The Law of Attraction is flawed!

When you’re using the law of attraction to try to manifest desires and you see it works, but then sometimes it doesn’t, we tend to blame ourselves…

When we try and try, using all our mental powers of visualisation, and the thing still doesn’t show up, we need to ask…

What’s going on? 

Is there a flaw in the law? 

Could the philosophy behind the Law of Attraction be missing something?

Is there’s more to it than what you’ve been told, an important keystone that makes manifesting and aligning with your preferred reality a lot more effective?

That’s when we can tap into what’s truly out there, when we will find and be able to perceive the actual forces out there that can support, guide, and assist us in ways that will lead us to our desires. We need to learn the true omnipotent omniscient, omnipresent vibratory field thats out there so we can communicate with it correctly. This is the only way to encompass the full process of manifestation. 

What is it?

I call it the Resonation Realm.


Because that “something” we all know is out there is much more than “attractive”. It’s an oscillating, reverberating, frequency realm with supportive data-taking, algorithmic, invisible, divine intelligence, that has a program we can tap into for help, assistance, inspiration, ideas, as well as an energetic, universal life-force that can heal, restore and balance us, both of which we can use to help us create the life we prefer…the life we intend… so we can manifest the desires in our hearts!

…one that, if properly understood,  will enable us to create a true alternate reality for ourselves, one that will turn us into true spiritual beings able to download divine info into our psyches for our personas to take note of! 

We first need to realise that we are two beings in one. Some say we are Gods children, some say we are stars in skin, I say we are little bits of IT (Intelligent transcendence) but whatever it is you wish to call IT It will be called upon.

We must realise we have biological brains and hearts in these human bodies (or avatars) but our true mind and feelings are deeper. We can sense our true selves through our subconscious and gut awareness.

An inner knowing that there is something higher than ourselves we can connect to but yet can’t see due to the fact that we’re manifested in a 4D realm while the majesty of the full extent of the universe resides in far more dimensions. This is the catalyst to us being able to transcend our bodies and connect to all that is… and what will enable us to download the “cheat codes” as I call them that will give us supermundane abilities, ones that will show us the fastest way to manifest our intents.

Once we know we have a true self, we can get in touch with our pre-human intentions. This will bring our awareness to the “why” of our desires, allow us to check if it will be of benefit to our higher self and its spiritual goals, as well as adding value and expansion to the whole of IT, and therefore give us a “spiritual pass” in our hearts to go for them.

This is how to get rid of all underlying contradictions in our system and once we do that we can embody the desire it in our hearts.

A clear, joyful eager heart, will boom out of it a strong magnetic field, which carries your thoughts into the resonation realm for it to pick up, therefore you will simultaneously tap into the data/ all knowing realm and download the correct path into your system that will lead you right to it.

We also don’t have to become so conscious of the negative signals we transmit from our thoughts, like law of attraction gurus tell us; without the booming hearts or totally obsessed fear-based thoughts (which are also protected by the closing of your heart), they’re weak.

In order to stay in alignment with the universe, showing IT what we want, we can simply know when we’re resonating in fit states, or get into them on purpose, and then project into this booming heart state our purposeful, focussed thoughts, desires, and intents, or the healing we need.

The heart plays a major role in its connection and transmission to the Resonation Realm. It emits a frequency many times more powerful than the brain and knowing how to use it is crucial in tuning your vibration to station your mind prefers. 

The fact is, if you’re finding it hard to manifest your desires; then you either have an unresolved or unknown energy blockage, or you’re sending mixed signals. 

Your beliefs about yourself and the world you live in play a big part in manifesting so, knowing we need the full alignment of the heart/mind psyche and the sub/gut persona versions of you, there may be things wired in the brain and fears rooted in the heart you need to unearth uproot and take note of to rewire and brighten them. If you don’t deal with them, they will continue to stop you creating the reality you want.

That’s what the skills, found inside Resonating System, aims to overcome! And at the moment you can get the eBook for free!

The list of online retailers can be found here.

There are real magical gifts of this universe and they are all around us, waiting for us to tap into their powers so we can make significant improvements in our lives. We just need aligned intentions in our hearts and minds with no contradiction underlined to manifest dreams. 

Resonating System shows a better way than the law of attraction for us to make the life we want work out for us, the way all possibilities we envision is brought to us, and a way to enhance our lives so much it seems like we have magical powers. It connects you to the true “something” out there with the omnipotent, giving, supportive, helpful, assistive, restoritive (not magnetic or attractive) nature. 

As long as we think, believe, and act in a way that is aligned with joy, gratitude, and love, we are infinitely connected to Intelligent Transcendence via the Resonation Realm

And we can communicate with this esoteric, omniscient and omnipresent field with our “thoughtlings” (hearts and minds together).

Both our inner feelings and outer actions, such as chanting mantras, using the power of the word and vibration by saying affirmations, or by using unique meditation techniques.

I will show you a way to tap into this quantum network that senses what we are transmitting into it neurologically and electromagnetically, the mystical zone that reacts to this “communication” of ours and gives us the higher awareness/incline/intuition we need to take not of that will make us take note of the things, people, situations, circumstances, and events that will lead us to our goal. And, most of all,  how it does so without bias, regardless of whether what we transmit is true or false!

The tools you will find in Resonation Realm series will awaken your true, spiritual self and the powers of creation that come with it and strip you of all the beliefs and fears that hinder you. 

They will show you how to look within and make subtle changes to your energetic system that enable you to ripple out into the universe a superior boom, giving you the means to communicate in the correct way to the correct thing so you know how to perceive IT’s answer.

All books and their retailers can be found here, including the free eBook Resonating System: What To Perceive Before You Can Receive.

Life is not suffering, craving is. 

And craving is simply a desperate desire to create a preferred reality without the knowledge that we already ARE this reality, right here, right now. 

The powers of IT are available to us at all times. We are vibratory organisms, capable of communicating with this omniscient net and downloading divine awareness. 

My tools will help you create a sense of peace, joy, positivity, and provide you with a deeper spiritual faith, as well as a superior wellbeing, and banish your self-limiting mindset. They will help you reprogram your brain, heighten your frequency, and awaken you to your own power of creation.

Wouldn’t you love to awaken your full potential, one that remains mostly hidden from most of us throughout our lives. Do you want and need to adopt the right tools to access it? 

Ho about the relief it will bring to finally realise that you are a powerful being and that you can access the fastest way to your desires with ease. 

Life doesn’t have to be difficult and full of downfalls or missed opportunities. 

You can feel liberated and free from a “law” you can’t control, while understanding what’s really out there in the quantum realm and how you can tap into it with your own “thoughtlings” now.

You can see that the Resonation Realm always gives you what you communicate with your heart, no matter what you wish with your mind. 

Once you fully understand the Resonation Realm, you will apply it in a tangible and long-lasting way.  

And now, before you use these “tools” to tap into the Resonation Realm, you can learn some “skills” to clear your vibration for free!

You can start your journey to manifesting the life of your dreams by reading my free ebook, available on all online retailers now!

You have nothing to lose and everything to gain!

The list of online retailers can be found here!

Wishing you a life of abundance and joy,

Blessings, Rinzen x

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