How to Manifest a Soulmate!

A excerpt from the Resonating Affirmation for Love Package 

I mention in my Resonation Realm books that it took me 2 days to manifest my soulmate, but that was after attracting the wrong kinds of men, through the wrong types of thoughtlings (thoughts and feelings together), which enabled me to get a good knowledge of what I didn’t want, before putting out a new thougtling of what I did want.

Until this clarification, I had never sought out a Buddhist or “someone spiritual” who meditated and thought about the universe in the way I had. Before living with a husband who hated the fact that I had to write, especially on sunny days, I’d never had the desire to find someone who was creative like me, who had a real understanding of the creative process and how it’s a must, not a hobby, come rain or shine. 

I also never contemplated the idea that there could be a male version of me out there. Simply because not only did I presume he would look like a long-haired hippy musician type with no money and cares in the world, and I wanted (at the time because of what I went through with the father of my kids) someone stable and secure, and also because it really didn’t matter to me if they had things in common, as long as I got on well with the person, and they respected my habits as much as I respected theirs.

Until I realised that I should have been contemplating these things and many more, I kept attracting men that were a version of a thoughtling I’d put out due to the negative stuff and therefore a knowing of what I didn’t want from the previous relationship.

For example, I wanted a carefree man who was happy go lucky because of my negative partner, and I attracted a drunk who’s only interest was football, who left a mess all over my home. 

Because of this man, I wanted a clean and tidy man who didn’t like football, which brought me my OCD husband who freaked out at a little dirt and mess, who I could never feel relaxed with, and who ended up telling me, after showing he resented me for walking a spiritual path, that I needed someone from the Buddhist centre which, at that point, I took note of.

As my husband told me to hurry up and clear out my things – as he had company that weekend due to finding someone immediately on a dating website – I decided I would try and find a spiritual website. Because of my OCD husband, however, I only put out the fact that I wanted a man who would never demand anything much from me. That’s when I attracted the regimented bachelor who wanted a twice per week agreement, and would never want anything more. 

When I started to get close and ask if he wanted to come on a Buddhist retreat, he told me he couldn’t give me what I wanted and ended it.

It was then that I sat down and pondered “What the hell do I want, regardless of what I’ve been through before?”

All my life up to that point I’d had chosen partners who liked who I was at first, then began to resent it,(or as I see now put on an act to impress. you and pretend they’re okay with your “ways” until they decide they can no longer hide their Opinions for them) when it should have been me who thought in depth about what I really liked and wanted. 

The fact was, all I ever really wanted was a best-mate type of man to love and have a laugh with and share good times with who was kind, calm, respectful and understanding. I always used to add that I wanted a man with tattoos, and who was four stone heavier than me, but that’s only because of my insecurities that if they didn’t have them, then they wouldn’t like mine and because if they were bigger, then I wouldn’t feel as fat.

And then I’d put in a preference due to the negative parts I’d found in others before… which I didn’t need to do. The universe is well aware of what I don’t want each time I come up against it, there’s no need to vibrationally add the condition of there being an opposite to this when I put in the vibration of what I prefer.

So, here I was with this light bulb moment, contemplating the fact that, if I’d had no contrast at all then I would want a partner I could live with even before all my books were written, one who was creative enough to understand, in fact, one who was creative enough to make songs up with me and get involved in my long-term plans of being a self-publishing indie author entrepreneur, then travel the world with me finding exciting things. 

This time, I was also willing to leave the tattoo part out; it didn’t matter if they didn’t have them, only that they were okay with mine. 

Once I knew what I really wanted, and cleared my negative, tarnished vibrations, I was free to write a list of exactly what I wanted. 

My pen wouldn’t stop. This is what I wrote… 

“Dear universe, and all the forces that lie within it and myself, I am now ready for my true love. I, therefore, want someone who is on their own spiritual path, who likes to meditate and maybe do yoga, and who is creative in his own way and therefore, understanding and maybe even helpful to my own creativity. He needs to be calm, patient, gentle and have a lovely, genuine soul, whose honest and trustworthy essence will shine through his face and who is not afraid to look me deep in the eyes. I want him to be someone I can contemplate the universe with, who will be relaxed and go with the flow, and accept that I want to live on my own for now, yet fully be there for me as a solid partner who wants to build and plan a future with me, where we will one day live together. Someone who will dance around the room in fits of joy and be silly with me, someone who doesn’t care what others think because they know in themselves they are good and who will be a good influence on me. Someone who has good ethics and principles, someone who is their own person with their own mind like me and yet who will help me broaden mine and deepen my own spirituality and explore things I haven’t even thought of yet on my own path. Someone who the universe knows will suit me right now and forever as I grow, because he is growing too. Someone who the universe knows I will appreciate now, and more as time goes on due to our relationship deepening. Someone who I know and trust is pure and wonderful. He will be looking for someone as ‘mad’ as I am. He will actually love the fact that I’m writing my own books and creating and that I’m spiritual. He will want what I offer him: a best-mate for a partner, someone to have and to hold fully, someone who will give her heart entirely, and someone he can fully trust who will provide him with pure, unconditional love. He will be someone who will embrace and appreciate the love I have to give and who will love me for who I am and yet support me in any future goals or changes that will occur. We will both be thankful to the universe for our being placed together. Thank you in advance, and so let it be.”

