Thank you for purchasing my RAM service!

I can’t wait to speak to you!

I’m looking forward to bringing you into full alignment with the power zone you need and getting you to create a perfect Resonation Realm!

What happens now?

Once I get confirmation from PayPal, the email add you made your PayPal payment will receive an email from “” (that’s me).

In this email, I will ask you what day would suit you best for our video call, and which of the 3 time slots you’d prefer 10-11 am GMT, 3-4pm GMT or 8-9pm GMT?

I will also want to know how you would best like to communicate… i.e. Soon or FB Messenger? Anything you’re used to is fine. If I haven’t got it, I will join. Then the magic can begin!

I’m looking forward to helping you use my technique to tap into the mystical forces that are out there!

Thank’s again.

Blessings, Rinzen x

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