Resonating Art

What is Resonating Art?

After imbuing my paints and materials with Reiki energy, I enter a meditative state to connect to the Creative Zone and channel the love and light within me. Therefore, the Resonating Artwork is always inspired by the universal muse that’s of the most highest spiritual acclaim each time. For this reason, my art sometimes has a mind of its own. I can go into a trancelike state and just allow the creativity energy to flow through me. The muses can inspire me to make slow strokes with much detail, or fast strokes that seem like universal forces are at play, just like the Earth itself is sometimes wild and sometimes still. There’s beauty in it all. I don’t need to master or control it, it controls me, and I trust that it knows the way. 

Some paintings take a few hours, some a few days, and some take weeks to make layer upon layer, but each piece is made until my intuition informs me that it will help inspire, and bring balance and calm to the people who are purchasing it so it can release them from any inner blockages, or remind them they are powerful beings, spirits in skin here to win the game of life they’re participating in, which helps us remain mindful of keeping our resonation with our innermost desires. 

Art is my therapy, as I meditate and get into the zone, I can transmit Reiki energy for hours and days later. When I paint for myself, I think about alignment, about the beauty of our planet, and about the Resonation Realm I’m creating (the positive torus field around us that allows us to communicate with the higher dimensions and download, invoke or imbue the divine data, the muse, or the healing energy we need to achieve all our dreams). I let go of all expectations and enter a timeless place where I am at one, totally allowing the universe to flow through my strokes in each present moment. I let go of judgement and the need to label things good or bad, right or wrong, and go beyond all suffering on this earthly plane and transcend myself to a point where my hopes and dreams feel like they have actualised. I visit the alternate universe where the version of me exists where all my hopes and dreams have come true, and just simply live there for a while, needing and wanting for nothing, basking in the perfect health, vitality and abundance that’s all around me, a place where I am able to paint for my pleasure, just how I am. 

Just like how physics explains that particles can be in two places at once, so will my energy be with my customers at all times inside this art. If a piece resonates with you, then we have made a real connection that will transcend space and time. If my art speaks to you, if your heart says “yes” like when we look at nature, then there will be some form of purposeful energy placed in the piece that your soul knows is right for you, beneficial for you, or will inspire you to something you need, and help straighten out your specific alignment issues, or it will simply be a piece that reawakens the beauty and infinite possibilities within you, so they’re at the forefront of your heart and mind and therefore, you can resonate at your best at all times.

The main things I like to paint are trees, spirals, universal blasts, anything spiritual or relating to sacred geometry and I love to use chakra colours.

As a general rule, but not set in stone, trees will help keep you grounded, help you focus, and heal, their energy and life force will help bring you vitality and vigour and help you communicate.

Spirals inspire the vortex of your chakras to keep flowing in a clockwise manner, helping you to stay in alignment with the universe and optimum health.

Universal Blasts will help remind you that the higher dimensions exist and that spiritual energy, light and love is always flowing towards us, and the Mystical Zones are waiting to assist you with finding the ways you can manifest the many infinite things you are wanting, intending and desiring.

The spiritual and sacred geometry pieces will remind you that we are part of a larger intelligence and therefore, allow your mind to transcend this earthly plane, lifting you above just the physical. 

And last but not least, all my artwork should consistently remind you to use affirmations, meditations and mantras everyday, so that you can keep vibrating high and communicating an optimum level.

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