I was so happy at that moment, writing my in-depth list, that I felt I’d already attracted him. I’d already felt the sublime vibration of what I wrote, as if I was holding him in my arms. I was happy with nothing, just the feeling. I was glad to wait, but I also decided that I would do a ritual. 

I dimmed the lights, lit candles and incense, sat on my meditation cushion with binaural beats and peaceful music playing and sent out love from my heart to his. I visualised a heart bubble expanding across space and time from my heart to his, wherever he was on the planet, and that he was feeling it, feeling me, so he would know me and feel that love twinkle of me in his heart when I met him.

I visualised treating this man with such love and care, always being in appreciation mode for the person he is and, as I said goodnight to him, I felt the weight of his hand in mine.

There was no conflict, no resistance, no asking for what I didn’t want, no doubting I couldn’t have the specifics; I felt him in all the correct ways. I was genuinely thankful and grateful he was mine already.

You may think I was being over the top, but I knew I must feel this in my being more than anything else I’d ever communicated an “ask” for into the Resonation Realm for the inspiration and awareness of his whereabouts would be clearly downloaded into my blueprint, and therefore knew I was already going to be lead to him with ease. I knew if I were confused in my vibration once more about what type of man I wanted, I would be guided to someone confused. But guess what? After I told the universe what I wanted, this man was brought to my inner awareness in two days! 

I was already on a spiritual dating website (which I came across through various hints from IT) and I’d clicked on this man’s profile because he had kind eyes, but I thought nothing of it until he messaged me and, as soon as we started communicating, I knew he was the guy I intended to have.

The most beautiful thing about it was the fact that it wasn’t shocking to me. I actually believed this man existed and that I would be lead to him, that I’d have the internal, visceral YES inside my gut when I got there. I knew in my clear thoughtling state of communication, with my “isn’t this nice” feeling, and releasing it into the Resonation Realm, that I’d get him.

The old saying when things go well for people is ‘I can’t believe it.’ Well, I really could believe it. I’d found my perfect match, my soul mate, my longed-for partner I thought I could never have! In fact, (to quote Madonna) I didn’t know how lost I’d been until I found him.

It felt so natural and beautiful. I knew he was not only appearing in my life because of the thoughtling I’d had then, but I also knew he was for keeps! 

How did I know? Because, I knew I would always be forever thankful to the universe for bringing him to me, and I will appreciate him every day for who he is, and remember how grateful I am he came into my life. Which is exactly how I feel as I write this, four years later… and update with no edits six years later!

Some relationships, especially when the initial buzz of just fancying someone has gone, end up going stale as time goes on because they find that they don’t really know the person, or even like or respect the person. Some go stale because they have nothing in common, and what once used to impress them now annoys them. With us, I know we will never be bored. Rockets of new desires are being born between us all the time. 

He’s a musician, and I’m a songwriter, so we’ve been writing songs and recording unique Resonating Music with OM AH HU chants and binaural beats. We do yoga together and try to do our own kind of couple’s meditations, where we breathe into one another, which gives us a profound and meaningful connection. He dances with me. He embraces the love I have to offer and hugs me like his life depends on it. He looks deep into my eyes to view my soul. He’s into Reiki. He not only understands I need my separate space, but he has also been doing the same in a studio, getting better with his own music and helping me with mine for the business creating covers and trailers for my urban fantasy books I write under the name Debbie Zain. 

This was the reason I moved in with him quicker than I had previously put out that I wanted to. He’s always understood that I needed time to write, yet still wanted to live with me regardless. 

He’s also two and a half stone heavier so when I lose my two stone he will be my usual recommended 4 stone heavier, and I even liked the fact that he hadn’t got any tattoos until he said he wanted one and got one of a dove, which represents him fully. He also loves me with the overweight body I have, but does support the fact that I am aiming for my optimum fitness and health.

Basically, he’s all the things on my list and a whole lot more, and I’m so happy I manifested him!

So, there it is. The simple key to finding someone that resonates with you is to put out a thoughtling of already having that person in your life, and how appreciative you feel about that, leaving all negative connotations out of the equation, and sending them your love now.

If you would like more help manifesting Love, then you may wish to take a look at the full Resonating Affirmation for love package on my Premium Affirmations page.

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For the rest of you, happy manifesting!

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