Why the Law of Attraction is flawed!

Imagine this: you use the law of attraction to try to manifest a desire. It doesn’t work.

You try and try, using all of your mental powers of visualisation, and the thing still doesn’t show up. 

What’s going on? 

Is there a flaw in the law? 

Surely, the philosophy behind the Law of Attraction doesn’t encompass the full process of manifestation. 

There’s more to it than they tell you, and I’m about to give you an important keystone that makes manifesting and aligning with your preferred reality a lot more effective. 

This key tool is the usage of the Resonation Realm, the true responsive “something” out there, that will help us to create the life we prefer…

…one that, once properly understood,  enables us to create a true alternate reality for ourselves, one that will validate and fully match our beliefs! 

It takes true inner knowing and aligned intention to manifest dreams. 

First, we must be in touch with the truth of our intentions, the “why” of our desires, and be able to BECOME our desire by embodying it in our hearts. 

Second, we must become conscious of the signals we keep transmitting to the universe both before and after we have manifested what we wanted, in order to stay in alignment with the growth and expansion that results from receiving what we want. 

The fact is, if you’re finding it hard to manifest your desires; then you either have an unresolved or unknown energy blockage, or you’re sending mixed signals. 

Your heart and mind need to be adequately aligned so there’s no underlying contradiction. 

The heart plays a major role in its connection and transmission to the Resonation Realm. It emits a frequency many times more powerful than the brain and knowing how to use it is crucial in tuning your vibration to station your mind prefers. 

Your beliefs about yourself and the world you live in also play a big part in manifesting! In addition to alignment, there might be other factors at play in creating the reality you want. That’s what the skills, found inside Resonating System, aims to overcome! And at the moment you can get the eBook for free!

The list of online retailers can be found here.

There are real magical gifts of this universe and they are all around us, waiting for us to tap into their powers so we can make significant improvements in our lives. 

There is a way to make most of what we want work out for us, a way all possibilities we envision may be brought to us, and a way we can enhance our lives so much it seems like we have magical powers “something” with an omnipotent nature. 

We are infinitely supported by the Resonation Realm as long as we think, believe, and act in a way that is aligned with joy, gratitude, and love.

And we can communicate with this esoteric, omniscient and omnipresent field with our hearts and minds together, through both our inner feelings and outer actions, such as chanting mantras, using the power of the word and vibration by saying affirmations, or by using unique meditation techniques.

I will show you a way to tap into this quantum network that has mirror-like fibres that can sense what we are transmitting into it neurologically and electromagnetically, the mystical zone that reacts to this “communication” of ours by spinning in all directions, searching for the closest particles that will bring us the gifts it thinks we are seeking. 

I will explain how, once it has gathered the matching frequencies, it reflects them back to us in the form of lining up the things, people, situations, circumstances, and events that will lead us to our goal. And, most of all,  how it does so without bias, regardless of whether what we put out is true or false, sometimes even stripping us of things we’re not quite ready to let go of in order to find us the fastest way of bringing us this new frequency!

The tools you will find in Resonation Realm series will awaken your true, spiritual self and the powers of creation that come with it. 

They will guide you into looking within and making subtle changes to your own energy system that ripple out into the universe to create and bring back your life in a matter you prefer it to be. All books and their retailers can be found here, including the free eBook Resonating System: What To Perceive Before You Can Receive.

Life is not suffering, craving is. 

And craving is simply a desperate desire to create a preferred reality without the knowledge that we already ARE this reality, right here, right now. 

It is available to us at all times by going within and aligning all aspects (energetic, mental, physical) of our being. My tools will help you create the peace, joy, positivity, a sense of wellbeing, as well as eliminating self-limiting mindsets. They will help to reprogram your brain, heighten your frequency consciously, and awaken you to your own power of creation. They will help you see we are vibratory organisms, capable of communicating with this omniscient net. 

I’m here to awaken you to your inner potential, a potential that remains mostly hidden from us throughout our lives until we adopt the right tools to access it. 

I want you to realise that you are a powerful being and that you can attract your desires with ease. 

Life doesn’t have to be difficult and full of downfalls or missed opportunities. 

I want you to feel liberated and free from a “law” you can’t control, while understanding what’s really out there in the quantum realm and how you can tap into it with your own “thoughtlings”.

I want you to see that the Resonation Realm always gives you what you communicate with your heart, no matter what you wish with your mind. 

Once you know about the Resonation Realm, you can apply it in a tangible and long-lasting way.  

Before you use the “tools” to tap into the Resonation Realm, you first need the “skills” to clear your vibration, that’s why I want you to have it for free!

So start your journey to manifesting the life of your dreams by reading my free Ebook, available on all online retailers now?

You have nothing to lose and everything to gain!

The list of online retailers can be found here!

Wishing you a life of abundance and joy,

Blessings, Rinzen x

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