The Law of Attraction is flawed!

When you’re using the Law of Attraction to try to manifest desires and you know it works for others, and sometimes it works for you, yet other times it doesn’t, don’t blame yourself!

We can try and try, using all our mental powers of visualisation, and the thing still won’t show up. This is when we need to ask…

What’s going on? 

Is there a flaw in the law? 

Could the philosophy behind the Law of Attraction be missing something?

Is there’s more to it than what we’ve been told, an important keystone that makes manifesting and aligning with our preferred realities a lot more effective?

The only way we can tap into what’s truly out there is when we perceive the actual forces that can support, guide, and assist us in ways that will lead us to our desires. We need to feel the true omnipotent, omniscient, omnipresent vibratory field that’s “out there” within our internal, intrinsic ESS (esoteric sensitivity system). Our ESS holds all the awareness and knowledge from all ages including the esoteric secrets ascension teachers and mystery school leaders have known for centuries, in our subconscious minds (where our lightbulb moments from when we’re tuned in) and our gut instincts (where our visceral YES/ NO inclins alert us to truth.

The spirit mind of IT (Intelligent transcendence) and the unique splits of IT that we are (the souls with individual goals) can communicate with the higher dimensions (or what I call the Mystical Zones) anytime we like… as long as (and this is where the law of Attraction gurus are right) we get in high vibrations with clear focus and desire… or create “thoughtlings” (thoughts and feelings together). That way we can tap in with our transmission of what we want. 

So what’s the problem. Why does it matter if we call it Mystical Zones, or Law of Attraction if we end up tapping Ito a thing that helps us get what we want?

Because the Mystical Zones only give us the means to get out dream, as in we download the ways that will lead us into the quantum reality we’ve visualised us living inside and therefore we have to “do something” to get it. We have to be willing to do whatever the divine data/ guidance asks of us, as opposed to the zombies who have taken the Law of Attraction and it’s “magnetic” forces a bit too literally and end up just sitting back and expecting it to happen because they “feel happy” and “believe it will come” just because of that feeling alone. The true ways to alchemy is the will and drive and the fight to thrive we have inside when something means so much to us the higher realms have no choice but to dance to our tune… hence help us create what we want, need or desire in this creative manner.

Things don’t just come to us due to an “attractive” force. The only thing we attract is people, due to our chemistry and personality… which can also repel. It may feel like sendipity favours us when we use the law of attraction and ive shouted many a time with awe “I manifested it” when the thing I wanted sprang into my path like it wobbled there because it knew or the law knew I wanted it… instead of realising “I followed my ESS as the divine data guided me and look where it brought me”.

That force, realm, Zone, God, higher dimension, the angels above, 5th dimension, Akashic records, whatever you want to call it doesn’t matter as long as you understand that no matter what you call it, IT will be called upon. It’s much more than “attractive”. It’s an oscillating, reverberating, frequency realm with supportive data-taking, algorithmic, invisible, divine intelligence, that has a program we can tap into for help, assistance, inspiration, ideas, as well as an energetic, universal life-force that can heal, restore and balance us, both of which we can use to help us create the life we prefer… the life we intend… which helps us to manifest (as in bring into being) the desires in our hearts!

The Mystical Zones, when properly understood, will empower you to create the alternate reality for yourself that your true, magical being has always been able to do… till your human persona got confused. The ability to download divine data into our transmitting and receiving hearts and minds is an awesome ability close to the supermundane powers my character possess in my urban fantasy (written in the pen name Debbie Zain), one which we need to nurture and take note of a lot more than we do.

We are two beings in one. Meat suit, limited, avatar bodies, with an eternal, more intelligent soul that uses it. once we realise how the biological brain and heart we have in these human bodies (or avatars) can lie to us, and that our true mind and feelings are deeper, we can reprogram ourselves.

We all possess an inner knowing that there is something higher than ourselves we can connect to but yet can’t see due to the fact that we’re manifested in this limited realm while the majesty of the full extent of the universe resides in far more dimensions than we can ordinarily see, no matter how much human crap we’ve adopted, and how repressed, stifled and controlled we’ve become… we can all feel when somethings wrong. This is the catalyst to us being able to transcend our bodies and download the “cheat codes” as I call them that show us the fastest way to manifest our intents.

And I don’t mean “make sure you don’t think negative thoughts, or you’ll attract negative circumstances” either!

We don’t have to become afraid of the negative signals we transmit from our thoughts, like Law of Attraction gurus make out; without our positively booming, high vibrational hearts sending out the aligned thoughts and ideas, we’re not getting into the higher realms… our earthly human selves cause enough crap for us to deal with, thank you very much!

We just need to show the Mystical Zones we’re doing all it takes to make our wish come true as in they will get behind us and shift our beings into noticing the things around us that will help. When we’re resonating in these kinds of states, we don’t have to force ourselves into believing it… we will trust the process each time we notice it within through our inclines that lead us into the quantum reality we end up in through listening!

There are real magical gifts of this universe and they are all around us, waiting for us to tap into their powers so we can make significant improvements in our lives. We just need aligned intentions in our hearts and minds with no contradiction underlined to manifest dreams. 

As long as we think, believe, and act in a way that is aligned with joy, gratitude, and love, we are infinitely connected to Intelligent Transcendence via the Resonation Realm we create.

If you’re still finding it hard to manifest your desires after this, then it will be due to you not being able to produce a Resonation Realm. This maybe due to contradictions in the system between heart and mind, a resistance from your soul, especially if spiritual, (as well as the RTS you could be suffering through a dogmatic upbringing, or you may be in physical pain and find it harder to get into a high vibration… in which case you just need to undo, override, or cope with the energy blockage problems so you’re not sending mixed signals… all of which my Resonation Realm books cover, if you’re interested.

Your beliefs about yourself as well as the world you live in (including the realms above we can tap into for help) play a big part in manifesting so, knowing you need the full alignment of your heart/mind psyche and the sub/gut persona versions of you, you must discover what limiting, stifling beliefs are wired into your brain, and what deep, rooted fears are embedded in your heart and shift them, override them, unearth and uproot them. If you don’t deal with them, they will continue to stop you creating the reality you want.

Chanting Resonating Mantras, participating in Resonating Meditations and declaring Resonating Affirmations are just a few of my spirit lifting, mindset shifting, supermundane tools… the views, skills, rituals in the series aim to clear every bit of sh*t we can possibly gather in our systems so we’re fresh, vibrant, luminous souls with goals, in control, and spirits in skin winning the game we’re participating in!

You only need to awaken your full potential, the one that remains mostly hidden from most of us throughout our lives, with the truth. 

To realise you are a powerful being with access the fastest way to your desires with ease, is liberating.

Never again be bound by a law you can’t master.

Life doesn’t have to be difficult and full of downfalls or missed opportunities. 

You can liberated and free yourself from a “law” you can’t control by understanding what’s really out there in the quantum realm now.

Once you access and utilise the Mystical Zones, you will forever apply the knowledge in a tangible, beneficial and long-lasting way.  

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