the powers from these higher dimensions, transforming us back into the supermundane spirits in skin we came to this Earth to be.  

She wants everyone to know that they are powerful beings and that they can manifest any desire with ease, but they must do so by “acting on the impulses they receive from the higher dimensions”, and for people to feel liberated, and in control of themselves and their fate, instead of leaving it down to a “law” that doesn’t exist. She wants people to understand that what’s really out there in the quantum realm is much more powerful and makes much more sense that this new age belief, and therefore (once we have the truth) our “beliefs” will no longer have to be forced, which helps when trying to create the positive “thoughtlings” we need to tap in.

In her mission to help awaken our true, mystical natures, Rinzen teaches us how to use ancient spiritual tools in ways that resonate with us today. Her books, Resonating Affirmations: The Declarations Required To Manifest desires, Resonating Meditations: Attract Something While You Do Nothing and Resonating Mantras; Make The Universe Dance To Your Chant, present us with simple, easy to grasp techniques aim to accelerate our innate magical powers and turn us into a manifesting geniuses. 

Rinzen has gathered her own spiritual practices from what she classes as as smorgasbord of the best principles from all religions (including the esoteric parts they have hidden) and by understanding where the god fearing, repressive side came from so she can eliminate the parts that cause RTS (religion trauma syndrome). She meditates every day, practices Reiki and creates unique, relaxing music that enhances her overall wellbeing. As well as being spiritually minded, she has great respect for science and quantum physics, which is why she tries to seek ways in which the two can co-exist, or at least not contradict each other, which reflects in her personal quest to find real magical gifts of the universe.

Rinzen believes the powers of positive thinking can eliminate old, limiting mindsets, and that we can create our own reality with the way we focus and feel and, therefore, has made her first book in the series, Resonating System; What To Perceive So You Can Achieve, permanently free so she can help free the world of repression and fear, which, even without the other tools, she claims will help a person manifest their preferred reality by creating a healthy environment where positive thoughtlings can breed and where intuition of the higher realms strengthen so people can “act on them” without even realising they’re “reacting” to the urges within at all.

Rinzen has always been called a dreamer, which she sees as a good thing… for without those dreams, she says we would not expand ourselves or our minds.

She has no problem being called weird for her “revelations” and practices. She says, she may well not be able to prove that the Mystical Zones, Spirit Realms and higher dimensions are there (mainly because we lack the equipment to test for it yet), but not one scientist can prove her wrong. So, until then, she will continue to do what works, and what makes her happy (which includes coming up with the mathematical formula for God… as in the true omnipotent source of love and light) and will try to help others who are on the same path, achieve the same.

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