Rinzen is an new age/new thought spiritual and inspirational author, mostly known for her Resonation Realm series. The Resonation Realm is something Rinzen has described as Law of Attraction meets Buddhism, with a bit of spooky science to back it up.

Rinzen describes the Resonation Realm as “an esoteric, omniscient and omnipresent field, and a quantum network with mirror-like fibres, that can sense what we are transmitting into it neurologically and electromagnetically. This mystical zone reacts to this “communication” of ours by spinning in all directions, searching for the closest particles that will bring us the results it thinks we are seeking. Once it has gathered the matching frequencies, it reflects them back to us in the form of lining up the things, people, situations, circumstances, and events that will lead us to our goal. And it does so without bias, regardless of whether it’s true or false, even if it strips us of things we’re not quite ready to let go of to find us the fastest way of bringing us this frequency!”

She says that it’s her mission to prove to people that this responsive field that can bring us everything we could ever want exists, and that we are vibratory organisms, capable of communicating with this omniscient net that quantum physicists are now coming to understand.  She wants everyone to know that they are powerful beings and that they can attract any desire with ease, and for people to feel liberated, and free from a “law” they can’t control. She wants people to understand what’s really out there in the quantum realm, and how they can tap into it with their own “thoughtlings” (thoughts and feelings) at will. 

In her mission to help us awakening our true, mystical selves, Rinzen teaches us how to use ancient spiritual tools in ways that resonate with us today. Her books, Resonating Affirmations: The Declarations Required To Manifest desires, Resonating Meditations: Attract Something While You Do Nothing and Resonating Mantras; Make The Universe Dance To You Chant, present us with simple and easy to grasp techniques we can apply, ones she says will accelerate our innate magical powers and turn us into a manifesting geniuses. 

Rinzen follows Buddhist principles in her daily life. She meditates every day, practices Reiki and creates unique, relaxing music that creates peace and enhances her overall wellbeing. As well as being spiritually minded, she has great respect for science and quantum physics, which is why she tries to seek ways in which the two can co-exist, or at least not contradict each other, which reflects in her personal quest to find real magical gifts of the universe.

Rinzen believes the powers of positive thinking can eliminate old, limiting mindsets, and that we can create our own reality with the way we focus and feel and, therefore, has made her first book in the series, Resonating System; What To Perceive So You Can Achieve, permanently free so she can help free the world of repression and fear, which, even without the other tools, she claims will help a person attract by creating a healthy environment where positive thoughtlings can breed.

Rinzen has always been called a dreamer, which she sees as a good thing… for without those dreams, she says we would not expand ourselves or our minds.

She also doesn’t mind being called weird for her beliefs and practices. She says, she may well not be able to prove that the Resonation Realm is there (mainly because we lack the equipment to test for it yet), but not one scientist can prove her wrong. So, until then, she will continue to do what works, and what makes her happy and will try to help others who are on the same path, achieve the same. 

If you would like to read the interview with Rinzen about the Resonation Realm, click on the link below!

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